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  1. I Agree, but sometimes when confronted by some exceptional action it is good to be able to shoot some high quality video ( to sell to National Geographic or something).
  2. The new Canon 500D shoots HD video but only at 20fps. What do the experts think - is this an issue?? - would it be better to shoot at 720 30fps Geoff
  3. I have "flooded" a few Nikonos Vs over the years but not because my 15mmm lens fell off. Have many years experience photographing whale sharks and Dugongs, while snorkelling. The biggest risk is losing the viewfinder if it not securely fastened ( Have been there) They usually "flood' because a nebulised spray of water gets past the O rings in the shutter release mechanism, due to salt build up. It is very hard to adequately wash this part of the camera. Geoff Taylor
  4. I am a keen photographer who has shot film stills over many years, and in the past some 16mm movie. I now shoot mainly digital stills, but when some exciting action is happening it is great to be able to switch to Movie mode on the modern Digital cameras. Hence I was very excited to hear that the new Canon D500 will shoot HD movie. I have always felt that putting an expensive camera such as the D5 in an underwater housing was somewhat crazy, if there was a cheaper alternative which would give a satisfactory quality. However I leant today that the D500 will only shoot 1080p movie at 20 fps. Will be interested to hear from some experts out there. Is this likely to be a problem? Is the D5 the same? Geoff
  5. I am new to contributing to this forum, so hope this is OK. I am considering putting my new Canon 450 (Rebel) in a housing with the Sigma 10-20 lens. Had wanted to get the Patima housing but it seems they cannot accommodate the Sigma lens, so am now seriously considering the Ikelite. One main concern is that the new Canon has the live view facility allowing one to view using the LCD screen. The manual states that flash will only work with Live view if one uses a genuine Canon Flash. Am wondering if anyone has any experience yet with these issues. Geoff T
  6. Will be interested in your comments on the 10-20mm - I assume that is the Sigma lens?? Geoff
  7. B) I am also looking for a housing for a 350D and will be very interested in comments re the Fantasea Housing or the Ikelite housing
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