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  1. PRICE REDUCTION: Update: PRICE REDUCTION! Brand New USA Version Sony 16-35 f/2.8 GM lens, had been asking $1795, now $1695 (orig. purchase price $2199); . Camera body and 24-70 lens have been sold.
  2. Update: Brand New USA Version Sony 16-35 f/2.8 GM lens still available for $1795 (orig. purchase price $2199). Camera body and 24-70 lens have been sold.
  3. Update: Brand New USA Version Sony 16-35 f/2.8 GM lens still available for $1795 (orig. purchase price $2199). Camera body and 24-70 lens have been sold.
  4. Hi Ruud, Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, they are. I'm happy to continue communicating via the message thread if you like, but if you prefer, it might be easier by phone... I'll be around tomorrow from about 4 pm onwards if you care to chat, 1-805-271-9798. Best regards, Mark
  5. Longtime industry professional selling BRAND NEW Sony Camera and Lenses, originally purchased for personal use (had planned to house this system for u/w use, but Covid cash-flow issues have required an adjustment to that plan) (boxes only opened once to take these photos) For Sale, together or separately, New, Never Used, USA versions of: Sony a7RIV camera body $2595 Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 GM zoom lens $1795 Sony 24-70 f/2.8 GM zoom lens $1795 Additional 5% Savings for any 2 items purchased as a set Additional 10% Savings if all 3 items purchased as a set All with original boxes and all included accessories. Contact seller for more details. Buyer pays shipping and insurance, shipping to USA addresses only
  6. Gently used Nauticam Housing for Nikon D800 Owned by professional photographer Mark Strickland For more information contact Mark at mark@markstrickland.com Or call 1-805-271-9798 Housing: Excellent condition. Slight cosmetic blemishes, but functions perfectly. I am super-careful about rinsing it immediately after surfacing, never allowing salt water to dry on the housing. As a result, all the controls work flawlessly--no sticky buttons! D800 Camera: Excellent condition, USA version, only 12,446 shutter actuations. Includes original box, software, strap, printed owners manual, LCD protector, Nikon battery and charger, Quick Pro D800 camera guide (DVD), and PhotoBert laminated “Cheat Sheet” for camera settings A few other points about the housing: 1. Includes a pair of ball mounts that attach to the dovetail plates on top of the handles. There’s also a dovetail plate on the bottom of the right handle, allowing switching one strobe arm to that position when shooting verticals, resulting in both arms forming a “Y” off the top (right) handle when shooting portrait mode. You certainly don't have to take this approach, but it’s a nice option that will be at your disposal. 2. Strobes can connect either via electronic sync cables (housing includes pre-installed 5-pin bulkhead for Nikon, PLUS a spare 5-pin bulkhead) or fiber optic cables; the housing is set up for both options. 3. Moisture alarm and Nauticam's optional vacuum-check system are included and installed. 4. Also included but not pictured: vacuum pump, spare 5 pin flash bulkhead, accessory pouch with printed user manual, hex keys, spare o-ring, Nauticam lubricant, sync port cap, original box Housing Only: $1725 Camera Only: $825 Housing and Camera Bundle: $2425 All prices include free ground shipping in the USA
  7. SEACAM Housing for Nikon D7000 (Prelude V2, factory-customized) Like-new condition, $1075. Seacam builds top-notch quality into every product, and this well-maintained housing is no exception. Pro shooter Mark Strickland had Seacam add several important features to this already great housing (a $729 factory upgrade and service), making it even more capable for a wide variety of shooting situations. Per fellow professional Mike Mesgleski’s suggestions, this housing now offers the following customizations, in addition to standard features listed below. 1. Full control of the focus selector point 2. Menu button 3. Autofocus / Manual focus shift control 4. Access to the OK button 5. Access to the Metering Pattern control 6. Option to use AE/AF Lock lever for Video Record Housing also includes Pro G viewfinder, leak detector w/ audible and visual alerts, DUAL 5-pin flash bulkheads, original Seacam handles plus customized ULCS handles with ball adapters and 3 dovetail mounts, spare o-rings, spare sacrificial anodes, special Seacam Silver oil. Also offered: Seacam S180 Enhanced Optical Viewfinder, very good condition, featuring dioptric adjustment and full rotation capability. Includes protective caps and neoprene pouch - $775 (new cost $1530) Macro Mate Wet Diopter Lens for Super Macro, fits Seacam Macro Ports, very good condition - $175 (new cost $480) Seacam zoom gear for Nikon 12-24 wide-angle zoom lens - $100 (new cost $225) Seacam focus gear for Nikon AF 105 macro lens - $100 (new cost $206) Seacam AF/MF Shift gear for Nikon AF 105 macro lens - $75 (new cost $179) Nikon Nikkor 105mm f/2.8D Macro Autofocus Lens, excellent condition - $350 Package consisting of Nikon 105mm f/2.8D Macro Autofocus lens, AF/MF Shift Gear and Focus Gear - $475 Seacam focus gear for Nikon AF 60mm f/2.8D Macro Autofocus lens - - $100 (new cost $206) Seacam AF/MF Shift gear for Nikon AF 60 f/2.8D Macro Autofocus lens - $70 (new cost $167) Package consisting of Nikon 60mm f/2.8D Macro Autofocus lens, AF/MF Shift Gear and Focus Gear - $450 Seacam focus gear for Nikon AF 16mm Fisheye lens - $95 (new cost $195) Please contact Mark at mark@markstrickland.com or 1-805-271-9798 for details.
  8. Hi All, My name is Mark Strickland. I've actually been a Wetpixel member for several years, but was never very active. Recently, however, I realized that I'd forgotten my password, so am now starting over as a new member. Anyway, I look forward to getting back in touch with all the excellent topics covered here, and will try to be a bit more engaged when it comes to actually posting.
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