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  1. It seems obvious that they are, but unless you can identify a photo as "yours", it doesn't appear that you can do much about it.
  2. I do share a few select photos on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/underwater.adventures/ When I first started I wasn't as selective, but now I try to keep the focus on underwater photography with an occasional above water shot thrown in for a little flavor I follow Mike Veitch (Hi Mike ), Amanda Cotton, David Fleetham, Isabella Maffei, and Jenni Wilson to name a few.... oh and Alison Perkins who I just discovered today
  3. I agree with TimG I use WordPress for my website. Although it's mainly a blog, I do have a couple of galleries of photos there. I signed up with BlueHost and paid for my own domain, but that isn't strictly necessary. I did everything myself and I'm not a "webmaster" by any stretch of the imagination Perhaps you don't need to pay someone to do it for you... It's not as difficult as you might think
  4. Hello from the Philippines! Just ran across this forum today when I googled for a solution to a problem I was having with one of my lights (Thanks pmooney, you saved me a lot of time ) I've been doing underwater photography since 2007. Started with my Canon Powershot A630 in an Ikelite Housing to which I later added an Ikelite DS125 substrobe. After a year I upgraded to a Nikon D300 (also Ikelite housing) and added an Ikelite DS160. The first lens I bought was the Nikkor 60mm, followed by the Tokina 10-17mm, and finally by the Nikkor 105mm. The D300 and housing are at a friends shop on consignment now. Once it sells I plan to upgrade to the Nikon D500 For a backup camera I have a Canon G16 in a Fantasea housing with an Inon-S2000 strobe. I'm using the Canon now while waiting for the Nikon to sell. I've been retired since 2014 and traveling almost full-time since October 2015. I've spent the majority of my time in the Philippines since then although I do travel back to the US from time to time. I started writing a blog last year which can be found at https://billstewartsunderwateradventures.com I'm also on Instagram: @underwater.adventures and Twitter: @ScubaBill22 I've dived extensively in Florida, Japan, and the Philippines. A handful of dives in the Caribbean, and a couple of dozen each in California and Guam. I dive on a fairly regular basis now (it's been on again off again in the past). I did around a 120 dives last year and over 50 this year. I'm expecting to fly out of Guam for Chuuk on Monday and am really looking forward to that
  5. So obviously it appears I can post I just registered via my Twitter account. I did not receive an email to verify but I'm guessing having a Twitter account takes care of that. I want to edit my profile, but it doesn't allow me to. When I go to my profile and click on "Edit my Profile" it takes me to "My Settings" which has nothing that allows me to edit the information on my profile. Just "Email & Password", "Ignore Preferences", etc... I attempted to contact the site via the online form and received an email stating my "message could not be delivered" I'm wide open to ideas
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