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  1. I've been using rechargeable NIMH batteries for two years. I keep them in marked sets of 4, and use and charge like sets together. In over 300 dives I've had only one instance where my strobe leaked and the salt water/battery combo corroded the interior of the housing. After rinsing it out and replacing a spring it still works fine. In considering which type of battery to use I considered not only function (I use NIMH 1600 through NIMH 1800's) but their affect on the environment. NIMH batteries are considered non toxic whereras NICADs contain cadmium (toxic heavy metal). Eventually these will end up in a landfill somewhere. A word of caution worth sharing: In opening ANYTHING like a flashlight housing or strobe housing, one should always do so in a way to protect their person and surroundings in case it is flooded. In opening my flooded housing the gas pressure buildup was released as I loosened the strobe cover. The acidic battery/salt water misted out and onto the bedspread I was working on. I noticed a few minutes latter that there were tiny holes in the bedspread. Luckily none of this got on me. Now I always cover my strobe with a towel before I open it...just in case. B)
  2. I'm trying to put together a underwater digital imaging group within our dive club and am interested in finding out who is teaching underwater digital imaging, and videography. I'm in Southern CA (So Cal dive club of the Inland Empire) and have about 15 others who are likewise interested. Perhaps a separate area to post upcoming courses or happenings would be good? I'd also like to know if there are others out there who might be interested in an underwater digital imaging symposium in the So California area?...a meeting of those with similar interests, giving presentations and sharing their skill and questions with others? I would be interested in helping coordinate such an event...
  3. Hello everyone, I'm Elissa from California. I'm a forensic biologist by day and a digital junkie by night. After years of wishing I could dive, I finally got certified in 2000 and picked up a camera (Reefmaster RC) in 2001. I switched to digital (Olympus 3040/PT-010 housing/Ikelite DS 50 substrobe, Inon Macro, Epoque wide angle lenses. Adobe Photoshop) in Aug 2001, and just got an Olympus 5050/PT-015/Ikelite DS 125 for Christmas I also shoot video with a Sony digital PC-110 in an Ocean Images Housing. I use Videowave V for editing, but am switching to Adobe Premiere. I have not been trained in photography and am just learning how to do things manually. Most of the photos on my website www.descentline.com were taken with the Olympus 3040 in auto mode. There you will also find a few pages on getting started in underwater digital imaging and photo galleries and video clips from our trips. Looking forward to learning from everyone here!
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