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  1. This. Just get a lanyard that can be extended or made to stay short. You don't want to think about losing your camera when you suddenly need two hands in an emergency. As long as it's extended it won't hinder you in any way.
  2. I certainly need a new camera. Unfortunately my wallet disagrees, so the trusty Em5 (Original version) will have to do. Luckily it is mostly a difference in features (AF, focus peaking) and video quality. Image quality is in my opinion just barely improving.
  3. Yeah, the AF remark also startled me. I'm a huge fan of micro four thirds, but AF is usually not considered their biggest strength. I know from your last article that you are basing this on the low light performance in S-AF, but there is a lot more to good AF systems than contrast detect S-AF. That said, I have neither experience with modern MFT bodies (newest is GX80/GX8) nor with the current competitors, so maybe my perceptions are wrong?
  4. Depending on how fast you learn, I've found that it takes about one or two weeks of diving to get a good feel of how strong strobes need to be set. Sometimes I still get it wrong, but it's really not all that difficult. Also, if you are mostly doing macro, just start with a single strobe. It's much easier and you learn a lot about positioning. In my opinion it's better to start with a single manual strobe then to go to two strobes straight away, but shoot TTL.
  5. Requirements of stills and video are quite different though. What Sony does very well is tracking the subject, something that the Panasonic Mu43 unfortunately don‘t do that well. AF is certainly the most difficult topic you‘ve tackled in your spree of recent articles.
  6. People cancelling departure from a country with few cases to a country with few cases does seem mad. Hope you don’t lose too much money on this. I’m in Indonesia now and many locals are reporting significantly reduced numbers of tourists even though Indonesia has had very few cases.
  7. I think for ambient light (especially on crop) a wet lens solution with the WWL1 might be better, because you can shoot wider apertures. Not sure how this would pan out financially. WWLs are not often available used. I have no direct experience with the sony, but many seem to think that white balance on Panasonic cameras is better. The GH5 still seems to be the standard for high quality 4k video.
  8. 28mm prime + WWL1 would probably be the most compact solution, that also lets you stay fairly wide open.
  9. I think it will be pretty difficult to get consistent exposures with a combination of only manual and only auto strobes. However, you may be just fine with a single strobe to begin with. I started with a single YS-02 (same as the YS-03 but only manual instead of only auto) on a Panasonic LX7. Until you add a wet wide lens, a single strobe will be able to cover the whole scene. In addition you will learn a lot more about strobe positioning when you are only using a single one. I can't tell you anything about the YS-25, but I'm sure more experienced photographers here will know more.
  10. Most cameras have the option to be full manual, so I don't really see the problem. I don't think Auto-exposure and AF are the energy hogs of cameras anyway. The reason for low battery life on mirrorless is that the sensor is always active to provide live view. If you don't want that you can still get SLRs though.
  11. Liked the video KrakenDeMabini linked. Good storytelling. I think the length was fine.
  12. Fusion 360 can create gears using a number of presets as well as your own if you are willing to get into the super nerdy stuff. I've had success with the standardised threads, but not with custom ones. Lacking the engineering knowledge... Gear teeth are best copied from an existing gear. Either by taking a photo and scanning in the outline or by measuring the number and size of the teeth. This is the part I generally consider easy (and once you have a working design, you can copy it to different ones). If you find one at thingiverse you can also copy from there. For me the difficult bit is finding out the exact measurements to the gear fits on the lens and still has enough friction to turn the gear.
  13. It’s an option with macro, but beside the obvious disadvantage of less light (which is the reason wide angle won’t work) you also lose the benefit of the fast light output of strobes.
  14. My parents are using the 9-18 in a Subal 6inch dome. Corners are alright but not great, although Subal doesn’t provide any data about extension length. My 8-18 in 7 inch dome is clearly better.
  15. Another vote for the SF2300. Don’t get the newer ones with more functions. They are not needed and make operation more complicated then normal. I think in Germany Hydronalin sells Weefine and in the Netherlands there is another online store.
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