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  1. I have an ikelite DS 125 and a DS 160. They've been dry for about 5 years. Wondering what you guys would suggest to test them out. Obviously ordering new o-rings would be the first step. But with ikelite's 5 week turn around on servicing I don't have time to send them in. Open to suggestions and creative solutions. PS. I live in a small town. Thx.
  2. Thanks drsteve... while I completely agree that becoming a good diver is important in underwater photography, I also believe that nurturing young minds and getting them excited about the wonderful world of diving is just as important. As I mentioned her parents own a dive shop so she has a lot of opportunity to dive and improve her skills. I'm hoping to supplement to her homeschooling, with some lessons in underwater photography.
  3. Yes that's exactly what I learned... 3 things is too much. That's why I'm looking for ideas on practical activities we can do. The pool idea is cool, but unfortunately not an option. We'll be doing things in the ocean, but can easily find a sand patch. It's a learning curve for both of us.
  4. Ya, definitely looking for underwater activities. But thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Some friends own a dive shop and have recently started homeschooling their kids. In addition to their general studies, they are trying to encourage them to branch out a bit and learn something fun that interests them. Their son is taking a video game design class and their daughter expressed an interest in underwater photography, so they asked if I would teach her some things. Despite having relatively little experience teaching, and even less experience with 12 year olds, I said "sure". Our first class was this week, I put together a bit of a lesson plan on underwater photography basics and composition. I soon realized that I over estimated the attention span of a 12 year old and quickly changed plans. I decided for the first day we would just focus on 3 things… getting close… being patient… and shooting up. We then went for a dive to practice. Things were going pretty well at the beginning and I kept reminding her of our 3 goals, but things pretty much went out the window as she got caught up in the excitement of the dive. I realized that just setting her loose with a camera and no goal or project was a mistake. Never the less… she had a lot of fun, and wants to go again, I'm just not really sure how much she actually learned. So I'm turning to you wetpixel to see if anyone has any ideas on exercises or activities we could do to put into practice some of the theory.? For example I am thinking of taking down a toy or something that she can focus on and having her take pictures of it at different distances to show the effect of a large column of water and the importance of getting close. Keeping in mind that she's only 12, and is using a point and shoot without a strobe, does anyone else have any ideas? She dives for fun without me, so I want to keep our "classes" educational, but still fun. Appreciate any suggestions.
  6. I have just been informed by the Kentucky Department of Insurance that the Lehrmitts both plead guilty to I count each of insurance fraud. They were placed on probation for 2 years and ordered to pay a fine to the Kentucky Department of Insurance and settle all claims through their attorney.
  7. If you shoot in RAW you can white-balance after in Adobe Camera Raw.
  8. I've just started shooting with a Canon 7d in an ikelite housing. Mostly I've just been shooting still, but yesterday while on a dive I thought I would give video a shot. I had no problem switching from still to video mode, but when I tried to switch back the lever on the housing wasn't able to flip the switch. On our surface interval I tried and tried to get it to switch back but it wouldn't budge. I eventually had to open my housing and use my finger to switch it back. Has anyone else had this issue? I'd really like to be able to switch between the two mode while on a dive, but am afraid I'm gonna get stuck in video again. I'm also traveling for an extended period, which means I am not able to ship my housing back to ikelite at this time. Anyone got a quick fix? Thanks!
