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  1. Does anyone know or have a preference..Lexar 2 Gig 133x or the Sandisk 2 Gig Extreme III Is one better then the other or are they about the same? Getting ready to order some new cards and cant decide...They are the same price. Thanks Geo P.S. cards are going in a D70s
  2. The port list says you can use it and you can change the extentions on the 8" #5510.81 port ....My question was is there any disadvantage to using the 8" on the 18- 70 as opposed to using the 6" dome#5503.55 If it works as good as the 6", I can buy the 8" and use it for my Sigma 15 with a different extention and I will only be packing 1 dome and the extentions rather than packing 2 seperate and complete ports Thanks Geo From looking at the chart the 8" is good for a lot of other lens also Maybe the Ike man can awnser this one
  3. Is there any disadvantage to using a Ike 8" dome for the lens other than Macro Lens. My thinking was to get a 8" and use it for Nike 18-70, Sigma 15FE, and other lens I will get...( The 8" is not the recomended dome to use with the 18-70 as per the Ike Port list) That way I will only be packing 1 Dome and another Dome Body to fit the other lens Thanks Geo
  4. I am going to Bonaire April 29th (my first trip there) and I am new to UW Photography..My set up now is D70s Ike housing Ike 125 strobe (one) and all I have now for a lens is the kit lens (18-70)......I want to get a lens before I go and I can only afford one right now. I am not looking to do macro right now and can afford about $500 -plus the port...So if you could only have one choice what would that be. As I see it right now My choices are Tokina 12-24, Nike 10.5, Nike 16, Sigma 15, Nike 60 I would also like to get some tips on Bonaire ie..dive sites, places to eat or not to eat, places to go and to stay away from Ecct...from someone who has been..I will be staying at Plaza Resort..did I make a good choice...is there a place you liked That I can check out for the next time I go. Thanks In Advance Geo
  5. So let me make sure I understand.....The optimize settings, including the color.. ie adobe, 1a (sRGB), 3a(sRGB) dont matter or are not in use if I am shooting Raw? and if I am shooting Raw/basic the settings will only apply to the Basic side and not the raw side Thanks Lambis, Mike and Joe for the Help Geo
  6. What are the settings that others are using In the optimize image settings on the D70s....Custom settings area of the menu,.....Tone, Color, Saturation, Hue What should these be set at. Thanks in advance Geo
  7. What would be the widest angle lens I could expect to light up with just one 125 strobe? Thanks in advance Geo
  8. If I get a 10.5 will one 125 give me enough light.
  9. I have just recieved my new d70s a month ago..I am going to Bonaire the end of april and I would like to get some advice on what setting I should start with when using the 18-70 lens thats the only lens I have right now. I have a new Ike Housing and DS 125 strobe...and any aother advice on this toppic would be very helpful... Thx in advance GEO
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