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  1. Hiring a private guide is not really an option financially for all people. That said, there are locations or dive centers that naturally offer lower guide/diver ratios. They are not always more expensive than others, although naturally this is often the case.
  2. I am looking for a compact camera for my Fiancé. I currently shoot stills with an Olympus EM5 and we were planning that while I focus on still she focuses on Video. I have lost track of the compact market so I‘m not really sure what the best options are right now. We were originally considering a GoPro (because it‘s so small) but my girlfriend finds that the screen is a bit too small. Generally though, she wants a small setup with only one light. While wide angle may be an occasional need the focus will certainly be on good macro performance. As wide angle cannot be lit with a single light in most circumstances I thought that this could maybe be solved with a red filter instead to keep the setup small. I am aware of the limitations, but we are not looking for professional quality. I have a Saga+10 that could be used. As far as I‘ve seen there are currently four options out there that may be interesting: Canon G7XII, Sony RX100, LX10 and LX100. How do these compare with regards to suitability for macro, Autofocus in Video and general video quality options (frame rates etc.)? TLDR: I‘m looking for the most compact and cheapest macro video platform.
  3. Even when shooting reefscapes it’s important to pick a subject, preferably against the blue. Meter the Blue about 1.3 stops underexposed. Then adjust your subject with strobe power. You will have less white balance issues when the drop-off from your strobe lights only hits the subject. You can increase that effect by pushing the teal hue slider in Lightroom further towards blue.
  4. Thanks. I may get the chance to dive there this week.
  5. You might have better luck in the classifieds forum. Maybe you can ask a mod to move your thread.
  6. WWL1 I don't have and can't afford.
  7. Marsa Alam, land based dives as my GF will do her AOWD. I was already set on the fisheye for the redsea. Question is really for Mantas in Bali.
  8. Just wanted to follow up on what I actually did in the end. I bought (used) a flip adapter for the 12-50, which will allow me to add wetlenses easily, including the UWL100 and Saga+10 my parents owned. The Saga works perfectly and nearly doubles maximum magnification. The UWL100 unfortunately vignettes until zoomed in to about 20mm at which point the 12mm without the wetlens provide an equal FoV. As I will be using the flip adapter for macro, there is no money lost here. I will keep using the 8-18 for my rectilinear wideangle needs. I also got lucky and managed to secure the Panasonic Fisheye + 4.33" Dome for less than 600€ total. Now I will just need to decide before each trip, which lens I need more. For my trip to the red sea in two weeks I've already decided to leave the huge dome at home. For my trip to Bali (Mantas) and Lembeh I am not sure yet. Is it better to shoot Mantas with a Fisheye or with the slightly narrower 8-18mm.
  9. There is of course more to image quality than just resolution, which is why 1080p downscaled from 4k often looks better than straight up 1080p. But apart from that you won't gain much with most printing services as they often won't be able to print higher resolutions than 300dpi. I use saal-digital and most of their products are printed at 300dpi (and probably upscaled if you don't have the necessary resolution). Most likely images will still look very good at 200dpi, too.
  10. A3 should be no problem. Remember that dpi is just short for dots (pixels) per inch. The higher the number the better quality. There are websites where you can enter your resolution and preferred dpi and it will give you the maximum size.
  11. dpi is a measurement that you can easily calculate. So for 300dpi and an image of 24x36" you would need a file with 7200x10800 pixels. The largest image size for 20mp mu43 files is 17x11 inch. I personally have printed at 40x60cm (roughly 15x23") and those images came out fine. The reason for that is that with size viewing distance goes up as well. Only photographers go up to a picture and look at the print quality. Everyone else looks at the whole scene. Obviously, if you hang it in your own house a photographer (you!) will be looking at it fairly regularly. In the end this is a question where it depends a bit on your willingness to compromise (or budget constraints). If you can afford FF and can accept the bulk and weight that comes with it, image quality is undeniably better. But I would say that for the vast majority mu43 already far exceeds their photographic ability and more pixels will just allow them to blow up mediocre shots larger (at this point in time, I count my self among those).
  12. My mother thought the same thing. She had out of focus macro pictures for at least two years while trying various solutions that didn't work. She has said that she wishes she had gone with the contacts option from the start.
  13. My mother had the same issue and found lenses in the bottom third not very helpful. She is now using bifocal contact lenses and is very happy with that solution.
  14. I think bluetooth doesn't work underwater, so no.
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