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  1. I went to my local photo store to purchase the Sandisk 8GB Extreme III compact flash card, and the sales person said that there is a problem using the card on the Canon 20D (and maybe other Canons). Anyone know otherwise? <_<
  2. I am a rank amature when it come to this server stuff.
  3. what equipment are you using? How is your downtime?
  4. I am presently using Go Daddy, but am looking for a more image freindly host where I can input my own data; image displays and shopping cart etc. not just a template. Any input would be greatly appreciated. B)
  5. <_< With the Rebel camera the multiplier effect on the 17-40 L lens is like a 27-64 mm lens, not a very useful lens for underwater. I would say that using the same lens with a full frame camera would allow you to see the benefit of that lens and its quality. I would recommend the 10-22mm lens in the 8" port unless you really plan on getting one of the full framed Canons in the near future. I use the 17-40 L lens quite a bit on land with my film (Canon 1V) camera and on my 20D and it is a very nice lens in the proper situation. Just another opinion.
  6. Just posted a complete underwater film system that is perfect for the beginner to experience u/w photography on ebay (Item number: 7627485847) Canon Rebel G bodies(2) 3 lens, Ikelite housing with 3 ports and 4 strobes 2 synch cords and a bunch of different clamps and arms and ball mounts. If you want to experience underwater photography and don't want to invest a small fortune to try it, then this might be the one for you. Thanks for looking. B)
  7. Sounds like an experieced opinion, thanks David.
  8. Has anyone changed the body assembly on one of the new Ikelite 8" dome ports? I am only wondering if there are any problems doing this or any special tool that you might have needed. I am considering buying the 5510.82 Super wide port for my 15mm Sigma fisheye and buying just the 5510.16 body for changing out when I want to use the Canon 10-22mm lens. (Just less to pack) Thanks! B)
  9. Hi Matt, The stories of kidnapping are true, but it was a one time incident that happened several years ago, and that is why you see the police boats in the area. I am returning for the 2nd time in October for U/W photoweek at Sipidan Water Village and am not the least bit concerned with going. It is a beautiful area to dive and photograph and other than the recent barge incident it is quite pristine. Others on this site were just there a feww weeks ago, and you can read about there experiences on this forum. Sfe diving, Jeff B)
  10. The challenge with using film is the cost associatd with the processing and the availbility of processing on liveaboards and remote destinations. Taking film through the security screeners just adds more challenges, but digital is hassel-free from those stand points. My best shots have always been with film, but as a recent convert to the digital world, that still remains to be seen. Film is far from dead and probably won't be for many years to come, but it will be relegated to land use by the restrictions of supply and demand and the cost associated with processing and obtaining the chemicals. E-6 is alive and well in my opinion, just not being utilized underwater as much. <_<
  11. An official reply to one of my emails: Thank you for your e-mail. We appreciate your concern of the tragic barge incident that has seriously damaged the patch of pristine coral reefs at the drop- off Sipadan Island last week. Please rest assured that our government and indeed the Sabah Parks Board are committed to the conservation of Sipadan and its superb marine environment. Any development must be in harmony with nature and ecologically sustainable.There are no two ways about it and must be stringently enforced. Our Chief Minister the Right Honourable Datuk Seri Musa Aman has immediately ordered a full probe on this most unfortunate and inexcusable incident. He has also ordered the immediate suspension of all construction activiities on the island until further notice and he added any facillities should be built of lighter and environmentally friendly materials. As you are aware Sipadan is considered a world treasure for its dramatic undersea landscapes,deep drop-offs and abundant wildlife.The recent accident is no doubt a terrible ocurrence......however, one must consider the larger picture. The Semporna area is home to Malaysia's largest concentration of coral reefs and Sipadan is but one small reef, albeit a special one. Other reefs are much larger and harbour globally important bioiversity. According to WWF, "the scar that was created by the barge will probably heal naturally over time with litle help from people. Fortunately, Sipadan is a healthy reef and re-colonisation of the reef should be relatively rapid". It is to be noted that the area of coral reefs around Sipadan is sixteen ( 16 ) square kilometres and the pristine coral reefs severely damaged by the barge are the size of two tennis courts. Our government with its relevant agencies together with stakeholders and the local communities willl take the necessaary actions to rehabillitate and conscerve Sipadan, and also the surrounding reefs, seagrasses and mangroves in the Semporna area.They are our precious natural heritage that we will conserve for our future generations. Regards, Tengku Adlin Chairman Sabah Tourism Board <_<
