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  1. Also, I'm happy to send more photos via email. And I added a couple items to this bundle: -1x single Ikelite to Ikelite sync cord -1x Ikelite optical trigger
  2. I have a pair of Ikelite strobes that I want to get rid of. One is in excellent condition and functions flawlessly. I flooded the other through the electrical sync bulkhead. Ikelite gave me an estimate of around $400 to fix it. I have two batteries, both of which work perfectly. There's also some other accessories for these strobes. A full list is below. I'm happy to ship UPS Ground at no cost. I'd prefer payment via Venmo, if possible. Please let me know if you have any questions. You can reply to this thread or shoot me a DM. Thanks! 1 DS161 (Functioning) 1 DS161 (Not flashing, modeling light still works) 2x Battery packs 1 Super Charger 2x Dome Diffusers 1x Dual Nikonos to Ikelite sync cord 2x ball mounts
  3. Hey everyone! I've been shooting in Lake Tahoe for a few years. It's been an awesome training ground for wide angle shooting. I've learned a ton just by shooting the water and rocks and sand. It's nice because you can shoot on the surface there. I'd love some feedback on my website and images. Thanks so much! http://tahoeclarity.com/
  4. As far as noticing the difference in images, I've used both at similar camera settings and haven't been able to notice a difference.
  5. Hello! I'm Dylan from Lake Tahoe, California. I run the website tahoeclarity.com, and I try to shoot in the lake a few times every month. WetPixel has been an awesome resource for learning about underwater photography.
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