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  1. I believe is the same as this fellow here: If is so, is actually pretty common in the caribbean... More pale than this one too.. more like yours.. I saw them in sandy bottoms in Bonaire and Venezuelan Coast http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...mp;hl=venezuela Brachysomophis was the last closer bet...
  2. Sales closing before past tomorrow only, down to 850 bucks...
  3. I'm selling a whole rig, but I may be interested in sell the ports separately but only in a 3 pack combo: Dome (didn't find the original box don't remember ike code number)for zoom lens (Shade in this one was modified to eliminate vignetting with sigma 17-70mm): Extralong port for super macro 5508 (this one requires a trip to ikelite for inspection because the it wiggles a little in one of the joints) Macro flat port 5505.5 for ols version of 105, fits perfectly the newer 60mm model and the old one also Asking for 325 + shipping conus (only until 27 this month)
  4. Ok here are the pics... The 3 ports: Everything except for the clamps (sorry I forgot.. but there are normal standard 6" arms and clamps for ikes housings Dome (didn't find the original box don't remember ike code number)for zoom lens (Shade in this one was modified to eliminate vignetting with sigma 17-70mm): Extralong port for super macro 5508 (this one requires a trip to ikelite for inspection because the it wiggles a little in one of the joints) Macro flat port 5505.5 for ols version of 105, fits perfectly the newer 60mm model and the old one also The housing Ikelite D50 TTL As I said everything is pristine but I rather sell it now than put it in the attic until 20XX
  5. I will take some tonight and send it to you or post it here.
  6. I'm selling an Ikelite Nikon D50 TTL housing with arms and clamps, plus 3 ports (one I used for the old version of the 105mm and the new 60mm), a dome 6" I used for the sigma 17-70mm but can take several zoom lens, and a third port for the 105 plus teleconverters and diopters. Everything is pristine condition, no scratches or marks. I upgraded a couple of years ago and this rig is taking dust and space. Asking for 900.
  7. I have a D50 setup if you are interested. PM me
  8. As others said.. Composition is what needs improvement on your pics. They seems to be well exposed but most subjects are facing away and you need to get rid of the distracting elements.
  9. If you go Habana or Varadero there are rentals for sure.. booking a dive is best through hotel services in these places. I took my dive gear with me, but I´m pretty sure I saw rentals.. although really old equipment... The guide in Habana has the weights tied with a piece of rope, so expect anything... On the other side, dive op. in Varadero was very professional.. The best places in Cuba are the ones JA went.
  10. ha ha so true... although a nice group.. Fresh, but I believed going deeper it meet the sea.. I mean, for the haloclyne.
  11. Here are some pics of cavern dive in Dominican Republic from last month. Thanks to Jose Alejandro (elbuzo) who help me organize this dives sitting there with me and a couple of his friends over a cold one in Santo Domingo. Diving in DR is not easy to plan, but this guy knows the place very well. Kudos.
  12. Hi, I´m traveling to Dominican Republic for the third time, and this one I have a couple of days to dive. For what I´ve been reading Humpbacks are long gone by April 9 which is my date around DR. Are they really gone gone??? there is no chance at all to catch some of them?? the slow / lazy ones?? the losers that couldn´t get laid?? If Humpbacks are a no go... where can I dive at least for 3 days? I´m get out of my leash on friday 8. I´ll be in Sto. Domingo until that day, then I can travel to Samana or any other point, preferably over night in order to save time and dive from 9 thru 11 since I´ll be returning on the 12. Camera gear is limited also.. so if possible I like dives to be for WA pics. Whales, Wrecks, Caverns, Sharks, etc I like to do something differente than caribbean reef... Money is no flowing like a river, so I can eat "mangú" all day long in order to dive! Let me know!
  13. Thanks all for the good comments, as it been said get decent results at the cenotes is not piece of cake. I was actually lucky to have a dive guide just for us and that´s without saying that all the week was raining and the sun came up from time to time...
