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  1. bump price is negotiable
  2. bump, still available. sorry did not get notifications of these posts. I don't know how much shipping would cost.
  3. still available. Willing to sell the X-t1 camera body or 10-24mm lens if anyone wants those. Also potentially willing to sell spare parts off of the housing, such as the leak detection system.
  4. Pair of Inon S-2000 strobes. I bought them used in good shape and I've used them on about 60 dives. I've upgraded to Z-240's for extra wide angle power. They work perfectly. No problems. The plastic around one of the screws that holds in the pre-flash magnet is cracked. It's been like that for a while without any problems. I did not drop it or even tighten it with a tool so I assume this is common. Includes 0.5 stop diffusers, boxes with manuals and some random accessories. $425 + shipping
  5. I bought this brand new and installed it on my housing but then I got a good deal on a new housing that uses an M14 valve. I took this in the ocean for snorkeling but never even took it on a dive. Works perfectly. Like new. Everything that comes with the kit is included. $190 + shipping. They are $250 new now.
  6. still available. prices negotiable.
  7. still available price is negotiable
  8. still available how about $700 OBO
  9. $400 OBO lots of ports available on reef photo video right now.
  10. still available. price is OBO. I'll sell the housing without the tray for $175.
  11. i realized the Nauticam website has the wrong port chart linked. here is the correct one: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/images/articles/NauticamPC/2019/N85 Fujifilm XT1_2 Rev 7.19.pdf
  12. Housing + Nauticam case: $750 USD + shipping + 3% paypal fee Everything you see is included except the vacuum valve (need it for my new housing) and my red homemade carrying handle. The vacuum port plug will be replaced. Selling because I upgraded to mark II. Not selling any ports. The housing works perfectly. I don't think there's a scratch or scuff on it. I just got back from 5 days of diving in Bali where I used it on 3-4 dives per day. Had absolutely zero problems. I always used it with the vacuum valve. Never had any amount of leaking, loss of vacuum, or fogging. It did start developing water spots. Ballistol will fix that if you care. pictures here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/146IM95CSNnTHkdSOqxV3PQ2HQ66KZBAp?usp=sharing Quote
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