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  1. Sold, please remove add. Thank you.
  2. 2 Used Ikelite DS 51 Strobes with diffusers, ball connectors, extra door, extra connection port cap, manuals, and o-ring grease. Also, new Ikelite dual TTL connection cord for the strobes.
  3. A few things still left! Ikelite TTL housing for 40D with handles $35, basically for parts unless you need that specific housing Ikelite DS 51 Strobes $175 with ball attachment, diffuser, and extra strobe door New Ikelite dual TTL cord $95 Buy both strobes $300 Buy both strobes and cord $350
  4. I still have it all. There are no scratches on the dome.
  5. Fire Sale--Final Price reduction Ikelite housing for Canon 40D $50, about the price for parts Ikelite DS 51 Strobes with diffusers and extra doors-$175 each or all three for $500 Ikelite dual TTL cord New-$95 Used $65 Ikelite Single TTL cord New $45 Ikelite focusing port for Canon 100mm Macro lens 5508.45 $50 Slip on Diopter, fits over Ikelite port for the macro to shoot greater than one to one $25 Ikelite 8" Dome port with shade 5510.45 $95 Ikelite 2.75" dome port extender $40 Ikelite two section arms and ball clamps $75 each
  6. I have 3 DS51 strobes, two dual sync cords, 1 new and one used, and 1 single sync cord. See Ikelite 40D system. Thanks.
  7. Will separate the system pieces. Camera and two lens $650 Housing $150 Ds 51 Strobes with diffusers and extra doors: 1-$275, 2-$500, all 3-$650. List at $449 each Dual TTL Ikelite Cords 1 New $125, List at $159, 1 Used at $95.00 Single Ikelite Cord New at $60 100mm Canon Macro port $100, also have slip on diopter for greater than 1:1 for addition $40 8 Inch dome port. List $449 sell $250 2.75 port extension List $150 Sell $75 2 Two section arms and ball clamps and connection to Ikelite Handles, List $275 each, sell $225 for both
  8. As stated above, I have one like that, with the through bolt and attachment nut in the USA
  9. I have one like that also with the bolt and attachment nut.
  10. I have one, but the ring is perpendicular to the base, not inline with it.
  11. Canon 40D, Last serviced by Canon and not used since Canon 100mm Macro Lens Tokina 11-16 DX Lens Ikelite Housing for 40D with 100 mm macro flat port, and 8 " optical glass dome port with extension for the Tokina Lens 3 Ikelite DS51 strobes with diffusers 2 Dual Ikelite sync cords, one new 1 Single Ikelite sync cord new 2 Ikelite ball joint arms for system Many extras as redundancies such as spare stobe doors, bolts, shims, balls, etc. $2100 all, "may" consider separating
  12. Hi, I joined wet pixel to try and sell my Ikelite 40D system. Thanks.
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