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    Fuji F30 with Fujifilm WP-FXF30 Housing with INON AD Mount Base, Sea and Sea YS25AUTO Srobe, Sea and Sea tray and flexible arm with INON UFL-165AD Underwater Fisheye, UWL-105AD Wide-angle and UCL-165AD Close-up Lenses.

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    Fuji F30
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    Fujifilm WP-FXF30 Housing with INON AD Mount Base
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    Sea and Sea YS25AUTO
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    Sea and Sea tray and flexible arm with INON UFL-165AD Underwater Fisheye, UWL-105AD Wide-angle and UCL-165AD Close-up Lenses.
  1. Thanks for the run through.... had a lot of fun in the lake last evening trying it out...... I found that using the system (0.5 white diffuser, set on S-TTL) with the F30 set on auto with forced flash gave a good representation of colour (I was in a very green lake at max 7 metres), whilst trying to use the F30 set on aperture priority at ISO100, various f stops produced pictures with a strong blue hue, even though the water was clearly very green! However the contrast has excellent. I am assuming the F30 auto focus green light doesn't trigger the focus light (I've tried it without success), and I guess the laser component only works with other Inon system cameras/housings. I used the fisheye lens which was very impressive, my only concern will be losing a very expensive lens in current, as there doesn't appear to be away of attaching a line to retain it in case of emergencies! Will keep experimenting, thanks for all the helpful tips, Adrian
  2. Hi, Does anyone have an english language manual for the INON z-240. I purchased mine assuming it had english instructions, but turns out not; I'm planning to use the S-TTL function with my Fujii F30. Any help gratefully received! Thanks Adrian
  3. Hi All, on a recent trip to Japan I purchased the INON lens adapter for the F30 housing. I currently use a sea and sea tray and flexible arm, but the bolt that screws between the tray and into the tripod mount of the housing is now too short.... does anyone know if longer bolts are available, or will I have to get an INON tray and arm? Thanks Adrian PS if you get a chance to buy INON lenses in Japan, they are the only thing I've ever seen cheaper than in the UK.... I got mine for less than half UK price!
  4. Jack and DesertEagle, Thanks v much for the replies...... I hadn't consider the Canon S80 (for some unknown reason), so I will try to get a hold of one to play with. I had discounted the E900 because of the slightly smaller LCD, and the lack of Fuji housing, but maybe I should think again... The tip with the F11 was very helpful, I can't tell from the Fuji website when it will be available in the UK and whether they plan to produce a housing, or if the current housing for the F10/F11 will fit. Shame the Fuji housing doesn't allow mounting of lens/filters whilst the Olympus does. I may wait to see that one before deciding. I assume the ability of the F30 to operate in v low light (ISO 3200), should make for better scenic open water/wrecks/pelagics rather than helping more sedentary strobe shots on reefs etc.
  5. Having previously had limited success with a SONY P12 and Sea and Sea YS25 Auto Strobe (varying exposure, hit and miss shutter lag), I've decided to upgrade to a digital camera with Aperture and Shutter priority and large LCD, and have narrowed it down to the Olympus and Fuji. Does anyone have advice on... 1. Shutter lag... some of the reviews I have read imply it's a problem with the Olympus... is the Fuji significantly better? 2. Has anyone tried the Fuji Strobe (SS-120N Digital Slave Strobe).... I can't find guide number info etc so I can't tell how it compares to my YS25 Auto. 3. Is the TTL strobe available for the Olympus going to give better results than my fibre optic cable activated YS25 Auto? I don't know if TTL by definition will always be better than non TTL? Any advice gratefully received! PS of course would love the Olympus E 330 but budget doesn't stretch....
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