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  1. Niksecure throws in the towel. This morning I got the following email: So now I have to start over again. Any suggestions for an insurance that covers world wide, flooding, theft, accepts Dutch nationals living in the Netherlands, value appr EUR17000 (USD23000)?
  2. I am also waiting to find out about the hidden text in my insurance policy. I had to make a claim recently with Niksecure. My Ikelite D200 with 105VR flooded. During the 2nd dive of an 8 day trip . At 25 meter, 20 minutes into the dive, I notice vapour on the inside of the housing. Within a minute I made arrangements with my buddy. Me aborting the dive, he continuing with another couple. By that time there was about a spoonful of water inside the housing; when I surfaced it was 80% full. Needless to say the camera and lens were destroyed. To add to the misery, for the first time ever (400+ photo dives) I traveled without my backup body... Oscar
  3. Hey Nick, Congratulations! Or don't you celebrate birthdays anymore at your age See you in a weeks time B) Oscar
  4. It seems to me you can get coverage a lot cheaper. If you are a at least a silvermember of Nikonians.org you can apply for insurrance with NikSecure. Annual Premiums * $0 - $5,000 USD insured equipment value for $150 USD flat (3%) * $5,001 - $7,500 USD insured equipment value for $190 USD flat (2.53%) * $7,501 - $10,000 USD insured equipment value for $225 USD flat (2.25%) * $10,001 - $20,000 USD insured equipment value for $400 USD flat (2%) It covers all photo and/or video equipment, housings, strobes, any brand, top side, underwater etc. Worth to take a look atI would say. If you need more coverage than USD20,000 you can pay EUR400 for EUR20,000 insured value (would be USD26,000 today) Oscar.
  5. Hi Alex, Thanks for your quick reply. However, it raises another question: why woud I be restricted to 1 strobe when I use the SB-800? Oscar.
  6. Hi all, After a couple of years shooting with my Oly-5050 in an Ikelite housing I am ugrading too. I recently purchased a D200 and am looking into a housing. I have looked into the Ikelite since I have good experience with the 5050 housing. Having a Light&Motion Bluefin video housing for my Sony A1E, I am also looking into the Titan. But at this point in time I do not want to fork over $4500 for a housing and another couple of 1000 for ports (and strobes). One thing I keep in mind is that I already have 2 Ikelite DS125 strobes. I would really like to use these with my new housing (because of the $$$). A short while ago I bumped into the Sealux website. Does anyone of you have experience with this brand? What I like about it is that it has a housing for the Nikon SB-800 flash (I know I am contradicting myself but I happen to own 2 of these as well). Cheers, Oscar.
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