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  1. New, never used Aquatica canon 5d mark II underwater housing for sale. If you have any questions or would like pictures message me. If you live in Northern california (SF or above) or the Las Vegas area I can meet you to see in person. Pictures are below: Dual Bulkheads Water Sensor $2,500 https://www.dropbox....di6w/eOcHWaYeol
  2. Ive started a new topic, lowered the price and added pictures please disregard this post (or if your a mod delete it)
  3. New, never used Aquatica canon 5d mark II underwater housing for sale. If you have any questions or would like pictures message me. If you live in Northern california (SF or above) or the Las Vegas area I can meet you to see in person. $2700 firm
  4. 1 Aquatica 5d mark II housing. Has never been in saltwater, only in the pool one time at the dive shop where I bought it a few years ago. Hoping to use the ports, dome, viewer, strobes on a new 5d Mark III housing but if for some reason thats not going to work Id be interested in selling the whole setup, case, glass dome, strobes etc.) Right now just want to sell the housing. Have no idea what its worth, make offer I guess. I paid a bit over 10k US 3 years ago.. id have to go look at the reciept.
  5. Not really, if the customer paid the import tax its not smuggling at all, and lets be realistic, something of this type of venture would be what, maybe a dozen times a year. I'ts not like I have suitcases full of cigarettes with me. We both know how many people leave the country with more than 10k in cash on them, and that happens every day. When was the last time you heard of someone getting jailed over a single camera housing?
  6. I was killing time today and decided to log in here and see whats new. Haven't been on in quite awhile, but I noticed a recurring theme in regards to DSLR housings and dome's. It seems there are quite a few people outside the USA (and some even from the USA traveling abroad) that have problems when ordering new gear, replacement gear, kits, etc. Ive seen posts by people (including mfg's) that are spending up to $600-700 or more just to SHIP these items, not to mention the time it takes to go through customs, and then have to pay import taxes, etc. Has anyone ever given the thought of being a human courier? Someone that could hand deliver your gear to you outside the USA, thereby bypassing import taxes, as well as a 24 hour delivery window to most destinations? I would gladly take on this part time job. All I would ask would be for someone to pay my airline ticket, and im close to 3 major cities on the west coast. (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or San Francisco). I would pay for the hotel and my own living expenses. In return, I would get to travel and spend some time in other places. Since im self employed and have no obligations, I think this would be a great idea. Comments?
  7. Yeah, and more than a few have died using scuba in a pool. Crazy eh? People getting their scuba cert almost always use a pool.
  8. I thought the DS3 and such were now 1920x1080, 30fps, 24fps? But yeah, canon is way ahead on the video curve and whats being used in the industry. As far as the OP goes, the best DSLR is the one that gives you the results you are happiest with. Its like the chevy vs ford argument. It all comes down to preferences. Although I will say that whoever designed the canon speedlight nomenclature should have his ass kicked, repeatedly.
  9. It depends allot on who you know really. If you have any inspirations to get into something like say... sport diver, then good luck. That is a tight knit group that is out of florida and if your not in the circle then you have slim to no chance. If I was to recommend anyone, maybe try Curt Bowen at Advanced Diver magazine. His website is rebreatherworld.com, you can contact him there. Very easy going guy from what I can tell and while he may not have the circulation of Sport diver, he is a good bet to get published. As far as photographers, I cant imagine it would be that hard. There is a guy I have dove with here in northern california thats from SOCAL that has published a few books, im sure he would be glad to help, his name is Marc Shargel. I would possibly be interested, but to be honest i have far more experience on land than underwater, but am willing to give it a shot if you are interested.
  10. Best solution I thought of was to buy some white fins. They are out there, just not sure if in your model. I like the old scuba jet fins, and I finally found some in white but it was a japanese only website and I couldnt understand a damn thing. To me, having white fins is one less thing to drag around under water. I got the idea when I used to shoot video alot and I would use the scuba jet logo to lock focus on, and from there i thought (or someone mentioned) that white fins would be cool for white balance...
