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  1. Hey, took photos of these 2 frog fish in Maui Hawaii at the Mala Pier dive site. Are those the same species of frog fish just with different camo?
  2. Thanks, I didn't know that renting was an option, I'm going to look into that.
  3. Hey, I am going on a GWS live aboard trip this September on the Solmar V. I read the info and it says that there will not be any reception or wifi signal at all and to be prepared to be off the grid/offline for about 4 days. I work through my phone and need to stay connected at all times. Do you guys know of any way to get a wifi signal out there? I researched marine sattelite wifi systems but they are all huge and need to be installed on the boat etc. I am looking for something smaller like a satellite mobile hot spot. I don't mind spending up to $1000.00 as they run in that range but some even go up to $12K LOL. Anyway, if you have any info or tips on how I can get service out there, let me know.
  5. Thanks, you are right about the photogenic thing. I'll try the lower angle next time.
  6. I was right in front of the crab, super close but probably had the wrong lens (9-18mm medium wide angle) so it look further away.
  7. I took these photos of this crab in Cozumel, First of all, is this a Caribbean King Crab or what kind of crab? I think the colors came out great but the photo is just a bit boring, is there any way of making a crab photo more exiting, or are crabs just kinda boring?
  8. For sale Nauticam NA-EM5II Underwater Camera Housing W/Integrated leak detection system and handles. Will ship fully assembled with all accessories seen in photos. $1450
  9. Hey, Are you willing to sell the housing by itself? I only need the housing. Do you have the tray with handles? LMK
  10. @TimG, amazing photos, love the artistic touch and that they're not just the usual fish portrait. @Troporobo, good advice, I've tried getting lower before but I didn't get the exposure right. I'll try next time.
  11. Thanks for your input, great advice on choosing the background then waiting, didn't think about that yet, will try that.
  12. I took this photo last week in Cozumel, I personally quite like it, lol, but a friend found it too busy. I am new at underwater photography so my question, are "busy" photos liked by many or are the more simple shots more desirable or is it all up to individual taste? I am very open for critique because I want to learn!
  13. Hi, selling the following items. They were used 3 times and are in great condition. Olympus PT-EP11 Housing for the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Digital Camera I also have the PORT that works with the 60mm Macro and 9-18mm medium wide angle lens. Also for sale is the tray seen in the photos. It's basically a perfect set that only needs the Camera. Make an offer if interested.
  14. Hi everybody, my name is Midu and I am a 30 year old diver from based in Los Angeles, CA. I am originally from Germany (half German, half Egyptian heritage). I am traveling internationally on a regular bases for my dive hobby and recently picked up underwater photography. I use a Olympus OMD mirror-less camera with Olympus housing, looking to upgrade to Nauticam, and 2 Sea&Sea strobe lights. I recently came back from Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel and the Bahamas where I used my camera to try out my new hobby. Leaving for my Dive Master to Belize or Galapagos in the end of June. Any questions?
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