  12. That ws meant to say Great work, Tom.
  13. Jorge, As you can see by Tom's reply they are indeed a great service organization. I have never had a problem with any repaired items once i've got them back, and usually it's my fault if they break in ther first place. As I said in my original post, they are a great manufacturer and I have no doubt that my next housing and strobe setup will also be Ikelite. Keep up the grat work Tom!!!
  14. After reading your comments and the addresses of the appropriate Malaysian contacts, I bothered to send them emails last night. Of course, no reply yet, but if they do reply I will be certain to post a copy of it here. Anyone else I should try to contact that may have any influence on this situation? I sure hate to see this just go away and nothing happen positively from it. Perhaps a larger outcry from the diving community and the more recognized names in the industry might help to stop any further destruction. Certainly this is one time that the "almighty $" and the loss of tourism should have a positive influence on those in power? Do we as tourist (and the blessed few who get to see and appreciate the underwater world ) just sit back and accept this as fate? A boycott of the area might help, but it will certainly hurt the small businesses who might just be as upset as I am? Got to quit ranting and write some more letters.
  15. I just finished reading the FINS article and I am stunned....this is horrific and criminal to say the least. I was there 2 years ago and scheduled to go back in October for the uw photo week and now I read this. What a major let down for all of hummanity and the diving population of the world. I have never been tolerant of touching the reef, but this parking of a barge at the drop off site is just unbelievably STUPID!!!! This was perhaps one of the top 5 sites in the world and is now ruined for multiple generations to come , not to mention the devastation to the population of the reef inhabinates. When will ego and money quit playing into the ecological make up of our planet? What can we do? Any ideas out there? Who can we voice our disgust and distain to that will have any influence? Maybe a collective email petition or statement or something?
  16. Hi, James. I found that the foil on the circuit board in the battery had fried open, and they thought it might have something to do with the older style DS-125 having a short from the aiming light mount. Replaced the aiming light holder with a newer style, and repaired or replaced the battery. Now it all works just perfect. I wish more companies would handle service in a more customer oriented way. I had no problem paying for the repair, but they felt that it wasn't necessary.
  17. You can also check with Adorama.com, they have good prices on underwater equipment. I've used them quite a lot over the years.
  18. I just had to let everyone know how GREAT the service is at Ikelite. Sent a DS- 125 in about a week ago with a battery issue, they requested the strobe head also and I sent it to them. UPS just delivered the whole thinkg back, repaired, tested, and modified at NO CHARGE! About 1 weeks turn around time even with the second item being sent in. Why would anyone want to use any other equipment manufacture when you have someone like Ike and his crew? WOW, what service! This is my second time using Ikelite housing/strobes and i'm sure it won't be my last. Thanks Ike and whoever you have working for you.
  19. Hey folks, not sure which forum to post this in, but here goes. I am looking for a .6 Graduated neutral density filter in gel to use on a Sigma 15mm fisheye in a my 8" port for over/under shots. I can't seem to find it at the usual sources, so does anyone here know where to look? Thanks for the help.
  20. It appears to be a good deal at 255.00 with six hours to go Item number: 7614275902 Wish it would work on my Ikelite macro port. Good luck. Sure seems to be alot of the older stuff showing up on Ebay now.
  21. Item number: 7613687905 I just quit the bidding, but some one else may be interested. DS 125 Ikelite with charger, 2 diffusers, and a sync cord. Good luck.
  22. Does anyone have a suggestion for correcting the "bend" in a fisheye lens? Just got the Sigma 15mm for my 20D, and would like some sugestions for correcting the distortion you get with this type of lens. Thanks.
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