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  1. Hey Richard! For the moment it has "added" value as a complete set. I will remember you and keep you updated if nothing happens. Its a magnificent solution btw.
  2. Due to other projects and priorities I have (with a heavy heart) decided to sell my Nauticam 1DX3 housing. It has Ethernet bulkhead and 25m/75ft cable included, , a lot of other stuff available. I do have the 1DX3 for sale as well, but since bought locally here I Norway I am sure you can find better priced camera housings overseas. A complete package can consist of NA 502 monitor housing incl. SMallHD 502 monitor 230mm Domeport, FISHEYE 2 0Macroport Vacuum bulkhead Zoom rings for various CANON lenses Nauticam Flash trigger Complete ready to go in the water. I do have a 1DX3 (23000 exposures) for sale as well, so a complete kit can be considered. The housing is an upgraded NA1dx2 housing (with NAUTICAM 98601, done at Panocean/Nauticam in Germany, can be converted back to support Canon 1DX Mark 2 again if necessary. (its not a hot-swap thing, but not that big deal to do your self , all parts available and included . Vacuum check is a good QA approach :)). UPS shipping worldwide , insured and in hardcase. Price: depends on equipment. Housing starts at 3000USD including. ethernet /tether cable spares++. We can discuss additional acessories, ports +++. Original boxes ++ is available for almost everything, lots of spares ++. Just write me if any questions.
  3. Nauticam NA-BMPCCII housing for Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K for sale. Bought new in march 2019 (invoice included). Used for 15 (!) Dives. No scratches, plastic film on monitor display. Housing sold as on pictures, no ports or domes etc. Vacuum -port and one set of 18650 li-ion batteries are included. Housing is located in Norway (can ship immediately). MSRP 3790 USD. Sale price: USD 2650,- excl vat and local custom fees. Can ship worldwide with UPS (Important note; shipping to UK after BREXIT is a nightmare these days) https://www.nauticam.com/products/na-bmpccii-housing-for-blackmagic-pocket-cinema-camera-4k With the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, Blackmagic is giving users affordable 4K Raw video. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K delivers true DCI 4K capture at 60fps recorded in either 12-bit Blackmagic raw format or a variety of 10-bit ProRes flavors. Video can be recorded internally to SD or CFast 2.0 cards or via USB-C to a compact SSD. The MicroFourThirds mount means a large selection of lenses. The Nauticam NA-BMPCCII goes beyond just housing the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K by also supporting additional batteries, a portable SSD and the ability to use external monitors or recorders. Technical Specifications Dimensions 370mm(W) x 220mm(H) x 124mm (D) Weight in air 3.2 kg Weight in water TBA Depth Rating 100m
  4. I have a 18809 for sale, new in box. PM me for details.
  5. Hello, sorry for late reply here. Most of the equipment is sold. I have a Nauticam 18809 180mm Glass Dome port completely new in box available.
  6. Hello! If you have a 3D printer, you can print one here (works ok) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2827917
  7. For the boys and girls waiting to take the 1dx3 (after 1dx2 upgrade) and wants to upgrade their Nauticam 1DX2 housing.. It is a few dollars for sure, but the upgrade usually covers a housing service in addition to the actual upgraded parts. Various illustrations exists, here is a brief summary. (and yes, it fits perfectly). - New "Mode" shaft - New "Drive-AF" button - Flash +/- button - New ISO button control - Port lock re-position button - Modified tray
  8. Hi Bill, thank you, I would like to think so too. It has been collected over years, first throught a GH4 setup, then upgraded to GH5/GH5S. /Stephan
  9. FOR SALE : I have a complete GH5 kit for sale here. (Reason for sale: changing platform). Price? Depends on what to be included. Some have cameras, some have optics, someone may have a housing. some may need everything. Everything is well taken care of, pictures of all items can and will be provided. GH5 housing has been used 150+ dives, have some scratches, but works flawless. Optics are without scratches. I can say we start out at 30% of list prices. There more you include, the better the discount . It its a fantastic setup, and almost everything you need is included. Short story is that this can be set up to be a complete kit including monitor , arms, lights++. I have both cameras (GH5/GH5S) and lenses/glass as well (Panasonic 12-35 F2.8ii, Olympus M.Zuiko 7-14 mm F2.8 Pro , Oly 60mm Macro) available for sale. I can also kit together lights and arms as well, but PM me for details and a complete kit setup suggestion. Can ship worldwide with UPS (insured), but make sure local taxes VAT is under control. EU delivery can be arranged , no problems at all. Everything is in Norway. Pictures/serial numbers/original boxes ++ is available. Nauticam parts list is as below. New prices is approx 11000EUR. Spares and O-rings are included, all "buy-mistakes" are done, so what you get is what you need. and it works without hazzle. Pictures are just for attendion, this is part of the equipment. NA-GH5GH5/GH5S Housing , HDMI+ Vaccuum , tripod balls NA-502HSmallHD 502 Monitor housing 18809 180mm Glass Dome port 36163 Macro Port 65 (for Oly Macro 60mm) 17954 Universal tripod plate for nauticam housings 21120 Extension ring with screws 36617 Mini extension ring 20mm 36401 N85 to N120 port adaptor with knob 36052 N85 to N120 Port adaptor with knob 17953 Nauticam Atomos monitor adapters (can be sold separately) 36151 N10 Pancake port for WWL-1 (Can be sold separately) 36148 Zoom Ring for Panasonic 12-35 F2.8 36042 Focus Ring for Panasonic 12-35 F 2.8 36056 Focus ring for Olympus 8mm 36149 Focus ring for Olympus 60mm Macro 36054 Zoom ring for Oly 7-14mm 36055 Focus ring for Oly 7-14mm 36146 Zoom Ring for Pana 14-45 PZ 83201 WWL-1, Wet Wide Lens 83224 WWL-1 , Hard cap 83225 Buyancy collar 83213 M67 to bayonet mount converter Tried to att a link for pictures: https://www.jottacloud.com/s/13758fc60c470ba421396c361862c2ed2b1
  10. Following this. I have Sola 3600s/9600s and Scubalamp V6K. The performance of the V6K is very good, build quality and customer service of the Solas is as expected from L&M. I have a friend who has the 8Xs, and we hope to go diving soon to get some first hand experience. Not answer to your question, but hopefully may get wiser in the end.
  11. I have no personal experience with the RX100VII, but I have been diving with a few divers using it, and the results are impressive. I would say the size of the kits in total would make me look at one of these my self. Following this thread :).
  12. Based on the systems you have suggested, the TG-6 is versatile and as written, great for macro, and you can add ligts, wide angle lens as both skill and ambitions increase :).
  13. Hello, quick intro. Stephan, 41, Norway. Been doing uw-video for many years, from the Sony-DCR VX1000 in housing from Aquavideo and Amphibico , to Sony PD100 (Gates) , then GoPros and Canon G11 in Ikelite, GoPros again, Hugyfot, before I last year jumped on the M4/3 train with the GH4/Nauticam, now using GH5 and Nauticam, and learning uw-photo on the fly . Working in the LED-light industry on a professional level, and am using different video lights for different projects. Look forward to learn from the forum, and all the skilled members out there, been lurking around for a while and picked up many tips, så finally i got my own user. . All the best, Stephan
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