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  1. What kind of aiming light setup is best for a Ikelite 6190 housing, one DS 50, shooting TTL with a CP 5000 and a 60mm lens, for macro?
  2. Ok, I've got one DS 50, no manual controller, with an Ikelite 6190 housing for my CP 5000. What should the camera settings be? I understand that there's no power adjustments on the DS 50, so I figure I'll have to adjust the camera settings to get the best exposures? Can I get decent pix w/o the manual controller or do I have to have it? I saw, on this board a section that had CP5000 camera settings, but can't find it now.
  3. Ok, so reality has set in and my setup has been modified, (read...my wife said I must be crazy!) Soooooo....I now have a Coolpix 5000 with the wide angle adapter and port. My housing is an Ikelight 6190, I thought I wanted the Ikelight DS-125 strobe setup but it's a bit pricey, (read.....my wife said I must be crazy!), would the DS-50 allow me to take decent macro pix or are there other suggestions on another suitable strobes?
  4. When shooting photos, I've read that you don't want to light the water in front of your subject due to particulate pick up. So where are you aiming your strobe? Are you extending the arm to light the subject from above or is it the angle of the strobe that's more important? Thanks for any guidance!
  5. So the flat port and the 60mm lense(which I have already), and the DS125 w/o the slave is a good start? Using the 60mm lens, what kinds of photos is that setup suited for, macro and general exclusive of wide angle? Thanks!
  6. I need opinions, I've decide to pursue underwater digital photography as a serious hobby. I'm putting together, (mentally), my first DSLR UW setup. Here's what I've got so far and need help filling in the blanks: Camera: Nikon D70S Housing: Aquatica D70/S, (open for debate) Housing port(s) : ? Lens(s): ? Strobe(s): Ikelite DS125 Slave: ? Since it's not possible to buy all that I want at one time, I'm looking for suggestions on what equipment to start with that I can begin to hone my skills with, such as lens, port and strobe selection? I can only afford 1 lense, 1 strobe w/possible slave and 1 port?
  7. Looking for either a Sea and Sea DX-5000 or Aquatica A5000 housing for my Collpix 5000!
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