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  1. Well, Leslie, in that case, since they don't have the same book I do, I'm keeping my book in the pocket of drysuit. So I can say, " Hey, you! Thanks for letting me take your picture, now, which one are you??" :-) That way we're on the same page, so to speak. Scott, maybe I'll see you out there sometime? The same rig won't be hard to miss. Sorry, I don't need the ID bad enough to bring the little guy in. I only have one more pict. of both. I posted the best of two. 42 species? Wow! Hey, thanks, both of you.
  2. Yes, the YS-110's have both connections. Hard wired 5-pin synch cable connection and Fiber Optic. The Inon Z-240's also have these options. Not sure about Ike strobes though.
  3. Steve, I'm sorry I didn't add anything as to where the picts were taken. I guess it skiped my mind since I just got done putting a few photos into the showcase forum. Yes, they were taken off Santa Cruz Island, California. Both fish were approximately 5-7 inches long, but I'm a guy and that kind of measurment comes difficult for me! Color differences/morphs do make it difficult to pin it down sometimes, especially when the picture in the article comes from another region. In my books it stated that the first one could have a red color when found below 30 meters. Both specimens were found in about 20ft. Thanks also to Leslie and segal3!
  4. OK, these two picts are of some fairly rare fish all together. Or, maybe they hide so well I rarely see them, but I need a little help deciding which species they are. Thanks! Is this a Crevice Kelpfish, Gibbonsia montereyensis, or a color variation of Spotted Kelpfish, Gibbonsia elegans? Is this a Red Irish Lord, Hemilepidotus hemilepidotus, or a Spotfin Sculpin, Icelinus tenuis?
  5. I'd say there are some decent underwater photographs of this turtle in it's native environment now! Nice work.
  6. Last few... enjoy! Flabellina iodinia, Spanish Shawl. You can see it's eye! Common Blacksmith fish. Very pretty and not given enough credit, IMHO Phidiana hiltoni Rock scallop, yumm! They actually have eyes too! Look closely.
  7. Thanks Carol, Wait for it... wait for it...I've got a few more. Giant Green Anemone Tritonia festiva Black Eyed Goby, they are everywhere, but this was a particularly good catch.
  8. Some more. Anisodoris Nobilis Green Anemone, Anthopleura sola Moon Jellyfish, Aurelia aurita Giant Green Anemone, Antopleura xanthogrammica
  9. I wanted to share some of my latest pictures with all of you now that I have housed my dSLR. These are from my recent 3 day live aboard on the Conception out of Santa Barbara with Truth Aquatics to Santa Cruz Island. We were expecting to make it all the way out to San Miguel, but the threat of Santa Ana winds that helped to burn a lot of So. Cal. in the previous month were supposed to start up again. The captain didn't want to get stuck out there in such inclement weather. I think that I'm finally getting the hang of a fully manual camera! As you might be able to guess, I have a thing for nudi's and my only lens is a 60mm, so far As usual, constructive criticism is welcome! Sorry the are added as attachments. I don't have a place to put them on the internet yet. My next project Cup Coral on Cobalt Blue Sponge Anisodoris nobilis, Sea Lemon Christmas Tree Worm Painted Urticina Anemone
  10. So, William or Leslie, where do Gorgonians fit into your tree? ie. Genus Muricea, Lophogorgia. They are not true hard corals, nor are they soft. Are they corals at all? I don't mean to take the discussion off topic, but it seems an appropriate place for the question...if you don't mind.
  11. Hey Mark, I've been using my Ike PCm, and very happily I might add. It used to be stored in my BC pocket as a back up, but after I discovered it has a soft somewhat diffuse warm light, I mounted on my ULCS Spotting Light Adapter and there you go...$40. It takes 4 AA batteries and I change them once per day. (3-4 dives) I don't find that adding extra diffusors is necessary. There is enough light that my D80 focuses without problem and the YS-110's easily overpower it. BTW, I still have gear lust for a Fisheye FIX! Also, I've tried a UK Q40 LED. It's beam is too hot and focused to be used as a good focus light. In my experience, it left a hot spot in some picts. It has replaced my PCm as a back up light in my BC pocket.
