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  1. I recently acquired one of these via EBay, but no manual. It will find use both topside (mainly as a flash meter) and underwater. I've figured out most of the functions, but there was no manual and it would be useful to understand a few of the wrinkles! Anybody got a manual they could provide access to or something? I searched on the web, but surprisingly drew a complete blank! Thanks in advance
  2. Well you have the basic idea - but obviously you are using nails that aren't strong enough! I used a pair of long nosed pliers. You need to unscrew about a tenth of a turn, anti clockwise. If the strobe is old then the O-ring is probably dry and making the whole thing very stiff. The challenge is then to pull the whole frontal assembly forwards, without having anything to grip with and not using anything down the side which would damage the o-ring sealing surface. I used a suction pad to help and a lot of patience!! Good luck
  3. I would be inclined to have a look inside - these strobes aren't too complicated. I had similar problems with my MV recently which was due to one of the (now ageing) wires simply snapping off at the solder joint due to vibration whilst travelling. The toughest thing is working out how to get inside!
  4. Ask and you never know your luck! I have an MV and a substrose S in bits on my bech at present. Neither look exactly like yours but I'm sure we can figure it out! There are also a number of circuit diagrams at Cameras Underwater. They have a variety of info on old strobes for your delight! After 20 years of faithful use I'm thinking of retiring mine now - wires are breaking due to vibration, plastic is getting brittle and, frankly, the battery life is lousy compared to my new Inon! Robust engineering, but not exactly rocket science is probably the best way to describe these strobes - so I'm sure we can work out where your wire should go. I can't quite see it from your photo - board is different to both of mine. Heh! You were smart enough to figure out how to get into the damn thing in the first place so this should be a breeze!!! Send me a PM and we can compare photos of the strobes and the circuits!
  5. Thinking about a family holiday in Cayman next year. This all-inclusive resort sounds good on paper - offers unlimited shore diving as well as a dive shop on site - also nice and quiet away from the chaos of 7 Mile Beach (I last went to GC about 20 years ago and I gather it has gotten MUCH busier in the interim!). Anybody have any experience of the dive operator onsite - Resort Sport, or the hotel itself (it seems to get rave reviews in most of the travel forums) Thanks in advance
  6. I will shortly be selling my trusty Tetra housing to fund a new dSLR. Tetra 3030 housing, single Nikonos strobe socket Wide Angle convertor port Standard flat port (you'll never use it!!) Olympus 3030, boxed with all the accessories, incl 128 SM card Olympus 4000, no box (my main camera for the above) There may be an Ikelite MV strobe as well (which apparently doesn't wotk in TTL mode, but that doesn't really matter in this case since the Olympus will only fire it in manual mode anyway!) - but no sync cable All working perfectly, never flooded and has been faultless since purchased. It might be a bit low on the megapixels than later cameras, but this housing will beat any polycarbonate box any day! Equipment is in the UK, will ship at cost anywhere. Will be in the US in a month or so so could ship USPS or similar from inside the US if you prefer to reduce costs. Leave a message or send me a pm and we can discuss a price if you are interested and want any more info. I will be putting it up on Ebay but this might be a better forum to find this rig a good home!
  7. Anybody know the technical specifications for the standard Nikonos strobe connector? Looks like a 12mm dia, 1mm pitch, but I'm not sure that the design wasn't more influenced by US specs in which case it's probably some wierd (at least to me) UNF thread! Need to build some special adaptors to support optical connections through a solid metal housing. Thanks in advance
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