  11. Yea, thats paypal's standard procedure nowadays. Its supposed to be for the safety of both the buyer and seller, but its quite a pain in the ass if the buyer decides not to leave feedback and you have to wait the whole 15 (or is it 21) days.. As for the OP, someone asked if it was different in the us vs other parts of the world. The problem was the OP used a LINK from the email, which is a fake site. If you actually log into paypal on your own from a web browser, and then look under transactions, you will NOT see the money being sent at all from the supposed buyer. Its only if you click the link in the email it spoofs paypal and tells you the money has been sent and is in your account. Hope this helps..
  12. Wow, nothing I can add to ease your pain, except I assume you know its a expensive lesson. I got the same email and forwarded it to paypal to the fraud department. ANYTHING in Nigeria is suspect, as is someone sending emails pressuring you to send it right away, or offering you more money than your asking. Live and learn I guess. Sorry to hear about your loss.
  13. I have no idea when CS5 will come out, but I can tell you that its (or was) almost a given that LR3 will (or was to) become final at Photoshop world in florida this weekend. I spoke with someone at adobe that told me that (but not in those exact words, NDA stuff of course). He's been with the company since its inception..so I trust his info. Now that the latest LR3 beta just came out, that may not happen. Im curious if the adobe guys decided to add movie support after they saw Aperture 3 or they already had plans for it, or if they were just sitting on the fence to see if they should include it or not.
  14. I think the folder structure its looking for is just the DCIM folder. I made a folder on my desktop called DCIM, then made a folder inside that called MARCH105D and then just copied the 100EOS5D folder contents from the cf card into the MARCH105D folder and it worked fine. Im assuming you can just keep making folders under the original DCIM folder and it would work fine. (eg, march10, april10, etc) I still think the idea of just making image files via Disk Utility might be better, but im gonna try it both ways for awhile and see which I prefer.
  15. I was comparing the clips in FCP, at 100%, and didnt change the field dominance for the streamclip clip. If i go test again I will check this out. My testing was by no means thorough. Just my observation on a simple test, which was done in less than a hour. I'm sure more in depth testing could be done, but like you say on your comment on the apple color space, why bother. We could spend months testing various configuration that 99% of the people viewing the final product most likely wont notice the difference, but Im a stickler for details and probably spend more time than I should on sorting out the best method of doing things to get the best end result. On the Delkin card, man, you hit the nail on the head there. I learned the hard way as well, I dont know how many times that POS crashed my mac laptop. I found it easier just to take my firewire reader with me and transfer that way. Did you end up buying another Express card CF reader? What brand did you settle with?
  16. Zoom in on a frame of each and you will also notice the "jaggies" are more pronounced with streamclip and Neo-HD when compared to Pro-res. The pro res clip looks cleaner overall, and sharper. I will agree thought that streamclip is a great piece of software, but if you already purchased FCP, its not neccesary, nor the best choice (IMO)
  17. IMO, the only thing mpeg streamclip has going for it is that its free. With the 5d2, using pro res give you the best quality when you re-wrap. Previously, I always used Cineform's Neo-HD, but after seeing the side by side comparisons of 5dII footage from Streamclip, Neo-HD and Pro-res, the pro res won hands down. Trust me, I tried my best to believe my $500 investment of Neo-HD was better than pro-res, but it was not to be. Im not sure why people are so caught up in the speed game anyway. We spend all this money for the best quality of video, yet we compromise quality for speed in editing or transferring? Doesent make sense to me. If you really are that concerned about speed, I've found the best increase ive found was to switch from usb2 to a firewire 800 card reader, and the next best thing was to buy fast cf cards. The 2 cf cards i shoot to most are my Sandisk Extreme III 32GB/sec (60MB/sec) and my Sandisk 32gb Extreme Pro (90MB/s). Was it worth it to spend $400 for my sandisk card over my $200 Sandisk Extreme III just for the transfer speed? To me, hell no, but to some it may be. In the end, you still have to wait for that sucker to render, so whats the problem waiting a few more minutes for your Log & Transfer? Lastly, I think the majority of people would benefit from changing the E-1 prefrences from 4.4.4. to 4.2.2. All your doing with the 4.4.4. is wasting allot of hard drive space. (at least with the 5d2 footage).
