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  1. For sale SeaCam Housing of Nikon D800. Also have Super Dome and flat view finder. No damage to housing. Some signs of wear. Housing $1000 or package with Super Dome and flat view finder $1500. Just add the camera and lens to start shooting. Strobe outlets are wired for SeaCam Strobes.
  2. I have D800 housing for sale.
  3. Do you still have the Seacm D800 housing? Interested in selling? I'm looking to buy.

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    2. spryb


      Are you still looking to sell the Seacam D800 Housing?

    3. OldDiver.com
    4. spryb


      Do you still have the D&00 Housing for sale?

      Please email if so


  4. Super Dome for sale. No glass nicks some wear on sunshades. Older version but with same mount presently used on all SeaCams. $500
  5. I have one. I also have a D800 SeaCam case I am willing to sell. My D2x case is around but I may have removed gears and other parts (I still have all parts.) If you would like me to check to see if it is all there I will.
  6. I have a Super Dome for sale. I have an ad posted in this forum under OldDiver.
  7. Or you could buy the D125s that I just posted in the classifieds.
  8. Ikelite D125 Strobes and two extra batteries. Trusty and solid I have used these strobes for may years but just up'd my game to SeaCam Strobes. Both strobes and batteries work perfectly and come with Nikon flash cables and chargers. $500.00 takes all.
  9. Website is OldDiver.com if you have not guessed based on my site name.
  10. No anti-reflection coating is on the glass. The anti-reflection "material" mentioned is the "velvet" like material the reduces reflections from the black metal inside the dome. This type of material was used before SeaCam started flocking the inside by hand for an extra $300+ or coating the glass for that matter. I used Steve Frink's posted instructions to obtain the velvet material from Edmunton Scientific and installed it myself. You can see the seams in the material where they meet in the pictures. The material came with a self adhesive back. It works very well and greatly reduced the normal bright light situations where the metal, although anodized, still would reflect an ugly ring on photos in certain intense light situations. Virtually every wide shot on my website was shot with this dome.
  11. I have two D125 Strobes and four batteries plus charger.
  12. Upgrades to new Nikon 8-15mm fisheye so no need for this unused lens. $400.00
  13. WetPixel Members: Pics of SuperDome showing normal scratches on bottom of sunshade wings. The wings are replaceable even though I liked having a little wear on them because it made me look more professional. Again absolutely perfect glass. Aftermarket anti-reflection material installed inside dome greatly reduces flare. Cost of shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer.
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