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  1. 2 x Ikelite Strobes. 1 x N160; and 1 x N161 (which incl the Video Light). AU$1100.00 for both
  2. Can I have your thoughts? I need to take my family when I go on dive trips so I look for the nicer resorts. I know this is a great area for diving but was wondering whether the reort caters for photographers? Thanks
  3. Hey there, I know that these posts were made about a year ago but I'm interested in the same topic. I have been using AF-S but have mainly shooting corals or macro. I don't seem to have much luck with sharks, fish or anything moving. They never seem to be in focus. I like the idea of tracking for these subjects but its a pain underwater to switch between AF-S and AF-C. So....BBF seems to be an answer. I had some trouble getting BBF to work in the desired way and will keep looking into it but I wondered if it is because, , I only use LiveView when underwater. So, the question is whether the use of LiveView affects the use of BBF Thanks
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