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  1. Remember there is also the Panasonic-Leica 45mm f2.8 Macro (great lens, maybe a bit slow on the focussing, but has not been an issue to me). Value for money on that lens is an issue though. In addition to that there are also 30mm lenses by Olympus and Panasonic, which I've not used, but they may be a good solution as well.
  2. It's Nauticam. I've found the replacement part for less than 100€. The Acrylic Glue Idea is new to me. The scratch is deep enough that you can easily feel it with your hand. I may try to fix it in this way, but the replacement dome is so cheap that if I could do it on my own, that would be the easiest way. However the workhours for a repair by a dealer cost as much as the dome itself...I've contacted Nauticam about information, but they just recommend that I pay someone to do it.
  3. So I've managed to get a pretty major scratch into my 7" acrylic dome. It is most likely beyond polishing it out. I've found out that replacement domes are surprisingly inexpensive, but I've also found out that the dive shop wants nearly as much for doing the actual replacement. So the question is: can I do it myself and are there any resources out there (user manuals, instruction videos) that would help me undertake the repair. Has anyone done this?
  4. Of course, if you already have wetlenses a significant part of the compact cost is already done. I got an exceptional deal, so I don't think it's fair to compare but I paid 1000€ for Housing, Camera, two ports (macro and dome) and one lens. I put about another 1000€ into strobes and arms. The other lens I had already for topside. This was bought on Ebay. Deals on Wetpixel are generally less favourable because both sellers and buyers know what stuff is worth. To buy on ebay requires a significant amount of patience. As I was very short on cash, but determined to get into UW photography I just waited for a long time for a deal like this to come up. These deals happen maybe once a year, so it's very much a thing of luck.
  5. Have a look at the used section. 500$-800$ can be very little for a good housing and compact. In fact the TG5 with Olympus housing is probably one of the few that sits in that price region. It is a good camera, but if you have a look at 1" sensor compacts (Sony RX100 (any model really), Panasonic LX10, Canon GX7mkII) you will find that while they may not be quite as good on the macro side as the TG5 they are significantly better for wide angle. If macro is your main interest though, you cannot go wrong with the TG5. When shooting with compacts I find that even for Wideangle the smaller and cheaper strobes are good enough. I'm sure more light is better, but I find that I can get away with my YS-02 (same as YS-01s without TTL). I would recommend shooting manual strobes from the start. TTL is a crutch, and one that is not very reliable. Your Accessories budget is probably already filled with your strobe arms. I doubt you can squeeze in an extra lens. I think you will be fine without a wetlens starting out though, so I wouldn't stress about that. My first attempts at UW-Photography were all with a bare Panasonic LX7 and I'm still happy with some of the images.
  6. I don't think that with wet lenses and the like there is much difference in expense between going mu43 and compact, especially when going used. A lot of money goes into lighting, which is equal on both systems. On the used market, the price between a last generation mu43 housing seems about the same to a compact. Wet lenses like the WWL don't seem to come up nearly as often or cheap.
  7. You should be able to deactivate all copies from your Adobe account. Although, knowing Adobe's recent (or not so recent anymore) antics it is probably hidden in a way that makes it near impossible to find. To go back to the main topic... I've yet to find an alternative that does all the things Lightroom does in a way that pleases me. I've not tried all the competitors (I really have better things to do), but the one features that always comes up (and is not related to UW use) is the Panorama and HDR function. Retaining RAW format for Panos as well as the the very natural looking HDR (just increased dynamic range/no tone mapping) is unfortunately unparalleled in any competitor. For now I am sticking with LR6, but I can see myself moving to CC soon to be able to edit on my iPad on the go. I'm not happy about the pricetag, but it is by far the best solution out there. I am hopeful that one day Affinity can add a DAM to their fantastic Photo software, but at the moment they don't seem to be working on it. At least they are very quiet about any development that might be going on in that direction...
  8. Well, you can't have your cake and eat it. The argument for the subscription is that you always get all upgrades and on a yearly upgrade cycle you come out roughly even compared to buying every update. Affinity Photo is the only product that I can think of that truly is a one time payment. The thing is, with the classic buy and pay for updates structure you can choose to skip upgrades to save money.
  9. You can't just post these pictures without any explanations... I've just done a 3D printed design for a snoot for a Weefine Smart Focus 3000 lamp, but it seems to eat an awful lot of it's power... Would be very interested in finding out how to DIY an optical solution that reduces the power loss.
  10. Thanks for sharing. Truly an interesting youtube channel!
  11. I own Aquatica clamps (not triple ones) and I'm happy with them. I have no comparison to Ultralights but I have used cheaper clamps before and the Aquatica ones are definitely better.
  12. I just want to echo the "buying used" sentiment by TimG. It can potentially save an incredible amount of money and Nauticam Housings are built to last. Also don't worry about buying a generation older than current. I got a really good deal on ebay and paid about 1000€ for my Olympus EM5 mkI camera, housing, with two ports and one lens. I would also recommend you look at micro 4/3 options. The sensor provides high quality images and the lens selection for UW is one of the best of any system with multiple options for fisheye, macro and wide angle. The Panasonic 14-42mm lens is also pretty popular for use with the WWL-1 and CMC-1.
  13. There are definitely some soft corner issues with the 8-18. At f8 it becomes fairly decent though. Having a proper dome adds the benefit of being able to do splits, but they are also quite a bit larger than the WWL-1. I would also recommend getting a glas port. My 7" Nauticam dome is so floaty I carry a custom made lead weight that fits around the port. Definitely one kg of weight I wouldn't mind losing...
  14. This is exactly what I do. I can't imagine anything worse than losing the rig in the blue. It is also the reason I've tried to get mine as close to neutral as I can (although there is still work). On my last trip the clip that I use to attach the camera to my BCD did not close and when I let go of the camera it started sinking. Luckily it wasn't sinking that fast...
  15. If you want to maximise your selling price put up an add with a fairly high price. Then drop the price till it sells. Pricing with used UW gear is difficult, because there is not a lot of transactions and you also don't always see if something sold for the price it was advertised. Ebay "sold" listings doesn't help because there are even less transactions than on this forum. That's one of the reasons why buying used is so good for UW gear. Because of the small buyers market items generally lose value very quickly. However strobes like the YS-250 seem to be in fairly high demand, and you can't buy them anymore so they may fetch a good price depending on your specific circumstances.
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