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  1. Doesn't your housing have a direct connector for strobes so you don't have to use a fiberoptic cable? Maybe Inon doesn't make a cable with your type of connector so you had to go with fiberoptic? I know my situation, but am a little unfamiliar with your specific housing.
  2. Jacki, I hope this helps you out! What I have done is stripped about 1/2 inch (1.5cm) of insulation off of the free end of the fiber optic cable. Put the stripped end into one of the holes on top of the angled reflector piece (with the two small screws) so the bare fiber just barely protrudes out the other end near the stainless steel reflector. Now, tighten down the lock nut so the fiber cannot be pulled out of the reflector. Now, just unscrew the two small screws so it will fit over your housing's flash diffuser and tighten so it cannot be pulled out of position. Your done! As far as the UV film goes, it gets stuck directly on the camera, not on the housing, over the flash. This serves two purposes: 1) It will block any stray light from leaving your camera to cause backscatter and 2) it converts the light from the flash to Ultra Violet light that will be picked up by the strobe via the recently installed fiber optic cable. Again, as I said, I hope this helps and makes sense. If not, write back.
  3. I see you dove with Ed Robins. My wife and I thought that they had a really nice set up geared towards somewhat more advanced divers than the "one dive trip per year warrior". It made for a memorable experience! What did you think of them?
  4. OK, Why not? Me too! Me too! Low res. picts to fit into the forum. Hermissenda crassicornis Santa Cruz Island, California Sony DSC-P10, Inon D2000 Rockfish Portrait San Miguel Island, California Sony DSC-P10, Inon D2000 Oops, I need a little more space for one more picture! Snubnose Sculpin San Miguel Island, California Sony DSC-P10, Inon D2000
  5. I'll be using it with my Nikon D80. Thanks for the response. This gives me a little more confidence that this is what I need. Now, can I convince my wife?
  6. So, with the Epson P-2000/3000/5000, you don't have to shoot in both JPEG and RAW, just RAW? Will the Epson be Mac compatible? Thanks!
  7. rtrski, thanks for the response. I guess what I'm really looking for is something I can review photos with, and delete the realy bad ones, while still staying really portable. I don't have a capable laptop and frankly, I don't want to carry one around. I don't want to edit my photos while on a live aboard trip, I'll do that at home. But, I need more that a plain storage device like a hard drive. I am looking for the best solution to off load my memory cards from the days worth of shooting and quickly review my picts. I can set the camera to record both RAW and High Res. JPEG's.
  8. I have reread some of the threads on RAW format storage if you don't have room to bring your laptop. The Epson P-5000 is another option with an LCD screen for reviewing your pictures. For $400 USD your can get 30 GB Creative Zen Vision W or for an extra $100 the 60 GB version. The screen display is beautiful, 4.3 in. 480x272 widescreen in 262,000 colors, and the controls aren't too difficult to use. The 30 and 60 GB iPod Videos are also attractive, but everything I've read about them is that they are truely slow. The salesman at the store said, "sure it will play RAW photos!", but I can't find any info on the web site. Has anyone tried the Vision W for storage?
  9. dsbierman, I use the Oceanic Atom 2 wireless air integrated computer. As a back up, I also have attached to my 1st stage a pony bottle pressure guage: http://www.oceanicworldwide.com/p_gauges_ponybottle.html This is a cheaper way to go than a totally separate SPG, and you really can't check it yourself (buddy required...separate topic!). But, after my tank is supposedly filled on the boat between dives, I can check to be sure just by reattaching my reg. and cracking the tank and peaking at the pony bottle guage. The pony bottle guage really allows for streamlining of all of those hoses comming off of your 1st stage. One for your primary reg and one for your low pressure inflator/Air II. Thats it! OK. I have a third for my drysuit inflator if I'm diving at home.
  10. Eric, first I want to say that is pretty cool to have one of your images be emblazoned across someone's chest like that! It has got to make you feel good. But, I was thinking, we all got mad at someone last week asking for "free" images to place in a medical? text book. I understand you could never get paid by this woman, also an artist of another kind, for essentially ripping off your image and reproducing it. What makes this so different from a printed image on a page of a book or a resort advertising flier? How do we as photographers distinguish between that and an inked image copied to someone's chest, back, etc? Maybe it would be enough to mention your name as the photographer of the original image on her web page? Am I wrong to think this after our strong reaction to last weeks post for images, or is it OK because it is from one artist to another, not a large publishing company?
  11. While reading "Islandbound's" latest post about a little shrimp running around on a Ctenophore, I thought I'd check out my pictures I just took last weekend off of San Miguel Island, just in case mine had a shrimp I never noticed! Well, no shrimp, but tons of krill everywhere. Talk about a backscatter problem. I thought I'd share a couple of my shots of a Comb Jelly with you. And as promised some colonial Salps that were trying really hard to look like a jelly.
