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  1. I paged through this forum before posting but only saw 2 or 3 pages of posts present. I'll try the search feature some more. Thanks for the suggestions, I may very well start with the cheapie 18-55 till I decide what type of photography I'll concentration on most.
  2. I picked up my new D80 2 weeks ago as my first DSLR and have only had a 35mm P&S for u/w shots up until now. I probably won't buy a housing and stobe until next spring on account of funding and getting to know the camera topside first. What should I be thinking of in terms of lenses when housing this camera? Is there a commonly suggested, try it all lens? I have a nikkor 18-55mm dx lens which seems to be the most appropriate fit that I own or perhaps the 50 f/1.8? Photography plans include simple macro, fish shots, and probably the occasional head & shoulders type shots of divers. Diving would be caribean trips (bonaire) and NC coast diving which includes some 10' viz green water. Any suggestion appreciated. Thanks. -Barry
  3. You may want to check out The Deco Stop ( http://thedecostop.com ) It's a technical diving forum and I've seen a few threads from members who've taken their P&S housing well beyond the advertised depth rating.
  4. Thanks for the response. I've decided to pass on that idea. The coolpix 3200 is an aging camera with only ISO200 sensitivity so I couldn't see dropping $340 on a housing and Sunpack G-Flash both of which I probably wouldn't use very long. I'm lurking through a lot of old threads now and plan to buy a better setup after this Bonaire trip when i'm not so pressed for time. Currently toying with the idea of a second hand D100 setup or perhaps a better p&s setup. A lot of my local diving is dark, low-viz water (10fsw normally but up to 60fsw+ ).
  5. Looking at sites I can't tell if this housing even has a screw to add a strobe arm. SHould I assume no? http://www.fantasea.com/product_catagory.a...usings&referer= http://www.leisurepro.com/Prod/FNTCP3N.html http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002KU3F...glance&n=502394 How well do the flash triggered stobes work on consumer digi cameras? Thanks.
  6. I have a Nikon Coolpix 3200 laying around and throughly tired of with my old 35mm point-n-shoot housing as the backscatter and orange glow in every photo is more frustrating than the effort to take it on a trip. Is my Coolpix 3200 worth getting a $155 housing or should I just pony up real money later for nicer camera & housing? I leave for Bonaire in a week and am thinking I'll give the coolpix a try for a season since I have it on-hand and the SD memory it uses is super cheap.
  7. Looking for an inexpensive Nikon N70 housing. Hoping to find a deal now that everyone is moving to the digital age.
  8. Anyone know of a housing for Fuji's S602 camera? Thanks, BP
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