  18. Hmm...I guess I should know this since im certified ilife 09, but im not 100% sure I do, but ill do my best to answer. You can embed your vimeo in iweb, but you will have to do via a shadow box. Shadow box's are not covered in the actual ilife training, so I dont know the exact way to do it, but if you go to the iweb forum on the apple site people will be glad to help. In the meantime, this link should be able to help you. It has a tutorial on making shadowbox's. http://iwebunlimited.com/examples/shadowbo...eb_example.html
  19. LOL, actually, Apple wanted to avoid the fiasco microsoft had when it introduced its 64 bit software with all the problems users had with incompatible software. By leaving the kernal 32 bit in Snow Leopard, 99.9% of the people will have no problems right out of the box with a 32 bit kernel. For those that want squeak every last bit of performance out of Snow Leopard, there is the 2 options to enable 64 bit as I showed above.
  20. I was just at a workshop where one of the speakers is a photag for nat geo. He stated that since NG got serious heat about the Pyramid pictures last year (or was it 2 years ago) that they have cracked down on ANY image manipulation at all inside NG. Which is how it shoud be. What you see is what was shot. (minus some contrast or brightness adjustments, im sure) Someone once said the difference between a picture and a image is that images are artistic creations, while pictures are just that, a picture that has been shot. The news is pictures. Nothing modified. And yes, he has to submit his .cr2 files (raw) to NG and then they decide what to publish and if (any) modification will be done to it. This is the standard in all Photo Journalism.
  21. Its not moving it per say, (although I dont agree with moving anything) its what people are doing nowadays to take a picture. Staging a picture is BS. Check out the 2009 Outdoor Wildlife Photography contest. The winner was disqualified for staging the photo. He took the pic at a wildlife reserve of a wolf jumping over a gate. Talk about BS. Thats a slap in the face to everyone that spends time outdoors spending hours to get a photograph of something in the wild. Same thing here. If you want art, go fire photoshop up and make art. Images that have been manipulated are ART. If you want a true photograph, take the pic as found view. I have no respect for peoples "images". But I do have alot of respect for people's Pictures. A photo shouldnt be judged on how well someone can use photoshop. There is a big difference between doing some contrast or brightness adjustments and changing the composition of the photo.
  22. Thats not how it works. ALL the camera mfg's keep the raw processing engine a closely guarded secret. You would probably have better luck breaking into the coca-cola factory and stealing the recipe for coke. Contrary to belief, the camera mfg's do not work in ANY way with app developers on the raw engines. I recently read in this months photoshop user magazine that the single thing the photoshop team was most proud of in the latest version of Photoshop (cs4) was the raw engine they created. That tells you how much work and effort they put into making your raw file look as good as it can be. I was actually suprised recently when I compared DPP's output to the new lightroom 3 beta. (which uses ACR I believe). For the first time ever, it actually looked like lightroom looked BETTER than canon's DPP. In the past, Nikon's Capture NX2 and Canon's DPP ALWAYS looked better than any 3rd party raw processor. Im not sure I can say that LR3 beats Canon's DPP all the time, but for the brief comparison I did, it sure seemed like it. That to me is amazing. The one thing that I hated about Aperture 2 was the raw processing on the Canon 5d2 and the 7d. It looked like my cat took a dump on my pictures when I was viewing them inside Aperture. Hence, my old workflow was using DPP, to tiff, import to aperture. Which defeats the whole purpose of raw and non destructive editing inside aperture...so Aperture 3 Is a huge welcome to me. Please explain by what you mean that "plugin takes over after the raw is rendered to pixels". I don't understand your statement. Try booting off the snow leaopard dvd, go to disk utilities, scan your hard drive for errors & permissions. Try it again..if it still doesen't work, uninstall your old version of aperture. To do this, do the following: (note, your plugins for aperture will be deleted, as well as