  12. I must admit I have only recently dove without a buddy. I always had my wife or some student I was looking after as part of a class, being a Divemaster. On my last outing I was on a boat where I didn't know anyone else and besides they were all hunters. What's a guy sporting a camera to have in common with guys whose favorite word for the weekend was "Riffe"? As it turned out I really enjoyed being down there by myself with no one else to look after or worry about. I carry a SpareAir which would easily get me to the surface as our average dives were in the 35 to 45 fsw range. I could concentrate on my subject and move along as I needed to, not as my wife got bored and wanted to marathon swim over to the next set of rocks or kelp. I even added 10 to 15 minutes to my bottom time because I wasn't moving around on someone else's whim! I wouldn't recommend this practice to just anyone. You have to plan ahead for any emergency and be very comfortable in the water by yourself. As I came back to work earlier this week I heard a story of a coworker's husband diving solo in San Diego and being found by a kayacker floating face down! It was a sad day for everyone, but could this "ACCIDENT" have been avoided if he was diving with a "BUDDY"? Earlier this year, an owner of a local dive store was teaching an ice diving class in a lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He decided to dive solo off of his guide line. He wasn't seen for another two days...under the ice. Could this have been prevented if he had a buddy or attached himself to the line? Bottom line, dive agencies have set standards that are meant to be followed for a reason. I'm not saying that I follow every one of them, but when I break a very basic rule, I am accepting the possibility that I may not be returning to the boat. Dive Safe!
  13. Cool, but not being fluent in Italian, can you tell me if it is available to be shipped with the 0.8 or only as an add on to be purchased separately? Also, I think it is Inon that makes a larger viewfinder that can be retro-fitted to a Sea & Sea if you need more power.
  14. ATJ, while I definitely prefer the orientation of the second shot, with the fish facing me, the large dark area in the top left corner really detracts from the focus of the picture which is supposed to be the fish. The second shot also has too much yellow hue after looking at the first. The third one is just too much above and behind. With that said, I may go against the grain, and put the first one on my wall. I really like the contrast of the light blue showing through the pink coral and the greenness? of the Hawkfish's eye.
  15. Thanks Ryan! I'm sure there had to be an answer out there somewhere? Whats another couple of hundred dollars at this point ?? ATJ, I'm probably never going to use manual, but I'd like the option just in case. I have read here that a lot of people use their manual focus in some situtions.
  16. Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but can you change from AF to MF on the fly once underwater? My equipment is a D80, Nikkor AF 60mm 2.8 D lens, DXD80 Sea & Sea housing, NX Custom flat port. This question came about when I realized that on the 60mm lens you must push a little silver button and rotate a separate ring on the lens to change from AF to MF. This is the only way to change to manual focus. Then, after doing this, you can adjust focus manually with the focus ring. The AF/M switch on the camera has no effect on the lens' capability to change, except to lock the focus when changed from AF to MF, completely locking out any ability to focus. Does this make sense? Am I missing something? Did I somehow buy the wrong 60mm lens? Frustrated!
  17. You know Steve, there are spots on the back side of Anacapa Isl. that look just like that too. It seems, to me, that this is the result after an infeststion of urchins devours the kelp. The urchins finally leave and the onslaught of brittle stars soon follows. I kind of assume this because the stars are often found with thick purple urchins then on the extreme only stars?
  18. Hope you don't mind me adding these two to your thread, but they were about the only fish we saw. Very wierd? Even the guys with the spear guns weren't bringing up loads.
  19. Thanks Scott! I went to Sea Slug Forum and started looking. About 30 minutes later and 100 downloaded pictures and I still hadn't found it. I wish there was another way of looking for a name of a specific nudi on that site similar to a reverse phone book. Regionalize the names and add a little thumbnail next to them so one could gloss through until something similar came up. Thnaks again. I'm going looking for a copy of "Eastern Pacific Nudibranchs" by Beherens right now.
  20. Thanks! Now I have to find it again and get a shot that is in focus. Easier said than done.
  21. Steve, I don't know if you read my trip report from the 16-17th. Vis. sucked, kelp was falling to pieces, and bottom temps were in the mid 50's. Also, very few fish. That's why I took to photographing the nudi's almost exclusively. Glad you had a good time! Did you just come back from Yap and Palau?
  22. Here's a nudi I've only seen one other time here in the Channel Islands. Other people say that they have seen it, but they don't know a name. Any idea? Again, sorry for the focus thing. If only the situation with my: shutter lag, surge, and a dive buddy that was hurrying me along, could change Thanks!
  23. Oh come on Luiz, get that dry suit you've always wanted to try and book a flight to sunny So. Cal. B) I got two more that didn't come out too bad. Ringed doris, "Diaulula sandiegensis" Monterey Flatworm, "Pseudoceros montereyensis"
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