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  1. For above water the current (not past) Sony cameras have the reputation of standing toe to toe with the very best in the SLR world. I have not used them personally, but I cannot imagine them not being adequate. With mirrorless systems that confirm AF with contrast detection AF is generally only a question of speed and tracking algorithms as it is guaranteed to be accurate. Of course faster speed and better tracking is better, but if above water photographers are happy with the system for sports or birds in flight we should be absolutely fine with slow moving macro critters (in wide angle photography DoF usually gives plenty of margin). I've never had an out of focus wide angle shot on my old and trusty Olympus EM5. I think it's safe to assume that Sonys current crop of FF cameras will do better.
  2. Fantastic video. I really like your cold water stuff. It's not something you see everyday.
  3. I think you need to provide a bit more information for us to give you cousil. What do you shoot? Photo or video, wide angle or macro? Any particular interestests? Is it important that the setup is travel friendly? Both cameras are fantastic.
  4. So after doing some basic maths we figured out that housing the already owned Panasonic GX85 with the 14-42mkII and Macro Port 35 costs about the same as buying a RX100VI (housing and camera). With the also already owned Saga +10 and UWL-H100 this should provide a very nice setup for video, including Dual IS. I think the only weakness compared to the Sony is AF but what we lose in AF we gain in whitebalance. Also the larger sensor should improve overall quality a bit. Did I miss anything? I saw on your blog that you have tested the 14-42mkII in that port with the UWL-H100 and the samples looked good.
  5. Do use a port with access to the macro mode of the 12-50 and use back button until it fits or do you have a separate gear?
  6. Really nice video. Did you use autofocus or manual focus? I especially noticed the nudibranch staying sharp while it crawled towards the camera.
  7. Buying cameras is a question of compromise. When you decide between FF and mu43 you mostly decide between cheaper prices and smaller size against uncompromised image quality. It seems to be a very personal decision whether mu43 IQ is good enough or if you need the absolute best available. Personally I think that most of us here don‘t use their images in a way that requires the resolution that FF provides. Often we shoot with strobes so the low light capabilities are also not required (although there are certainly some scenarios where better low light is desirable). AF systems are a bit better on the most advanced FF systems compared to the Em1mkII and I think this is probably the biggest disadvantage of mu43 right now, but Olympus is closing the gap and some other FF cameras are also not that great. I‘ve yet to see an image on here that would be impossible to recreate on a smaller sensor. I think with very few exceptions we are all limited by our skills more than by our cameras. In the end it probably doesn‘t matter that much. You have to know yourself. Are you going to regret not having the absolute best quality and upgrade down the road just to see for yourself? Are you going to decide to not bring the rig on some trips because it‘s too cumbersome, or maybe only take Macro or Wideangle because two ports are just too much? It‘s a decision only you can make...
  8. I guess if you already have Nikon lenses this changes things. Thank you for the interesting points on natural light shots. Although in the given example the mu43 sensor would certainly be good enough.
  9. Remember that underwater you mostly shoot stopped down (although maybe not as much on compacts) and with artificial light. I would probably shoot a 1" compact at about f5.6.
  10. Video lights are really only useable for video. Even the strongest ones provide multiple stops less light compared to the weakest strobes. Unfortunately with lights you have to decide if you want to take pictures or video. You cannot really have a rig that does both well at the same time (unless you use four arms....)
  11. How much do people really shoot in ambient light underwater? Even then, how low will the light really be. In my book even on the original EM5 ISO 800 image quality is perfectly acceptable. The newer 20mp is better, albeit only marginally. There are lighter mu43 cameras out there that give you access to the fantastic lens stable. However, technically I think the Sony cameras will be better, as long as they offer the lenses you want. Check that first and go from there. Nikons Z system is still very very new and their APS-C lens line up can only be called non-existant. I would not want to adapt every single lens...
  12. Do you use C-AF for underwater video or do you set it using Backbutton focus and then only occasionally adjust? There seems to be so much more to think about for video compared to stills, where (especially in micro43-land) not much has really happened in the grand scheme of things since the release of the original OMD-Em5.
  13. Mmh, I'll guess I'll go to a store and handle the cameras to see how they feel. I already own mu43 Panasonic for land and (unfortunately) Olympus for Underwater and I like Panasonics way of menus. I've seen some underwater macro shots from the LX10 and that looked workable. Of course no true macro, but good enough for decent nudi, shrimp etc shots. I thought the compact dome allowed zoom through with in Air FoV? Maybe I was wrong, there seems to be little information on that around.
  14. It‘s as usual. Choose between cheap and good. The RX100 vi is only 250€ more expensive though and the housing costs the same. Do you think 24mm equiv in the N50 Domeport would be good enough for wideangle (keeping in mind that wideangle is not a priority)? We would lose the possibility to change between WA and macro during the dive, but I don‘t think that is such a big deal. However, I‘ve heard some not so good things about Sony Whitebalance. It‘s supposed to be improved on the mark vi but does it compete? The Sony does have HLG-Video and Flat profiles though.
  15. Personally, I would not buy the S2000. It has very fiddly controls (if you want to shoot manual) and is by far the weakest strobe. The Sea&Sea YS-01 is not much (or at all) more expensive and stronger. It also is much nicer to use. Sea&Sea has had a lot of issues with the D2, but I've read very little about problems with their weaker strobes.
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