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  1. Offering $US 25 + shipping for 80 mm Nikonos lens and view finder Allan divers@sbcglobal.net
  2. Does any one have/heard any thing about Henderson's new "GreenPreem" wet suits made from a non- rubber based material?
  3. Canderwasih Bay is relatively shallow, unprotected and prone to rough waters. It is good for whale shark encounters, other wise there are better places. We dove it several years ago and after the whale sharks, diving was some what poor until we steamed west and turned down into Raja. Others may have different experiences; i.e. "you should have been here yesterday!" When we dove Triton, it was at the end of a plankton bloom and vis was low; but was still good for macro and CFWA! We would return to Triton, but not Canderwasih 1
  4. Pack the inside with clean paper and submerse for a time. Open case and look for wet spot location.
  5. We bought our first M&B wet suits 38 years ago! Now 3 rd generation making them!
  6. A soak in de-ionized water may help. I know it leaves my car spotless!
  7. I'd polish it out. Don't be too concerned about a micro change in the dome radius as you'll never see it in images. If you have access to a small, low speed bench lathe, chuck up the dome and run it at the lowest speed. Polish in and out, always using water or kerosene as a lubricant; ideally getting figure 8 swirl marks on the dome when first starting . Or lacking a lathe. a slow potters wheel will also work. Using these mechanized options will significantly reduce the 'elbow grease' method. "Laziness is the mother of invention!"
  8. This may be old item, but new to us. Wife's computer got hacked with Photoshop malware locking out P/S and stating the program is non licensed and requesting a payment. The screen looked very 'Adobe authentic'! Our current support program (GeekSquad) could not remove it and we had to go to Adobe to get it purged. Adobe tech said it was not an uncommon hack!
  9. Congratulations! You have successfully hid all items from viewing!
  10. What is asking price of "I-Dos" short arm with and with out clamps?
  11. Went with the 2700PT. Totally satisfied! Thanks to all for comments.
  12. I have two Subal/D500 cases and use the same strobe as Tim ( Subal V3 TTL board / Subal hotshoe connector from the camera to the board. The strobes are fired by LED flashes from the V3 board.) Replaced the firing batteries after a year. Replacement is easier if you temporarily remove the TTL board.
  13. I have some of the original Ultra light arms that were anodized blue. 35 years later they are now mostly silver! Replace the 'O' rings when they wear down. Draw your conclusions! As previously noted, triple clamps frequently require a third arm. Try to configure with out them!
  14. Also the Howard Hall book, out of print, is excellent for starting out!
  15. After going the full route from small plastic cases to duffel bags and large shipping crate I have found the solution to my needs. An older, well used Rimowa large suit case. The Rimowa is a thin shell case, but with an aluminum track around all mating edges, top and bottom. This is critical as most large shell types have only a plastic zipper closing the two halfs. In addition, this case has only two recessed rollers as opposed to most cases having 4 corner spinner wheels easily knocked off. Additionally, I removed the internal telescoping handle mechanism for a full, flat bottom. Lastly, I riveted a heavy canvas strap around the case so as not to depend on the OEM clamps failing. All interior contents are packed in original cardboard boxes or small plastic containers, including the two housings. All told, it holds two complete W/D angle and macro systems, ports, lights, chargers, 5 strobes and all the rest of the junk you drag along. Packed weight is 63 lbs with some foam spacers and every thing is firm! Normally fly business and when on small commuter flights, I just eat the extra charge!
  16. It is a sonic transmitter that sends out a signal when the strobe batteries are too depleted to fire that and marine subjects are now free to swim about. A similar device was integral to film cameras and activated when the 36 th. frame was exposed.
  17. Today's Subal is not what they were yesterday! Our first set of two were the old blue cases for the Nikon N90 film cameras. - Bullet proof. Our second set of two were for Nikon D200 - Bullet proof! Our third set of two were for the Nikon D7000 - Bullet proof! Our fourth set of two for Nikon D500 - that's a different story! One unit arrived from the factory with approximately 2-3 inches of the main body O ring glued into the groove. Factory responded, "accident during assembly". No, two accidents; first open glue container during final assembly and secondly final quality control allowed defective equipment to ship. Then last month with less than 150 dives on one unit, the review button started to jam up, locking out the camera. Disassembly disclosed the top O ring next to the washer/button had a nick in it easily visible to the naked eye. Our next set of housings will probably have blue trim on them!
  18. One minute fail is significant leak if it is valid? Has housing been dropped or impacted? Suggest you don't be too quick to remove acrylic dome. Borrow a different port for another test. Try with a new vacuum battery. Try packing housing, with out camera, with paper, pump down and quick fresh water dip. Open and look for wet spot Repeat till you find it.
  19. Getting ready to replace a 10 year old LaCie monitor. Looking for recommendations in $500 - 750 range. Any experience with new BenQ 2700PT?
  20. Thanks to davehicks who sent me a charger, this posting is closed. Moral: never pitch unused old gear; some one can always use it!
  21. I need the charging plug head, and several inches of wire, from a three pin Sola charger. Will buy a dead unit or what have you. PM or direct to: divers@sbcglobal.net
  22. In the long run, ???, I predict that LED will replace current strobes!
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