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  1. To be fair, the manufacturers also make it easy for them. Tell me, when is the last time a bad camera or a bad lens was released? Youtubers don't even need to feel all that guilty and there are definitely enough reviews on topside photography that tell you the negatives of a lens or camera or provide enough full resolution samples for you to make your own mind up. The availability of sample images is probably the biggest problem in UW-Photography, although that is also due to the fact that wet lenses are compatible with a variety of camera and lens combination and noone can test them all. I would prefer if they tested wetlenses on a variety of formats though instead of just one camera lens. For example, every single review of the Nauticam MWL-1 seems to be created with a FF sensor and all of them say that you need to stop down to f16. Not one tells you how different that would be on a crop sensor. Certainly you'll need to stop down less, but how much? And yes, we really derailed this thread as thoroughly as humanly imaginable.
  2. You can get a lanyard that you can place between the strobe arms as a handle for it to be passed down to you. Makes it much easier.
  3. It's also a question of whether review gear gets provided. Of course shops do have all the gear, but if they decide to test the gear out on a dive it becomes open box gear so I think shops need to think carefully whether a review is worth it. And obviously most shops are not actually in the market for reviews. We are lucky that Bluewaterphoto and Backscatter sometimes step into the void of professional and independent review journalism, which we have very little of, mostly because there are so few of us.
  4. Nautical actually sells replacement o-rings. I replaced all mine on cheap arms with Nauticam ones so that they match the ones on my Nauticam Tray. Found they were different which made the clamp work less well at the lowest joint. Try not to mix and match o-rings.
  5. Should have worded this more precisely. Divers in full fisheye shots require more attention to positioning. If it’s done right like in your examples there is absolutely no problem.
  6. I agree, divers in the shot are the biggest weakness of full fisheyes, but I really like the look on reef scenes and the wide angle makes it much easier to get a sunball in the frame. The other big advantage of the classic dome/lens combination is splits, which are impossible with wet lenses and I think also the WACP 1 (the 2 works afaik).
  7. I generally print 40x60cm Wallprints (on Aluminium) from my micro four thirds cameras including the 16mp ones. I don't think it's the upper limit, but it is close. I also don't think that many people really print larger than that more than once or twice. My only print that is larger (and I'm already running out of wallspace) is a 160x60cm Panorama (7 vertical shots from a MFT sensor). In my eyes it's huge and first time visitors to my flat are also usually quite impressed. If the rumours are true and the new Panasonic GH6 will have a 30 or even 40mp sensor when it comes out, I don't think resolution is a good reason to go FF anymore. I can't imagine a situation in non-commercial use where 30 or 40mp is not enough.
  8. I think it's quite likely that MFT will gain new megapixels this year. I would hold out to see what 2021 brings.
  9. I've not seen any reviews for that strobe. Do you speak from personal experience? How is it?
  10. Wow. Honestly sounds like an incredible lens.
  11. Ok, I get it. I wonder how this will work working distance wise though.
  12. Why do you think it eliminates the crop sensor advantage? Isn't the only new feature that it changes the looks of the out of focus areas?
  13. I meant the chinese lamps like Kraken/Weefine et. al. I know Keldan lights are sourced differently. I was citing the OP on this one. Show me any test of a Keldan lamp vs one of those brands that shows how much better Keldan is. As I said, I am sure they are better, but how much? Three times the price as much?
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