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  1. Hi Clownfish, The TG4 has different flash mode: Auto,fill-in, flash off, RC and SLV. I have tried all of them but it doesn't change anything. It does have a flash compensation setting from -2 up to +2. I usually don't touch it and leave it on 0 (as it used to work fine like this in the past).
  2. Thanks for the advice Pavel. I tried what you suggested, I flashed directly to the YS-D2 and it fires. But I don't think this is where the issue is from... When normally connected to the TG4 the strobe fires everytime I take a picture. The built-in flash of the TG4 triggers the YS-D2 normally. I tried different setting and get 2 different results: - Dark pictures which show complete (or almost) absence of light > when the strobe is set on DS-TTL and the TG4 flash is set on "fill-in" . This is the option I have been using so far and it was working perfectly fine until very recently. - Very over exposed pictures (almost completely white) > when the strobe is set on SlaveTTL and the TG4 flash is set on "SLV" I tried the TG4 with other strobe and it works. I teied it alone with built-in flash and it works too. I tried the YS-D2 with my phone for example and the same problem occurs .... the YS-D2 is triggered and fires but the pictures are black ... It could be a defect form the YS-D2 but what surprises me is it has been working alright for a month and suddenly it is tripping...
  3. Hi all, I bought about a month ago a Sea&Sea YS-D2 strobe to give of punch to my Olympus TG4 camera. It used to work fine until recently. For some reason it seems that the strobe and the camera aren't sync anymore... when I take pictures on DS-TTL or Manual they are either completely dark/black, if I switch to Manual with pre-flash they are the opposite: completely white/super overexposed. Please note the strobe fires. I checked already and I am not on "Slave TTL" (dark blue light) but on DS-TTL (light blue light). I also reset my camera to factory default settings at least 10 times. When I try the camera alone it works fine, and when I connect it to another strobe it works (I tried with a INON set 240). I tried to connect the YS-D2 to another camera (a SONY), and when set on DS-TTL or Manual the same problem occurs, nevertheless when set on Manual with pre-flash it works. I already did some research online and ask a few people but sadly nothing worked, so that a bit a cry for help I am staying in a very remote location so any suggestions will be more than welcome (i don't want to go to Singapore just to get it checked ...). Has anyone seen/heard about something like this before ?
  4. Hi I am Florent from France. I am currently managing a diving resort in Indonesia (Pulau Lembeh) and I am trying to learn UW photography Cheers,
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