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  1. Jeff, I love that first photo. Can you tell us what lens and other equipment you use?
  2. Steve, thanks for posting this topic. I replied to one of your posts a few months ago about some other jelly you were shooting out here. I asked the same question about how you got such good focus. Seems that question got lost somewhere. Anyway, I'll follow the recommendations above to see what I can get. Good luck and glad you could get to Miguel!
  3. You know, I've noticed that fish, as well, are really attracted to the S&S strobes. Much more so than my Inon D-2000. Could it be the high pitched electrical humm, as the strobe recharges? That humm is almost bothersome to me underwater. The octo is trying to figure out how to turn the blasted thing off... Oh, its already off. He he.
  4. Yea, it was windy here too, but I haven't heard of anything quite so dramatic just a few miles north of there. Those palm trees are supposed to take quite a beating from the wind without falling over?
  5. Doesn't everyone dive in a dry suit? Just put it in your pocket.
  6. I think it is image #8 (second from last)...fantastic! We have all seen many pictures of pygmy sea horses by now, and I think your photo has captured that something extra. Well lit, wonderful use of negative space, beautiful composition.
  7. You know, this is a sad story of our culture manufacturing many things with plastic and plastic parts. Then you buy it, and they put it in a plastic bag from the store. I had this argument with my wife a couple of months ago. If we make the move to using reusable fabric bags that we take with us to the store and back home filled with groceries, what do we line our garbage can with? Now, with the lack of free plastic bags from the market, we have to buy plastic bags from the market. Sure we could ask for paper bags, but they just dont work for wet garbage. Again, were stuck with buying more plastic bags from the market. I think we should put thought into making things with plastic that is bio-degradable. Everything from grocery bags to this computer keyboard, made from bio-degradable plastics. The technology is already there, lets use it.
  8. Scott, your first fish is a juvenile Mexican Hogfish (Bodianus diplotaenia). p 58 The second is a Leopard Grouper (Mycteroperca rosacea). p.30 ref. "Sea of Cortez Marine Animals" by Daniel Gotshall BTW, that must have been quite a trip! I want to go to that little area you found all of the nudi's. Sounds fun! Glad you got your dives in before it started to rain, though I don't know how much precipitation some of those arid Mexican regions get. Beautiful scenery and colors in some of those Above water picts.
  9. Jeremy, congrats on the new rig! It looks nice. If it has never been in the water, as I suspect, take it in the water for the first time WITHOUT the camera in the housing. Get as deep as you can to test the housing, and strobes, for leaks. Press all buttons and levers at you deepest depth. Then, enjoy taking pictures for the rest of your vacation! A young man recently purchased a camera and housing from my local dive shop. One tht had been on the shelf for over a year maybe. He disregarded this rule and flooded the whole thing! Oops. I bet he wished he listened more closely to the owner of the shop when he bought it! Another thing. When I am using my focus/modeling light for macro, I find that I need to move it around depending on the distance of the subject from the port glass. Your set up doesn't offer any way to angle the light down. Only straight out. Depending on the options on the top of the housing, you might check out the ULCS site, http://www.ulcs.com/ , for finding exactly what you need to hold on to your Nano.
  10. loftus, get your X-ray dept. to upgrade to digital flat plates. That way, in every room there will be a computer with a CD/DVD drive and a 21" monitor. Easy to hook up to the internet. Now in the Neuro room where they do crani's, you need to have large 42" monitors for that MRI 3D imaging thing they do. Heart rooms, they just always seem to have large monitors. Hook up to those with your own Lap Top through the anesthesia machine. Maybe your Dr's lounge could use a Wi-Fi router so you could use a lap top in the room? So many ways for a hospital to spend money to keep Drs happy, so little capital budget.
  11. Hey, our Cardiac and Neuro rooms have huge flat screen LCD's. Really nice to look at your latest round of pictures on! :-)
  12. Hi Scott and Matt. Thanks for the response. That eases my mind about "breaking the seal". I'm not really planning any trips in the near future, but there is always the chance in this hobby you're gonna go some place good! Of course there will be the 3-4 dayers out of Santa Barbara or other So. Cal locals throughout the year, but I am thinking of Cozumel in October. This corresponds to a business meeting in Cancun around that time, and if I take a few days before-hand on the company card to check out "the island", so be it! Scott, you planing anything for the 2nd weekend of Jan.? I'm not on call. Let's get wet!
