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  1. I would take a look at the new Backscatter Ministrobe. It also has a paired snoot for your macro work. All the marketing material features a TG5/6 so it seems to have been pretty much designed with that camera in mind.
  2. So it looks like your main interest lies in available light wide angle pictures. I am not a big fan of the size and expense of full frame, but for your style that would probably be the best. But really what you need to figure out is how much money you want to spend and how large your rig can be. From that you can decide which sensor size you want (1"compact, mu43, aps-c, FF) and only then can people here help you with the specific choice of a model and manufacturer.
  3. For Video. Didn't know AF-C isn't supported.
  4. I have found Weefine/kraken to be pretty decent. Build quality as well as quality of light is pretty decent in my eyes. Most likely are Keldans are better, but double the price better? I doubt it. At least for the low/mid range lights. No idea about the top end.
  5. I see the difference. You're probably right, but when I do comparison edits, I really see no reason to use different images. It is quite possible that the corners were already better in one shot. Especially with a difference this dramatic. The difference in the original post is not nearly as clear.
  6. Kind of hard to make a comparison if the shot is not the same. Can you process the same shot twice?
  7. I thought the same thing. Most interesting thing about this will probably be the price compared to the full sized WWL. The 500€ are only a deposit I believe.
  8. I'm not sure it's larger than a dome. It doesn't look to be that much smaller either though. But it has optics built in, so I assume it's going to be an absolute pain to travel with. Not sure if Nauticam has released information on weight/size yet, but I it will probably be even heavier than the WACP-1.
  9. I think the difference is the same as with many other AI-Post processing techniques. Once the technology is perfected you don't need as much skill to create quality pictures. Underwater photography requires a good deal of understanding of flash exposure and other technical details that many are too lazy to acquire. If this properly worked (right now it seems like it still requires a fair amount of effort) you could just shoot ambient light and all of the colour problems that come with it will be solved in post by a one click solution. This forum is small and most content posted is fairly high quality, but if you look at other sites many pictures are shockingly bad, and sometimes despite the use of very expensive setups. Setting everything to auto (and TTL) is not really an option for underwater photography, and this might make it possible. It's similar to the new Ai sky replacement methods. At first you needed to get the timing right and be on location at the right time. Then people started replacing skies manually, but it took significant editing skills. Now you choose a sky from a gallery, click ok and you're done. For people who don't have the skills this is amazing. For people who do, it just invalidates their knowledge.
  10. The question really seems to be: What addition information is needed to correct the image. It looks like you need an image of a colour chart as well as multiple distances and angles to correct a single image. That would be rather complicated and not really useful for most photographers, especially those who don't use 10 minutes for a single photo because they have buddies waiting. Still, this is really interesting and I wonder how it works in detail. She says is not image manipulation to just be pleasing, but surely it needs the same tools and might have similar drawbacks.
  11. Haha. I thought it was coming pretty close!
  12. For above water the current (not past) Sony cameras have the reputation of standing toe to toe with the very best in the SLR world. I have not used them personally, but I cannot imagine them not being adequate. With mirrorless systems that confirm AF with contrast detection AF is generally only a question of speed and tracking algorithms as it is guaranteed to be accurate. Of course faster speed and better tracking is better, but if above water photographers are happy with the system for sports or birds in flight we should be absolutely fine with slow moving macro critters (in wide angle photography DoF usually gives plenty of margin). I've never had an out of focus wide angle shot on my old and trusty Olympus EM5. I think it's safe to assume that Sonys current crop of FF cameras will do better.
  13. Fantastic video. I really like your cold water stuff. It's not something you see everyday.
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