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  1. For the CMC-1 this data is published, but I think it’s the only one. Makes it very hard to compare.
  2. Fisheye lenses seem to be at the very bottom of all the new mirrorless FF lens maker's priority lists. At AF is not an issue with them even on adapters.
  3. Looks like I'll just stay with my current setup and choose before the trip if it's going to be fisheye with the small dome or rectilinear with the 7" dome. I had hoped that maybe I could use the smaller dome for multiple purposes and get rid of the 7" dome. Buying a new N120 dome and adapter (they are bloody expensive...) would make the whole exercise quite expensive. Thank you for your replies though.
  4. I have always created my own zoom gears so that would not have been the problem. I find the original zoom gears ridiculously overpriced. Creating a zoom gear that's long enough to go back into the housing should be no issue. But I just measured the inside diameter of my 4.33" port and it is only 70mm. The lens is I believe 71mm in diameter so that is where it definitely won't fit.
  5. That’s surprising. I would have thought that a 67mm diameter adapter would fit. The Oly fisheye is only slightly smaller and the Panasonic 8-18 is actually bigger.
  6. Would the Tokina 10-17 fit into the 4.33" N85 port that is also used with the Panasonic 8mm? Possible with some added extensions? The Canon route is way too expensive for me, but I already own that port and the lens itself is quite inexpensive. The most expensive would be the metabones adapter (although I think cheaper ones do exist these days). I find the 7" port with the 8-18 to be fantastic, but it is also large. I'm also worried that AF performance might be a bit lackluster on a body without PDAF?
  7. I thought that in the video you mentioned there was also talk about an Adapter produced by Saga for the WACP? I think it was @adamhanlon who talked about it, but I'm not sure.
  8. The Em5 mk3 is the first in the series with PDAF. I think it should be on a very similar level to the Em1 and certainly much better than the previous Em5. Above water reviews will probably tell you what you need to know.
  9. You're not losing any image quality with the EM5 Mk3. Apart from ergonomics and the smaller battery it is nearly the same camera.
  10. I found a list of the missing features. Some FX are indeed missing although I didn’t miss them when I recently edited some footage from Lembeh. The big one that is indeed annoying is that Noise Reduction is only in the Studio version, but I believe you need third party plugins for that in other software too. Resolve is certainly not like other free versions of software that is basically unusable. Depending on your needs it will get you most or even all of the way there.
  11. As far as I know it is „crippled“ in only a small number of features that are only important for serious Pros (networked project management and stuff like that). What features did you find missing?
  12. DaVinci Resolve has a bit of a learning curve but is powerful and free for video. I use LR on iPad to import and do first edits while on a trip. At home I refine in LR Classic. If I need to make pixel level edits I use affinity Photo.
  13. While Olympus quitting gives pretty bad publicity for MFT right now, I think in the long run Panasonic could profit as many Olympus photographers might just switch over to Panasonic because of the value of a smaller system. I already use panasonic topside and only use Olympus because I got the housing cheap. I think Panasonic will keep running two systems. Their FF is huge and I think the reason is, that they think that anyone who doesn‘t like the size can just get a GH5. I am curious what they will announce in the coming months.
  14. Lion/Wings is a pain. You can't even book luggage through credit card. Be very careful. That said, when I did fly with them I prebooked all baggage and when my hand luggage was overweight I showed them the camera gear and they let me pass through without any further issues. That may well depend on the good will of the person at the check-in counter though.
  15. I know of at least one other UW-Photographer that does this. I've considered this myself, but would definitely want a quick release so that I can have my hands free if I want to (camera is leashed). I can definitely see the advantages, but there are also some drawbacks. One thing to keep in mind, is that your buoyancy needs to be impeccable because you can't use a muck stick. Same needs to be true for the housing, because operating it with one hand would be very annoying if it is not neutral.
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