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  1. Cerium oxide is recommended for glass polishing! Optical Grade High Purity Cerium Oxide Polishing Compound - 4 Oz - Walmart.com.
  2. Yes, but ............! Send me an EMail to: divers@sbcglobal.net
  3. Wife and I each carry two Suunto Zoops each. One in a console and one on the wrist. I change out the batteries every 100 dives.
  4. I've used these people for the past 15 years. Every thing has been perfect. And the owner, Linda, is a jewel to work with.
  5. ReefNet Fiber optic snoot for Inon 240Z strobe. Complete set includes: base plate, two fiber optic flexible arms, two macro objective tips, two micro objective tips, base plate plug for single arm use. Like new condition, no marks or scuffs. US$195, includes shipping with in USA.
  6. Offering $US 25 + shipping for 80 mm Nikonos lens and view finder Allan divers@sbcglobal.net
  7. Does any one have/heard any thing about Henderson's new "GreenPreem" wet suits made from a non- rubber based material?
  8. Canderwasih Bay is relatively shallow, unprotected and prone to rough waters. It is good for whale shark encounters, other wise there are better places. We dove it several years ago and after the whale sharks, diving was some what poor until we steamed west and turned down into Raja. Others may have different experiences; i.e. "you should have been here yesterday!" When we dove Triton, it was at the end of a plankton bloom and vis was low; but was still good for macro and CFWA! We would return to Triton, but not Canderwasih 1
  9. Pack the inside with clean paper and submerse for a time. Open case and look for wet spot location.
  10. We bought our first M&B wet suits 38 years ago! Now 3 rd generation making them!
  11. A soak in de-ionized water may help. I know it leaves my car spotless!
  12. I'd polish it out. Don't be too concerned about a micro change in the dome radius as you'll never see it in images. If you have access to a small, low speed bench lathe, chuck up the dome and run it at the lowest speed. Polish in and out, always using water or kerosene as a lubricant; ideally getting figure 8 swirl marks on the dome when first starting . Or lacking a lathe. a slow potters wheel will also work. Using these mechanized options will significantly reduce the 'elbow grease' method. "Laziness is the mother of invention!"
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