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  1. Maybe make trip to Lembeh or Anilao. Those places are much easier to dive and get good results, but I wouldn’t consider them boring by any stretch of the imagination.
  2. I would get rid of both standard zooms as your overlap with the 12-100 makes you not use them. I would keep one or two primes in that range (probably the 25 and the 45) to still have a good lens for low light shooting. I would probably also get rid of the 12mm 1.8. The 9-18 has no benefit over the 8-25 except size, so that one can go too. The medium range zooms are more difficult to decide. The 40-150F4-5.6 is worth pretty much nothing so you might as well keep it. If you use the 40-150 f2.8 keep it.
  3. I thought Dxomark has a standardised algorythm so it should not change over time?
  4. Also no idea on the video side except another compact like Panasonic LX10 but not sure if that is an upgrade really. I like Weefine/Kraken lights for their value per money performance. Your RX100v setup is still pretty much state-of-the-art. Not much happening in the compact market these days.
  5. You should maybe look at Olympus or now OM-D offerings. In terms of AF they are generally ahead of Panasonic although I believe not quite up to Canon/Sony levels. Their bodies are often smaller and housings cheaper.
  6. While some people seem to not want to mix brands, the Panasonic in my opinion is the best middle ground between both lenses, offering both enough working distance to get to 1:1 and also a workable distance for slightly larger stuff.
  7. One more vote for Affinity Photo. I prefer it to Photoshop even though I own both because of the photography bundle.
  8. If it's wider than 24mm (35mm equiv) you need a dome port. In the range from 24-70 it depends on whether you want to use wet optics. If no, you also most likely want a dome port. Generally I think this lens might be interesting to use in a smaller dome that can also use the one of the fisheye lenses, if you need a rectilinear option. I'm afraid that would also mean that corners won't be amazing. Basically only an option for use in existing ports for special uses. Not something one would buy just for UW photography.
  9. I think a 2000lm light won’t have enough output to use with a filter. It barely has enough without one.
  10. There is an RC compatible S&S ys-01 clone or at least there used to be one. That’s it.
  11. I just wouldn't feel comfortable putting my main device of communication in a housing to bring underwater. I think that's the main drawback not the quality, which is pretty good these days on phones.
  12. Won't one of the f1.2 offerings offer enough shallow DoF for you? I have found that I rarely need less than that. To be fair, for most types of Photography I do above water (mostly landscapes/travel) I also prefer to have more DoF rather than less.
  13. While super resolution does provide an improvement in image quality, it does not compare to actual recorded pixels. The exception are in camera multishot modes that don’t work underwater in most circumstances. It closes the gap a little bit, which in my opinion as a mft shooter isn’t that large anyway, but there is no denying that real 60mp files from a current camera hold more detail than a 24mp file pushed to even 80mp at least when looking at high magnification on the screen. I’ve not tried printing a super resolution file as I rarely print large enough for it to matter. I Would be Interested in experiences from those who printed a super resolution file big.
  14. I remember the Bluewater or Backscatter (can't remember which) review of the KRL-09s recommend the Nauticam Flip Adapter. I agree with the other posters that you will preferably attach that to a nauticam port as the little notch makes sure that the flip adapter stays on securely.
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