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  1. Hi waqsy, Very nice pic. What type of housing is Kelly using? I am curious about port quality, also. Cheers, Ash
  2. Thanks Tim, Very comprehensive. Nice shots, too! Your images show that this lens can, indeed, take beautiful shots. I have a few shots of my own that have worked. It seems to be more a matter of consistency. I can shot 150 shots with this lens, may get 5-6 keeper shots (and yes, I am fussy about sharpness!). I think it is time for me to upgrade my lenses to 10.5 mm and a 60 mm macro. All the best, Ash
  3. Hi all, I too have a new D70s setup and use a +4 diopter (BW), with the 18-70 mm kit lens. I was also disappointed with my first outings; even the carefully composed, still subjects using autofocus (AF-S) didnt have that really crisp look you might expect from such a camera. Is the 18-70 mm lens considered a mediocre one? I noticed the greatest focus problems came at the 70 mm zoom end. Is there some other setting I could be making a mistake with? I use an Ike housing with the recommended dome port for the lens, using settings around 1/200 shutter and f10. HELP! Cheers, Ash
  4. Thanks all, It happens every dive, which is annoying. I will try the buttons, then, god forbid, the sync cord. Cheers, Ash
  5. Thanks for that, it could be the answer. I have found turning it on and off sometimes brings the screen back. Cheers, Ash
  6. Hi Dave, You think the sync cord could be causing the problem? How would this interact with the LCD? Cheers, Ash
  7. Hi All, My new D70s seems to have a little problem with it's LCD screen underwater. I have set the camera to 'review' mode whereby it should show you the picture you have just taken on the LCD screen. This works fine on land and perhaps for 10 mins underwater, however half way through my dive the LCD stops showing me the last picture taken, and stops showing anything after a while, including menus etc. It wont even respond to the play or menu button being pressed. Is this just a setting I hve overlooked? Could this be something to do with the cold environment? (I am in temperate waters, 68 to 73 degrees F, or 20-22 degrees C). Has this happened to anyone else? My housing is a new Ikelite housing with iTTl circuitry. I am running a single Ikelite DS-125 strobe, and am shooting with the TTL setting selected on the strobe unit. Any help with this would be very much appreciated. Cheers, Ash
  8. ps, that is a beautiful shot of the ray Joe!
  9. Thanks guys, Great info. I'm doing most of my underwater work in Sydney, Australia (temperate, and often frustratingly turbid). Considering your comments on water clarity Paul, I should go for the 60 mm. I may not even see the fish I'm trying to shoot through the murk with the 105 mm! All the best, Ash
  10. Thanks Luiz, That was a very helpful explanation. I am deciding whether to buy the 60 mm or the 105 mm macro. I realise they are for different purposes, however I was wondering if it is a waste of time buying the 60 mm when I have the 18-70 mm lens already. With the same subject matter, is the picture you could take with 60 mm macro that much better than one you could take with the 18-70 mm lens? If the answer to the previous sentence is yes, then I guess I would go straight for the 105. Cheers, Ash
  11. Hi all, Just upgraded to a D70s (plus 18-70 mm kit lens) and needed some tips and fairly basic questions answered on lenses please. I am considering buying a macro lens (either Nikon 60 mm or 105 mm). Is there a difference between shooting the 18-70 mm at 60 mm zoom and using a 60 mm macro lens? Is the 18-70 mm lens not 1:1? Further on this, digital cameras have a crop factor (this is the correct phrase?) due to the sensor being smaller than 35 mm. I have heard people say this would make an 18 mm lens around 28 mm with a crop factor of 1.6. Does the crop factor actually affect the focal length i.e. your focal range, or does it just mgnify the image you see? Does this crop factor also mean a 1:1 macro lens is now not a 1:1 but a 1:1.6? And yes....I am more than a little confused... Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated Cheers, Ash
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