  13. Hi all! Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays to everyone. Cheers From my lovely wife, this year I received a Lowepro Photo Trekker AW II. Thank You very much! What a back pack. Every option one could hope for...except the best way to load underwater gear. It seems, that to make the most of the limited space, I should probably remove the handles from my S&S DX-D80 housing. Can this be done? Should this be done? I tried the appropriate Alan/hex wrench and the screws didn't budge. I'm afraid to put too much more pressure on them as it is quite the expensive toy, if you know what I mean. Even with all this space it looks like I'm going to have to load the arms and eventual dome port in checked luggage?
  14. Awsome! Great stuff. I especially like #3 and #17. Nice kelp shots. I guess the vis was pretty good. I took some shots of the large Sunflower Stars doing the same thing, fighting/mating. They're so colorful when you hit them with a strobe. I NEED a WA lens!
  15. Mr B., I'm happy you had good weather over the weekend. I kept thinking that you were out there snapping away when I could see, and very nearly reach out and touch, the islands. Weather cooperated! Nice little photo there! Just when you think you have the perfect DOF, there comes that dreded surge to ruin most of the others ;-) Just one so far? Can't wait to see some more! How was the vis?
  16. You know...maybe mine do that too, but I've never viewed it as a problem. Humm? I'll have to check it out more closely.
  17. Nuno, not that this will change your mind, but what is wrong with the strobe firing every time you turn off the TTL. In the instructions that came with my S&S TTL III, it states the order that the equipment should be turned on and off. 1) TTL Converter ON, 2) Strobes ON, 3) Camera ON. To turn the system off do the afore mentioned in reverse order...camera, strobes, convertor. If the convertor is turned off before the strobes, this action forces the strobes to dump. I'm kind of late to the discussion, so please forgive me if this has already been discussed. Also, nothing wrong with a new D300!
  18. Thanks loftus. That is pretty step by step. I think I can, I think I can. I'll let you know how it turns out when I get some time tomorrow. Other explanations I've read haven't been as detailed as yours. It should seriously help myself and other PS challenged people out there.
  19. I got my new copy of CS3 up and running yesterday. I also went back and reread many of the posts on how to set up a watermark. The transparent thing. Man, I guess I need somebody to hold my hand. I can usually figure this stuff out eventually, but it is very frustrating. I feel like buying "Photoshop for Dummies". Now I need to try it all over again in Aperture, which was the point of the topic to begin with....frustrated.
  20. Well, I've had a couple of responses as to the ID of the second fish, fishy for indigo :-). It seems an exact ID might be a little difficult and from the picture alone, we're just going to call it "Artedius" species. Thanks everyone.
  21. Is that anywhere near Los Angeles? Oooh, You Tube! Good idea.
  22. Mr B, with the predicted weather this weekend and the surf the way it has been... uh, yea, you're in for a rough one. Good luck with vis! Hope you brought your macro lenses and an umbrella. Junior8, you might get more responses if you start a topic of your own in "Techniques", but I'll give you a little of what I know since you asked. BTW, what camera and set-up are you using? For shots like the Spanish Shawl and Blacksmith, f20, 1/160, the idea is to just paint the object with your strobes and use a small aperture and high enough shutter speed that any background light does not have time to make it onto the sensor. The only things I did to the pictures in post processing was to use Auto Levels (not on those two) and increase the contrast. I found that a little more contrast helps to erase some backscatter that I couldn't avoid by correct strobe placement. Hope this helps. There are also many good books out there to read. Try "The Underwater Photographer" 3rd edition by Martin Edge. He goes in depth about this technique and many others that may help you.
  23. Is there a way of © Copywriting your images in Aperture? I just got CS3, so I'll have to figure that out, but in the meantime, all of my latest picts are in Aperture. Any help or ideas would be great! Thanks!
  24. Bruce and Phil, are you speaking of Fiber Optic TTL in the YS-110's? I have mine wired with a synch cable and S&S TTL III. No problems at all! Maybe there are problems using a TTL II, but the new TTL III is great so far.
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