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  1. Hi Alex --- I ended up with the 60mm, +4 diopter, focus unit 3 and 100 degree optic on D500 I also bought the shade attachment and glad I did. First time out this morning and I can see this will be a lot of fun. A few observations and appreciate any feedback: - at shallow depths without the shade - very noticeable reflection of the lens in shots - the shade when aligned with the marks on the 100 degree optic is visible in frame - easily fixed by moving the shade - I understood that the system was flexible viz a viz remove the unit and shoot with just 60mm or with SMC, however with the Hoya +4 on the nikon 60mm the working distance is tiny and almost unusable - am I mistaken? It seems that once the decision is made to take the emwl there is no other choice unless you can get really close to the subject with 60mm and plus 4. - No problem in lighting the subject with strobes and with extended float arms the rig was actually comfortable to use and not nearly as cumbersome as it looks! All in all I can see some great creative opportunities with this combo. Cheers John
  2. Old topic - but I finally picked up the emwl to use on my d500 - focus unit 3 plus 100 degree. 60mm Nikon and +4 diopter, thanks to Peter Mooney at Scubapix. Maiden voyage this weekend! Tips welcomed!
  3. Go that right Tim!! Perseverance. It drove me crazy at first, then I decided to only dive with the backscatter snoot on so I had no choice for a few months. That certainly helped iron out the aiming issues! It can be frustrating but so worth it when you get it right! Good luck. Reminds me of the first few dives with a 45 degree viewfinder ! Now I would not be without it.
  4. HNY all. Good idea - having forgotten to remove the cap for my first dive of 2022 I can totally relate!! Second dive fine! Cheers
  5. I have only tried the 45 degree - it took a few dives to get used to but now it is second nature. I really like it! Cheers John
  6. Thank you Chris and Isaac - understood. Yes there is too big a gap to try the Tamron, I am not overly keen on that lens. Given the reduced field of view -- maybe I could switch out to the 130 degree objective lens? Saves buying another port and lens. If I can get away with using my existing port and 105mm that would be my preference. I note also on the port chart that for the 60mm on APSC they recommend a hoya +4 adapter. Thanks for your help Cheers John
  7. Good morning from Vanuatu Has anybody tried the EMWL on nikon d500? I am taking the plunge and getting the kit with 100 degree optics. It was suggested to me that the 105mm could have vignetting and that the 60mm may be better. The 105mm is my goto lens. We have an old 60mm tamron lying around but no 60mm port. The tamron lens is fine behind the 105mm port. The exercise gets a bit more costly if i need to get a 60mm nikon and port. Any thoughts appreciated Cheers John
  8. Hi... I note your are in Hawaii - is there a problem with Crown of Thorns starfish there, given there is one in your pic? They have been a real problem here in Vanuatu. Cheers John
  9. Hi. If it helps - I used to leave them in as I can normally get 2 weekends of dives out of a charge BUT I learned a lesson - had a relatively minor leak on a z330 battery compartment and had left the batteries in until my next dive a week later. Had I taken them out after the first dive I could have cleaned everything up, however I lost the strobe. I now remove the batteries and the end of every dive day as a matter of habit.
  10. Thanks Bill - have left out in the sun - just packing it now to send back to Nauticam. Cheers
  11. You bet it is crazy. I could not believe my eyes. Particularly as I have had the smc stored with my other wet lenses with no issue, some of which are 8 years old plus. Always stored dry, meticulously cleaned. Peter Mooney onto it for me so we will see what happens, I have always found Nauticam service to be good.. Big issue is being over here in Vanuatu - freight at the moment is a nightmare, even to get a lens spanner! Cheers
  12. Morning all - I took my SMC-1 out yesterday and was surprised to find it had mould spots inside the first element which have sprung up in a matter of weeks. My inon wet lenses all fine just this one. Can this element be removed for cleaning? I note two pin holes which could take a lens spanner and it seems it can be unscrewed. I thought these lenses were sealed and thus very surprised to find mould particularly when it is looked after meticulously. I will place it in the sun to kill what is there now. With Covid however it is a major exercise to send anything from Vanuatu for repair! Any hints appreciated -- and yes -- I am ordering a dry cabinet - which will take at least 6-8 weeks to get here. All the best John
  13. Hi Chris and Dave Thanks for your replies. Yes I have the two Inons and Miniflash on at the same time. I retried at home last night and it fired every time with the same cable I used on Sunday! Go figure. Cheers John
  14. Hi all. Technical Question - I am using the backscatter mini flash with Nikon D500 / Nauticam housing. Using nauticam sync cord with sea and sea plugs. Cord seems in good condition (and have tried several others). I use in conjunction with two inon z330's which run from one dual sea and sea plug into a sea and sea adapter. The miniflash is also connected by sea and sea adapter. The z330's fire everytime. I am finding that the at times the mini flash just won't fire, pre dive no problem but then sporadic once on the dive. As of yesterday I can't get it to fire on land either. Connected to a compact camera with flash - no problem. It seems the pulse from the LED trigger on the D500 is not enough. Batteries fully charged in miniflash and new ones on flash circuit. I thought I had read somewhere that others had experienced issues - any advice on solving? My intention was to use it as focus light and snoot. All the best and stay safe John
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