  12. I don't think mentioned before, but as an adjunct to proper strobe lighting with macro shots, the use of a focus light greatly improves your camera's ability to focus. For that sharp focus everyone desires, a focus light, even an inexpensive one, is a necessity if the water you dive in is dark or green...or dark green.
  13. I guess what swayed me into spending a little more (relatively) on the Sea & Sea was ergonomics. Have you held both in your hands? Pick up the Ike, see how it feels, then pick up the S&S. No brainer for me. The handles on my DX-D80 and similar S&S housings are by far superior. There were other issues of course, but this one sticks out in my mind right now. I also really liked what the YS-110 strobes had to offer. They fit what I want to do. With an Ike housing and Ike TTL, you can only use Ike strobes. (I think?) I have no idea about missing buttons for the 400, but an internal TTL would be nice.
  14. So, Ryan, I thought you could do a little DIY project on the NX Custom Flat Port, remove some of that little nub, and the 105 VR would fit without an extension ring. Is that also incorrect? As far as I can see, the nub really doesn't have much of a purpose.
  15. Dave, wanna be my dive buddy ...same ocean.
  16. Sorry, I'm out on the Conception for a 3 dayer, hopefully to San Miguel. Well see if the weather gets any better. Other wise, it might be Santa Rosa or Cruz. Anyone else going out of Santa Barbara this weekend?
  17. Mauro, I really enjoyed your gallery! You have some fantastic images there. Along with underwater photography, you are talented at making web pages as well. Even though I can read Spanish only at a rudimentary level, your page was easy to navigate and the color schemes make it very attractive. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to seeing more of your gallery as the page evolves.
  18. I've looked into this subject before with Apple's iPOD Classic (used to be the iPOD Video) with 80 or 160 GB. From what I gather, the Apple music/ picture/ video players will store RAW data, but only as data. You won't get a picture, even a thumbnail. So, I thought I would take pictures using the option of RAW and high res. JPEGs. This way I could store the RAW pict and view the JPEG. Well, I'd have gone for this option already, but I've heard of some pictures in RAW being corrupted after transfering again to a computer. Now, I'm going with an option such as a JOBO or Epson P-3000 or P-5000. Much better at storing RAW files and you can view them as well without duplicating with a JPEG, thus saving precious memory card space. Apple does make a "camera cable" that is made to down load your JPEG images directly from a camera to the iPOD (USB 2.0).
  19. I've been searching for a specific topic that was started about a year ago where someone suggested a couple of good nudi ID books for the California coast. After 30 minutes of using the search tool, I've given up. Can anyone give me their favorite books they use to ID even the rarest of Cali. nudi's? Thanks!
  20. Stew, just a thought, but I'm assuming you want to download pictures that you have taken on a camera from the card to your laptop. Right? Does the camera still show the pictures on the screen if you want to review them? If so, can you connect a USB 2.0 cable diretly to the camera while leaving the card in the camera? The laptop should recognize the camera as a USB periferal and what ever editing/storage software you are using should ask if you want to download the images. I know this method eats up camera battery power, but it is better than nothing.
  21. Erik, thats interesting you say that you can use two different strobes with it. When I got mine, I spoke directly to the Sea & Sea Technical rep. in Los Angeles. He made a point of saying it will only work with two of the same strobes. Humm?
  22. There have been many discussions about the use of different masks here before. Is it Low Volume or Frameless, a clear or black skirt, or does it even have a polarized lens? But what I want to know is if any of you have ever tried a mask with a reflective lens like freediving hunters might use? Supposedly, from what I understand, if the fish can't see your eyes, they don't think you are a threat. From hunting a large school of blue water Jacks to taking that perfect macro shot up close and personal, could a reflective lens theoretically help us get better shots? And is it really worth the extra payola? I don't see many people with one. Maybe that should tell me something?
  23. You said you are having trouble "right clicking" with you new MacBook Pro. Well, obviously, most Mac mouses (mice?) only have one button. Just hold down the mouse button for a second and a screen will pop up with all of the "right click" options. If you are using the mouse pad, just do the same with the click button.
  24. Was he wearing a DUI dry suit, Apollo Bio-fins, and carrying a DPV? Of course he needs to be totally self sufficient and so has a pony bottle with a separate redundant air source.
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