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  1. if you go to stuartcove.com they can accomendate you
  2. thanks should stores like books amillion or barnes and noble carry this ?
  3. i personally like scuba diving mag , where did you find this other magazine ?
  4. yea i guess i should have done that i really screwed up some things i hope they get fixed ...
  5. alright thanks for the response everyone i was just making sure not everyone just takes horzontial shots only was kinda a no brianer topic sorry about that
  6. sorry once again wont let it happen again guys
  7. i dunno one of stephen frinks associates liz said he was going to be testing it in march thats all i know
  8. Yea thats what steve does he always does amazing reviews
  9. yea i would do that but i dont know exactly how to upload pix ?? what sizes do we have to use on them ?
  10. Alright sorry thought we were allowed to advertise sorry about that
  11. Please see my web site for trip reviews and pics my files are too big for the forum divingwithchriskovaz.com
  12. Well it was for both which is why each section is subtitled
  13. Adminstrator for digideep asked me to write it .
  14. So if we had to choose one dome port which should we use , wide angle , fish eye , or super dome , personally after attending stephen frinks school of under water photography i would take the super dome since somone was shooting with the other ports all week and was getting glare on his images and when he switched to a super dome is was greatly dimminished .
  15. I know this might be obvious but i hope we all know we should shoot both horizontal and vertical you will definatley get different results under each method .
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