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  1. thanx again for all your thoughts. by now I am pretty much hooked onto a Olympus EM-1 II with Nauticam housing, if I manage to get a decent offer (there aren't that many distributors in germany). Anyway - what I am still undecided about is, what dome I should get. I will definitely get the Makro Port for the 60mm Macro lens (which is Nauticam Macro Port 65, I think). Further I am planning to get the Zuiko 8mm / 1.8 Fisheye lens. But which port? Nauticam suggests either 140mm glass dome or 4.33'' acrylic dome port. Further I stumbled over the ZEN DP-100-N85, which has good reports so far. The Nauticam 4.33'' acrylic dome was suggested to me above in this post. The obvious pros are it's light weight (500g?), small size and about half the prize of the other ones (500€). Further it could also be used for 12mm/f2 wide-angle. The Nauticam 140mm is suggestes by nauticam itself as "mosts optimized". With about 950€ it costs double of the acrylic and weights about 1kg, which also doubles the weight of both other options. It's pros are it's optical quality and durability (optical glass), and it's better performance for over/under-shots (wider port) The ZEN DP-100 seems to be a compromise (albeit not from monetary perspective). It costs about 900€ but weights only 500g. It is made from optical glass (durability, quality) but has only a small dome diameter (100mm). Which results in worse performance for over/under-shots but bette performance when doing a Close-Focus-Wide-Angle. Since I am already spending a few K € on the equipment I would prefer to get it right from the start, therefore I would be willing to spend additional 500€ if it is worth it. I am still unsure about the pros and cons of the acrylic dome. I believe that the pros are price and weight and the cons are optical quality and durability. Is there anything else I am missing? Further there is the difference between big dome and small dome. I read in the Any benefit to 140mm dome?-thread that the main difference seems to be that over/under-pictures are much better with domes with larger diameter. Is there more to it? Is it impossible with the smaller dome to do over/under-pics or just harder? Does anyone know if the 100mm ZEN-Port can also be used with the 12mm/f2 Wide angle lens? Since weight & size are quite important to me (traveling is always a challenge with this stuff) and since I didn't do much over/under-pics in the past I tend toward the ZEN-Port ATM.
  2. thank you all for your suggestions. I will get myself an offer for the Nauticam Housing with Macro & 4'33 acrylic dome and hope it stays below 3k€. Good suggestion to NOT try a "all-in-one". Although the decision which one to take for the dive can be a tough one - but if the results are worth it, it would have been money down the drain (again). I'll let you know and will post a few pics once it's done :-) PS: I was told I could get a good deal when I try the new E-M1 Mk2... would it be worth the 1k€+ more?
  3. Hi, as so many before me I am trying to decide which camera + housing combination would be best for me. I narrowed it down to Olympus E-M1 with Olympus or with Nauticam housing. I allready own an Inon Z-240 strobe which I would like to continue using if possible. Maybe you can shed some light on the Pros & Cons of either? The obvious pro for the olympus PT-EP11 is the price. What I read is, that it might be a little unstable on the base plate and since it isn't aluminium you could get some trouble with fogging of the port. It should support most lenses due to exchangeable port system. The Nauticam NA-EM1 on the other hand is much more stable and is supposed to have better handling. You have tons of matching Nauticam equipment, you can probably add any lens due to port availability. In terms of size and weight the nauticam is possibly a bit heavier, but not by much... Background: Until recently I used a Canon G10 in a Patima Housing with a Inon Z-240 strobe and focus-light. Since I had some water in my housing during the last dives I want to use this as a reason to upgrade. Above water I use DSLRs from Canon (5dmk3, 80d) but since housings for these are very expensive & very bulky I think the best way to go is Olympus OM-D for underwater. UW I am very much into Macro (which my recent setup didn't manage very well). I have not much experience with fisheye or Wideangle underwater yet, but would like to be able to go there in the future. I was very impressed by the pics I saw taken with E-M5 II, but I believe the (old) E-M1 would perform better for me underwater, since I am not much into filming and the AF of the E-M1 seems way better than the E-M5 II. I am aware that the E-M1 II is much better, but it also is much more expensive and I hope that the older model would be enough for my purposes (considering I only dive about one week per year). Since I allready own a Inon Z-240 flash I would prefer to use it (and not get a new one as well). Does anyone know if the Z-240 works well with the Olympus E-M1? Does any kind of TTL work in this combination? Considering lenses, I think I will start with either 12-50 or 12-40 and the 60mm Macro lens. Later I would like to add something like the 8mm/1.8 fisheye. The Nauticam housing was very much recommendee to me by several divers, but when I see people here taking great shots using the olympus housing I am unsure if the Nauticam would really be worth it for me.
  4. Hi there, I am a diver from germany shooting (until recently) with Canon G10 in Patima housing and Inon Z-240. I am planning on upgrading and hope to get some info from this forum. You can find my pictures on tammo-photography.de cheers
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