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  1. No idea, but I have a brand new one, TTL II, for sale! Still in the box. Let me know!
  2. Teamu, Your port & extension ring selection looks good. May offer one piece of advice. I went round and round with Sea and Sea about the zoom gear for the 17-70 (non-HSM) I'm not sure which you have, but I'll tell my story anyway. Some at S&S say that that lens is not supported, which I know is rediculous. Then I got some one who finally knew the zoom gear for a Nikkor 18-35 (56350) was the correct one. It arrived, I tried the zoom gear and it didn't fit! I immediately called our local S&S rep. He had no really good answer for me except to return it and pay an additional restocking fee. He still didn't know which gear to get that would fit. The deal here is that on the lens is a little lock switch to stop the lens from zooming. Well, that same little switch stops the zoom gear from being able to fit on the barrel of the lens. I was left with two options: 1) Return the zoom gear, 2) keep the gear in case it would come in handy in the future and cut a notch a couple of millimeters in to the ring so it would it over the lock switch. I'm still looking for a good way to get it done professionally. On a side note, the same zoom gear that you use for the 10-17 (Canon 16-35, #31114) will fit nicely over the lock switch of the 17-70. Just use a little tape on the barrel of the 17-70 to build it up a bit to fit snuggly. Even the fluffy side of Velcro will work.
  3. reefkeep, yes it is normal for there to be a little "play" in the port/extension ring connections. I agree that at first it is pretty unnerving, but as soon as you get in the water, the pressure of the water pushes them together. As long as you have properly maintained your O-ring, it will be fine. Always test it first without a camera when you first get your housing. As well, always dunk test your set up in the camera bucket or in the water. Look for a stream of bubbles that would indicate a leak! Also, only the first extension ring or port will be actually locked by the S&S locking mechanism. Everything is marked with an "OPEN" and "LOCKED" mark. I've made it a habit to always look at those before I get in the water and every-now-and-then when I'm shooting under water. It is pretty obvious if your dome gets turned while attached to an extension ring...the shades are off center. Even if it does get turned, it's not the end of the world. You actually need to turn it pretty far and apply a lot of force to get those things apart on the surface.
  4. Also a question for Alex, I was disappointed in the corner sharpness of my 17-70 (non HSM) at the wide end. I see that a couple of your pictures above suffer from the same. Is this normal for this lens? I was using mine behind a S&S Optical Dome (6in/15cm) and thinking about purchasing the larger NX Dome to hopefully resolving the issue.
  5. Well. I think I'll probably keep the Zoom Gear and follow David's advice of filing a notch in the Ring. That way I'll have another toy and, who knows?, it might come in handy in the future on another lens.
  6. It seems that new TTL III's are going for this price. So, in light of the holidays, I'm dropping the price of my new Nikon TTL II Converter to $300. Surely there is someone with an older set-up that can use one of these.
  7. OK, this is a follow-up question to one I posted a few weeks ago about which Extension Ring, Zoom Gear and Dome Port for a Sigma 17-70 using Sea & Sea. Their recommendation was to use a 40mm Extension Ring, SX Extension Ring and NX Fisheye Dome Port. I already own the Optical Dome and it seems to work very well with the other recommended extensions...so far. The Zoom Gear is my problem! They recommended the #56350 (Nikkor 18-35mm) for use with the Sigma 17-70mm (non-HSM). On the lens, there is a lock switch for locking the zoom of the lens and fixing it at 17mm. That switch is about 2mm above the rest of the barrel and prevents the Zoom Gear from slipping onto the barrel of the lens. Seemingly, my options are to remove the protruding part of the switch by filing it down or to use a larger diameter Zoom Gear to fit over the switch as is and tape up the barrel to fit the larger diameter Gear. What has anyone else done? Or, what would you recommend?? Thanks!
  8. I have a brand spanking new Sea and Sea TTL II Converter for Nikon (50108) for sale in the box. It has never been in the water. It has never even been attached to a camera housing or strobe cables. The reason I am trying to sell it is that I purchased it when the Converter III came out and never returned it. So, its been sitting here gathering dust. I want to give it a good home. If you want a picture of it, I'll have to open the box. Let me know? New at Reef Photo it runs $599usd. New at Backscatter it runs $649usd. I would like $450! I'll even ship within the US.
  9. John, that's a great set of shots! What lens were you using for the macros? I just came back from Cozumel and couldn't get some of those picts with my 60mm. Maybe a 105? Diopter? Thanks!
  10. First off, Thanks Ryan for getting back to me. The gal at the shop wasn't sure and was going to get back to me...later. The info you provided is great! I agree, I'm not too in love with acrylic domes. :-) Scott, I think, if I'm reading Ryan's post correctly, I already have most of what I need. I already have the Optical Glass Dome an the SX Extension Ring. All I need now is the 40mm Ring and I'm good! I'll go that route first and get back to you. Then later if I need it I'll think about the large NX Dome. Ryan, one more quick question. Which zoom gear? Maybe the same as the Tokina 10-17 (made for the Canon 16-35)? Or other?
  11. I just got back from St. Croix, which of course is USVI, but the diving was outstanding! How many places can you beach entry a 3500 fsw. wall dive only 100 yards off the beach? (rhetorical question ) I only spent 2 days diving Cane Bay and have to say... I'll be back.
  12. I dove with Big Island Divers and had a wonderful time. If you like the smaller 6-pack boats, give these guys a try!
  13. I wonder why they didn't recommend an NX Fisheye Dome Port with 40mm Ring. That was the way I was leaning, If you had to do it over again, would you still buy the same gear for this lens?
  14. OK, I know this lens has been discussed backwards and forwards, but bear with me for a second. I've searched this site until my eyes hurt, Called Backscatter and Reef Photo. No one knows what port combination to use for the Sigma 17-70 on a Sea & Sea housing. Can anyone help me out here? Even a link to previously discussed topic would be greatly appreciated! I use a D80 and already have the SX Extension Ring and Optical Dome Port that I use for my Tokina 10-17. Thanks Again!
  15. I humbly disagree with this. My P-5000 will easily read my 8GB SDHC cards in the SD slot. Maybe it is a firmware issue? I recently purchased mine in Dec. '07.
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