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  1. Hello everyone,

    Is anyone using Canon 100mm/2.8 USM macro lens in Subal housing? I would like to know if anyone has come to a solution with manual focusing.


    Are Subal's flat ports for Nikon and Canon cameras interchangeable? One of the ideas that came to me was to use Nikon focusing port with the correct extender. They have different designations (FPS-120/3 vs. FP-120) so I doubt it.


    Please share your thoughts.


    Sorry, I use the lens but not the housing/port you've mentioned. My suggestion would be to use focus lock and rock the camera in/out to achieve the critical focus you seem to be after. Hope it helps a little.

  2. You can "tape" some pins on the extender and this does allow for autofocus, but you will have to do a search on the subject as I don't rmember the site that I saw this on. You will also limit your focal length to less thatn infinity, but that shouldn't matter. If you contact Woody @ Nexus, he will be able to answer your questions better. Good luck! I am using my setup in Mabul/Sipadan latter this week. If I can, I will post an image or two taken with the setup. B)

  3. Just noticed another classified posting for cell phones, and was thinking that it seems a little unrelated to this website, what do you think? Too intolerate in my thinking ? I come here for photo information and insight, not cell phones. Great site, otherwise.

  4. What was it Forest Gump said? Oh yeah, STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!! Somehow, I don't think that was too smart. I believe the general conscensous is sharks are UNPREDICTABLE. That went along way towards improving the Florida legislatures opion of shark dives. Really helped the industry, didn't it? (IMHO) :)

  5. While Ike makes some terrific equipment and the mini c clamp could mount on an arm, I would prefer to use a different light for an upcoming trip and to place that focus light directly off the center of the housing for 2:1 and 3:1 life sized macro shots (critical manual focusing). Ike had this mount molded in on my last housing, but not on the 20D housing. I'm sure there was a good reason to exclude it on this one, but I don't know what the reason is, and I don't think it really matters (why). So now I think I may have to fabricate an arm to mount this hot shoe to, and use one of the lower corner base mounts to attach it to. Thanks to all who responded, and I think the new idea will work. :)

  6. I have an Ikelite housing for a Canon 20D and would like to install a flash mount for use with an focus light. I have purchased a hot shoe mount that has a plastic base, now I need help in determining what kind of "glue" to use to attach this to the housing with out doing any damage (i.e. deteriation of the plastic housing) It needs to be a glue that is strong.


    Any one try this before with good results? Thanks for any replies. :blush:

  7. Has anybody tried to change the focusing screen on a Canon 20d? I would like to add a different screen with the "rules of thirds" grid from the Katz eye optics company, and would like to hear from anybody who may have tried it already. Canon doesn't make a grid screen for the 20d that i'm aware of, so this looks like the best option. They also make it brighter for viewing like the older Beattie screens, and this would probably be a good option for underwater photography. Any one? :blink:

  8. I'll be there in 6 weeks for the underwater photo week, so I can post my opinion of any changes in the schools of fish when I get back. Hopefully, along with some descent pictures, too.! :blink: This will be my 2nd trip there, but it was April and the viz was great along with the schools of fish. Anybody else going to be there for photo week?

  9. I have the Ike 20d housing with 2-ds-125 and the 8" port with a 2nd body extension. I also have the flat port w/focus. My lens are the Sigma 15mm, 10-22mm and the 100mm macro. This allows me to use only 2 ports and to change the body extensions wihen going from the 10-22 to the 15 sigma lens. Very convient. Just a thought for you. I will be in Sipadan in 6 weeks shooting this rig and will post results when I get back. Good luck choosing your gear. :P

  10. The ikelite housing allows you the ettl option as well as access to all camera functions. Personally, I use the ikelite housing with 2 DS 125 strobes as the match up is perfect and with the two strobes you can "paint" the light on the scene that you are shooting. My 2 cents worth.

  11. I think what Cor has said makes the point perfectly. People can buy any housing that they "think" is right, but if you don't use your basic tool (your eyes) to check your equipment before you enter the water and you don't properly mantain your gear, then no matter what you use it will flood. I use Ikelite because it allows me the opportunity to spend the money on the better lenses which is really what helps to make better pictures, not the housings. I would love the Seacam housing for my cameras (both film and digital) but at that price, I couldn't afford the camera gear to go in it. If money is not your consideration, then by all means spend it looks and not on function, IMHO. :guiness:

  12. I have been holding off purchasing the 8" dome port while waiting for the shade to be released. Any idea what is holding this up? I would rather buy this port with an extension and be able to use it for 2 of my lenses, but if I can't get the shade, the Sigma 15mm fisheye is sure going to be difficult to use, I think, and then I need 2 ports instead of one for my w/a lens and w/a zoom. I don't want to pack another port. Sure hope this thing hits the market soon. Any one know for sure? :D

  13. The "alleged" problem is an electronic one, not a matter of fit. It has supposedly "fried" some 20d's, again it was relayed to me and I don't know if this is indeed the facts. I presently use a 4gb III and have filled the card at a most inconvient time. Ended up deleting some images to make room. I also use this camera in my land photography, so I could use the extra space (at times). Yes, I could just fill a card and then add another 4GB, but in a raw format that is only about 450 shots. Breaking the action is not always convient (although most of the time it isn't a problem) and I would prefer to simply have the additonal option if I can.

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