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  1. thanks will look it through B)
  2. I have fantasea housing for my Canon EOS 350d and now I wonder what kind of strobe light and flash that are the most suitable I will use my 10-22 wideangel most and I'm thinkin of starting with one strobe with a flash and the have a lamp attached on the same strobe
  3. thanks for the help "I'll be back" B)
  4. I was in dahab over christmas and I'm not too sure you will find any strobes to rent it's not anything like sharm but the best is to shop around while you down there Nick
  5. Ok I have the Canon EOS 350d and I have the fantasea line housing for it,but now I want a wideangel lens and I'm stuck big time in the djungel don't know what to look for please help me it's good if it has the atuofocus(EOS) all the best B) Nick
  6. I answered in your other post in the beginner forum B)
  7. i got the fantasea housing for the 350d today it looks good for me but i'm no expert good handles on both sides nice locking mechanism and you can reach all the buttons can't wait until i can try it.... but then i have to go to a pool -8C here
  8. ok sounds easy enough thx
  9. oakleydiver


    I just bought my first SLR and I found out that you can't use the LCD screen for aiming when taking photo's.... so I get a bit confused I've been using a smaller compact camera and then i've been using the LCD a lot so i guess i have to learn a new way to take uw-photos so my Q is what are people using to get the right aim on a SLR all the best B) oakleydiver
  10. hi anyone that know anything about this housing fantasea line F350D I'm about to buy the the Canon EOS 350D and just want to make sure I can trust the Housing glad for fast answers buying the camera soon all the best Nick B)
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