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  1. GoPro with either a light or red filter. Some of the GoPro clones are also good, as in recent years many people have had issues with GoPros freezing up or generally being slightly unfinished products. If you want to go one step beyond this get a compact (no need for wetlenses at this stage) and a redfilter and take manual white balances as you change depth. My wife has had pretty good results with an old lumix lx7 (which is quite an old camera) and a keldan spectrum filter. A camera like todays LX10/15 will likely do even better. This will increase quality massively, but will require slightly more effort than just handing someone the camera and say: "Press record".
  2. Unless you are a seasoned DSLR shooter and swear on using the OVF get a mirrorless. For people coming from a compact with no experience with SLRs it is a much smoother transition as the only thing that really changes are the interchangeable lenses. Sensor size depends on your budget, willingness to carry heavy gear and willingness to make (fairly small) compromises on IQ. In my opinion if you don’t want to print larger than 60x40cm Micro Four Thirds is good enough. If you want to go larger you might want more pixels. Low light advantages of FF get eaten up by requirements for higher apertures so I don’t think they’re all that relevant.
  3. Wetlenses often seem to sell for a decent amount, maybe even 80% of new. Strobes also hold their value relatively well. Might be smarter to just sell those and one strobe. Keep the housing with standard Port and live with the built in zoomrange. This would make the setup considerably lighter without loosing so much money on the trade. The housing difference between a TG6 and RX100 is not so much anyway.
  4. Sometimes I get the feeling UW photo manufacturers don’t actually want to sell their products…
  5. Gulen in Norway is supposed to be a great macro destination, too, but obviously cold water. Maybe something to consider. Not been there myself, but it's high on my list.
  6. I think unterwasserkamera.at sells an Adapter, but I can't find it on their shop. I think they produce them themselves, so probably would have to ask. They are likely not cheap though.
  7. Not direct but going through Amsterdam is not too bad.
  8. As Interceptor121 has already said, the EM1X has a completely different target audience compared to the A7C. The A7C has as far as I know only one control dial and that pretty much says it all. Also, it really is not a camera that anyone sane would take underwater and I was surprised when Nauticam announced a housing for it. They must have sold in the low single digits... In the end, both mu43 and FF have their raison d'être. Alex already pointed it out, but our job as experienced and knowledgable underwater photographers is to guide people to a sensible decision. Both Formats have their strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I believe that unless you know the exact reason for why you need a FF camera (more specific than "I need better Image quality) you should probably not buy one. There are plenty of cases where a smaller rig would probably lead to better results because the photographer behind the camera is out of his depth with the gear he has. On the other Hand @Tom_Kline has provided plenty of reasons for why a FF DSLR is the superior option for his kind of shooting style. People just need to understand that everyone has their own perspective based on what, where and how they shoot and take that into consideration when making their own choices about gear. I would say that this thread already showed that a simple FF is better or Mu43 is better just does not cut it.
  9. I think the suggestion of the AOI EPL-9/10 is a good one. If you're focused on macro, I feel compact cameras are not the best, because like a kit lens on your fuji they generally don't have true macro lenses, with the exception of the Olympus Tough series, which has a much smaller sensor to allow for that.
  10. I think the way forward on compact wide angle is adapting one of the fisheye zooms to MFT. Long term I'm planning to go that way, but it's also an expensive solution and I'm contemplating to switch housing brands because Nauticams tiny N85 port drives me nuts...
  11. 8mm rectilinear in a 4" port would have probably been very dodge in terms of corner performance anyway. I'd expect it work in similar ports/extensions as the 8-18 from panasonic, but I'm not sure about the extending bit of the lens.
  12. Just look at Sony, which is the most developed mirrorless FF system. They still don't have a first party fisheye. With the exception of tilt-shift lenses Fisheye lenses are dead last on the priority list of manufacturers,
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