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  1. I had the same problem once or twice with my Tokina 10-17 in my Hugyfot. It turned out to be a false mounting of the gear on the lens. This is how I do it now and it never happend again: The rubber ring has to sit on the focus ring of the lens without overlaping on either side. To get the gear ring close enough to the gear in the housing, it must not sit centric on the rubber ring but one groove further out to the back (nearer to the camera body). Like this the rubber ring won't slip and turn off axis. Was that explanation clear enough? If not I can take a picture of it
  2. Thanks all for the congrats and congrats to all other winners! Especially to Rand and Keri - very impressive pictures! BTW - how do I find out what I've won? Kim
  3. This is the thread Erik was referring to: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=21052&hl=
  4. The Patima housing is definitely the way to go with this cam! I just flooded the second Xacti in the crappy Epoque housing. Kim
  5. SUPERGLUE! I just returned from a trip to Lembeh and Bunaken. Two controls in my housing broke - one in Bunaken and one in Lembeh. I was lucky that in both placed people had superglue with them. Both controls could be fixed easily with it. So no more trips without it Kim
  6. Vandit, it is possible to set manual WB with this housing and it is actually quite easy to do. I still don't know what caused the flooding, it might have been a user error although I was extra careful I still think that this camera housing combo is the smallest HD camera you can get - everything else is a lot bigger. Kim
  7. Hi Vandit, we only did 8 dives with this cam until it flooded so I do not have too much experience with it, but I can at least comment on your second question: Auto-WB without red-filter on this cam is actually quite bad - we did not like the results at all - there was a very strong cyan-cast. Auto-WB with red-filter was ok-ish but still nothing you would show someone else. Manual WB with red-filter really produced the AH!-effect. Another thing with this camera housing combo is, it is almost impossible to hold the camera still without a tray which makes the whole thing a bit bulkier. Hth Kim
  8. The same problem here. Housing flooded on dive#8 and destroyed camera completely and was dry again on dive #9. I still have no idea what caused the flood though I was taking special care. Very frustrating
  9. Hi Vandit, Sea&Sea focus gear arrived today. It fits in the Hugyfot housing and is working fine Kim
  10. Hi Vandit, I have no idea how well Aquatica ports work with Hugyfot housings, but I have some info on Hugyfot zoom/focus gears: Hugyfot does not offer a focus gear for the 100mm macro. See Hugyfot port compatability chart for Canon However, I was told that the Sea&Sea 100mm macro focus gear will also work in a Hugyfot housing. I ordered that gear on saturday for my 400d housing. Once I've tested it I will share my experience. Kim
  11. Hi Scott, we spent a week on Bunaken about a month ago and did 14 dives there. We saw some napoleons at Mandolin, a big school of batfish at Negri and some eagle rays at Likuan II. There are supposed to be thousands of barracudas at Barracuda Point - but we didn`t see them and we also did not see the great hammerheads that sometimes show up at Batu Kapal. We also did a daytrip to Sahaung and Bangka which was great. There was a big school of blue lined snappers - about 1000 individuals or so. We did not see any big fish or big schools at Siladen, but I liked the two dives we did there most. This place is like a garden. So many different species of coral! We stayed at Seabreeze which was great and no limit on the number of dives per day. This is a picture from the dive we did at Sahaung. More pictures from Bunaken can be found here.
  12. Hi Yoko, thanks for giving an insight into INONs development and production departments ;-) I hope INON makes some progress on the 40d housing until the dive festival. Thanks Kim
  13. Does anybody have any info on the availability date of the INON housing for Canon 40d? I could not find anything on the housing apart from the announcement of November 1st. Anybody?
  14. I always have a grin on my face when I see this guy:
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