  9. As some of you may know I have been trying to get paid out from my claim with AWRY (DEPP) for almost 10 months now with no luck. I have since filed a complaint with the Kentucky Department of Insurance - Consumer Protection Division. They have referred it to the Insurance Fraud Investigation Division and it is currently being evaluated to determine if a criminal investigation will be opened. I am urging anyone with an outstanding claim with AWRY to please forward your complaint to the Fraud Unit. I am hoping that the more info and complaints they have the more likely they will be to open an investigation. File Number 2012J01784 c/o L. Clark Williams EMAIL: Clark.Williams@ky.gov Mailing Address: 909 Leawood Dr., P.O. Box 4050, Frankfort, Kentucky 40604-4050 Telephone: 502-564-1461 Facsimile: 502-564-1464 TTY: 800-648-6056 Toll Free (Kentucky only): 800-595-6053
  10. Well I thought it was time for an update.... After filing my complaint with the Kentucky Department of Insurance, I received a letter stating that they were investigating my complaint and that in accordance with KRS 304.1-165 the insurance company (Awry) has 15 days to respond. They hoped to have things resolved within 30 days. Well that 30 days came and went, surprise surprise. I then received another letter that said that it had be referred to the Insurance Fraud Investigation Division and that it would be evaluated to determine if a criminal investigation would be opened. I hadn't heard anything for awhile so I decided to give them a call. I spoke to the Consumer Protection Division (who I originally filed the complaint with) first and they were very nice, but couldn't do much for me. They apparently can't find any record of AWRY being registered with them. So they don't know if they have jurisdiction, hence forwarding the complaint to the fraud department. I then called the fraud department and they told me that the referral was still open and they had not made a decision as to wether they were going to peruse it or not. I am now asking anyone who is currently has an outstanding claim with AWRY to please forward all your complaints and information to the Kentucky Department of Insurance Fraud Investigation Division. L. Clark Williams Mailing Address: 909 Leawood Dr., P.O. Box 4050, Frankfort, Kentucky 40604-4050 Telephone: 502-564-1461 Facsimile: 502-564-1464 TTY: 800-648-6056 Toll Free (Kentucky only): 800-595-6053 EMAIL: Clark.Williams@ky.gov
  11. Thanks hsoler... I've since filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division of the Kentucky Department of Insurance. So it's in their hands now.
  12. So what is the difference between AWRY Inc, and Innovative Programs Group, Inc?
  13. I have just recieved an email from DEPP stating that they will no longer have any communication with me directly since I filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division of the Kentucky Department of Insurance. Is that legal? Can they just ignore my claim now? Did I just screw myself out of any hope of ever getting this resloved?
  14. Well still nothing resolved. Simon I sent you a PM... but in case anyone else is interested here's my story: In April 2012, I flooded my camera on a dive trip in Honduras. As soon as I returned I filed my claim through DEPP's website. I didn't hear anything back for ages. Finally I started emailing and calling them daily till I got a response. Eventually they sent me a form to fill out stating what happened, and I had it notarized and sent back. Again I heard nothing. After several weeks, and even more emails they told me to send my camera in for a repair estimate. I did this and the estimate came back as "Non-Repairable". I sent this to them, and again waited. Another month or so went by, all with me emailing them repeatedly trying to find out what the next steps were in the process of getting things resolved. I've never been able to determine how many steps are in this process or how close I am to having things resolved. Eventually they told me they were "searching the availability and costs for comparable used, remanufactured or reconditioned items to satisfy your claim". After another month of still hearing nothing I continued to pester them with emails. They then emailed me saying they were trying to ascertain what caused the flood. Which to me seemed like a step backwards. We'd already been through that and they had my signed and notarized statement. Anyway... I proceeded to give them more information, and now once again I am waiting. My latest email was from Dixie saying "I will research and find the status of your claim." All I can say is that it feels like they are stalling... trying to get out of paying. I'm at my whits end, I just don't know what to do anymore. Steve... While I appreciate your glowing endorsement of DAN, unfortunately for people outside of the USA, DAN is not an option.
  15. I know the topic of DEPP has been discussed a lot on this forum, but I'm trying to get a claim processed, and surprise, surprise, I'm having no luck getting a response from anyone. Wondering if someone might have other contact numbers or email addresses that might go to someone who might actually do something. So far I have tried these all multiple times: DEPPInfo@AWRYInc.com Info@AWRYInc.com dixie@awryinc.com Broker@AWRYInc.com DWL@IPGInsurance.com Info@IPGInsurance.com The only phone number I've been able to find is (502) 565-4357. I have been calling this daily for the last two weeks and leaving a message, but still haven't heard anything. Their website is currently down "for upgrades", and that number is no longer listed. Any advice in getting things resolved is greatly appreciate.
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