the aperture app, the only thing left will be your aperture library under your home folder, which by default is under the pictures folder (or wherever you have your aperture library located) To delete previous versions, start Finder, go to applications, drag the aperture icon to the trash. then back in finder, go to your hard drive (under devices), click Library, then click Application support, go to Aperture, delete that folder. LOL, you must have been born around '68 too then huh? I remember having a Atari 800, with the basic cartridge and the cassette tape recorder to save it!! what was worse was when they had atari magazine, and would put the binary code for a game in each issue. You would type for HOURS 0101010101010110101010100 and then it wouldnt run. So you would run the check, and then it would say everything was ok. Then you would wait until the next months issue and sure enough, they would say there was a misprint on the previous issue and give you the code and the line number to fix it. lol, wow, goes to show you how desperate we were back in those days. Wow, where are you located that you have speeds that slow? even the cheap $15 a month DSL gives you about 300kb/sec, which still isnt very long to download 500Mb. I feel for you. Slow internet sucks. Im guessing your on a dialup in a remote area?? on another note......... Another thing that people dont realize is that to really take advantage of Snow leopards 64bit kernel, you need to boot Snow leopard into 64bit. That way your OS is running in 64bit as well as your apps. This is assuming your computer can boot into 64 bit mode...to check to see if it can... ==================================================================================================== ======================== To determine if your Mac has 32-bit or 64-bit firmware, copy/paste the following command shown in red into Terminal (Terminal is found in the /Applications/Utilities folder): ioreg -l -p IODeviceTree | grep firmware-abi ==================================================================================================== ======================== If it comes back and says "<"EFI64">, you can boot into 64 bit mode. If it says <"EFI32"> then either you need to update your boot EFI firmware or your computer isnt capable. To boot into 64 bit mode, hold the 6 and the 4 key down while your computer is starting up. Then click "about this mac", then click "more info", then click the software tab. It will say under "64-bit Kernel and Extensions:" either YES (if you were successful in booting 64 bit mode) or NO, if you are still in 32 bit mode. If you want to ALWAYS boot into 64 bit mode, use a app like text wrangler (free) and do this: Edit the file: /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist Insert arch=x86_64 into the Kernel Flags field. <---- this is the only thing you need to do. everything else stays the same!!!! Look below, see where it says <string>arch=x86_64</string>? By default, it will not show arch=x86_64! <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>Kernel</key> <string>mach_kernel</string> <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>arch=x86_64</string> </dict> </plist> Lastly, I spoke with both Onone software and NIK software and both are releasing the 64bit plugins for Aperture 3 in the near future (sometime in 2010) -Geoff
  23. Hate to say it, but the truth is out of all the diving Ive ever done all over the world, photographers are the worst divers 99% of the time. For some reason though, when I dive cold water, I dont see near the destruction I do from photographers as when im in warm water. Have no idea why that is, except maybe cold water divers have more respect for the ecosystem than warm water divers, or the fact that the warm water divers are usually people that dive rarely, and need to get that pic no matter what cost, since who knows when they will be on another trip somewhere. and to answer your question, nobody should move anything, for a picture, or anything else. Would a wildlife photographer move a baby bird out of the nest to get a better shot? I sure hope not. Its no different with sea life.
  24. So whats the final verdict? did the Sigma work with your 5d2 after you put it on the lens first , then the body? Or are you still having issues? I too have the kenko and I guess ill sell it, but I would like to know what I need to buy to make it work with my 100mm IS lens..
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