  14. Yeap, that's true.. the DR is huge in the cenotes, even more when you have to deal with big light entrances like in Nº2, in this case the image got burn at the sky portion and also you can appreciate a cyan/purple cast on the edge of the rock forming the entrance... Maybe a graduated neutral density filter could do the trick here, but again with the tokina 10-17 this is not an option as far as I know.
  15. Water was really clear inside cenotes, except for halocline zones... Places seems about right... These were taken 2-3 weeks ago. Weather was a b%&7ch those days, but the days we went diving the sun took over, thankfully.
  16. Chac Mool, Kukulkan & Dos Ojos. I have to review the sequences to know which one is from where... but basically this 3´s...
  17. Oh! I forgot.. avoid Margarita the first week of march, is spring break chaos over there!!! Traffic jam is like one hour per mile dude! Beaches are crowded and restaurants overbooked. It´s Carnival Time!
  18. Finally a question I can answer properly! Drew, Los Roques is kind of the same, I love Los Roques because is really seclude and pristine. Canaima and the Angel falls is really sweet to visit, but be aware you are going into a jungle style trip with all the bugs and discomfort included. A different approach to Canaima National Park is “La Gran Sabana” (The great plains), really cool stuff there, waterfalls and nice sights and plains (you can get a chopper ride here, is awesome!) http://www.google.co.ve/images?hl=es&q...360&bih=578 “Morrocoy National Park” is a series of keys 4 hours from Caracas, so that may be worth it to visit, but is not a big deal… I concur with Luiz about diving Los Roques, is the same as Bonaire but plenty more fauna. Margarita is a must if you pick a nice hotel near the nicest beaches. Rent a car here is a must, go with Hertz or any other rental, familiar to you. “El Yaque” beach is the sweetest place for kiting, and also is the only one with proper stores for rentals and related stuff. BTW I´m not a big fan of Margarita diving and specially “Los Frailes” diving as Luiz is. Neither the neighbor islands Coche and Cubagua. Of course I am biased, but you can ask Jean Bruneau (Aquatica) what he think about places to visit, I took him for several places (diving ones) a couple of years ago, and he had visited Venezuela a few times. If you need a ride or a safe drive trough Caracas, I´ll be more than happy to take you guys out anytime you like. Also if you want to try local cuisine or fancy a nice gourmet / fusion cuisine. In my opinion, this could be your tourist list: -Los Roques (with a nice accommodation) try this ones: http://www.macanaolodge.com/ or http://www.posadaacuarela.com/ -4 days Canaima trip (Salto Angel) -7 days Canaima trip (La Gran Sabana) I recommend combining this two… - Margarita (with a nice hotel) Check it out Chana´s (One of my favorites) http://www.chanahoteles.com/galeria/?modgal=suitgal - Morrocoy National Park -Puerto Ayacucho (“Venezuelan - Amazonian/Indian town”) In this town recently opens a restaurant where the chef includes tarantula, and many bugs including red ants in their menu!! So cool… - Mérida (City) Kind of cold weather mountain city, for romantic walks with the gf … I think with 10 to 14 days between margarita and one other pick, you are set. If I were you, I probably visit Canaima's Angel falls and “La Gran Sabana” as a package, and expend a couple of days in Los Roques. There are several tips you must know, including exchange of currency (this can be very tricky and you can get scam), so through me an email (rodriguezfelix1@hotmail.com) every time you need to know something. I´ll be pleased to help you planning your trip.
  19. Just to give you options, I have an Ikelite D50 housing and 3 ports for sale. Best reasonable offer. email me: rodriguezfelix@yahoo.es
  20. I found this in bahamasislandinfo.com and want to bring it here in order to get the facts straight. http://www.bahamaislandsinfo.com/index.php...&Itemid=164 I read several articles about this, and there is the presumption that the body was eaten after men died for other circumstances. Anyone?
  21. It´s almost crazy the way lions are proliferating in the caribbean...
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