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  1. Thanks for posting those shots, I am looking to do the same with my Canon 20D and was wondering about the 8" port. Nice shark image.
  2. http://wetpixel.com/contact/ it is on yhe page for rules and says contact an administrator
  3. Eric, I click on the link to request to have a image deleted from the potw where it says to contact an administrator and I get a form to fill out, when i click on submit form an error message displays and says I am not authorized. I am trying to delete this image so that I can resubmit the correct image, and I must be doing something wrong, but I can't figure it out. here is the link to the image..http://wetpixel.com/competition/index.php?view=entry&id=745
  4. Why is it when I try to use the "contact us" link and fill in the form, that I keep getting and error, not authorized? What am I doing wrong? Help
  5. I am just a little curious, has anyone tried the Sigma 8mm in a underwater housing? I am "thinking" that this might be an interesting lens on my 20D for close focus wide angle. What are your thoughts?
  6. My recommendation would be the Canon 10-22mm wide angle zoom. It sure seems that a lot of photographers are using it and with good results. It's designed for your camera and the 20d. Good luck!
  7. Thanks Ike, like I said it was probably me, didn't notice the part about the componets near the bottom of the page. You guys are always thinking ahead!
  8. Does anybody know if I can use my older style Ikelite arms and clamps, etc. with the new DS125/DS200 Strobe heads? I've looked at the website, but there seems to be some confusion (probably on my part) if I can or not. It appears that I just need to change the strobe head mount to a ball style that will fit my older (1.25") clamp.
  9. Am I assuming correctly that I can still use my Ikelite 100A with the Canon 20D in an Ikelite housing if I only use it on manual? What about the Substrobe 50? What sync cord would I need to use, the older version or the new "blue" ring version.?
  10. Thanks for the advice, I ended up with the 20D and actually bought it in wetpixel's calasified. Now for the housing.......
  11. Complete ikelite setup with strobes, ports and 2 canon rebel g bodies ready to go and listed in classifieds. This system works great and is very reliable, good for a beginner. Check it out, please.
  12. Two (2) Rebel G 35mm camera bodies, 1-Ikelite housing, 3-Ports (1-w/a and 1-zoom for the 20mm lens and 24-80mm zoom lens and 1-macro port for the 100 usm lens) zoom gear, double handle tray with top bar insert, 2-Substrobe 50's, 1-100A strobe and 1-150 strobe with a charger and two batteries and (2) two connecting cords. Ikelite arms and ball connectors, as well as a ttl slave unit with arm mount. Spare port and body o rings and some lubricant. All instruction manual and a 1650 Pelican case on wheels with foam insert cut to fit. Also included is a Canon backpack to carry the camera gear in. All equipment is functioning correctly and is in great condition. Includes most manuals, if not all. Intersted? I don't really want to list on e-bay if someone here can use it. Asking price is $1,600.00, you pay shippping and insurance. I haven't been able to take pic's yet, but if you are seriously interested, I can get to it this weekend.
  13. Well, it's that time that some of us "older" photographers (and divers) really dread, the change in technology. As an avid user of film for more years than I want to admit, I believe it is time to sell the old gear and "upgrade" to digital, at least for underwater. My deliema is which of the the two mentioned Canon cameras would be the better choice for a few years. Both have enough mps to enlarge to my usual size and the lens I presently have will work great on both. Any one have any useful thoughts on this? Both have great housings available and for underwater use, the weight appears close enough to not be an issue. My film cameras for underwater at the present time are the old reliable Rebl G's in Ike's great housing. Dual strobes and all the goodies. IF I could find a good housing for my Canon 1V, I would probably put that one in service. (Yeah, I know about the Seacam housing Steven, but it sure isn't easy on the budget). I can't find a reasonable housing for my medium format Hassy, so I chose good quality L series lens with a camera that was easily replaced,if flooded. Now what? Some of you folks have gone through this too, so I would love to hear your choices and your results. Thanks for the help.
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