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  1. Debbie, Shoot me a PM and lets discuss. Thanks. Mark
  2. I have a spare 5050 on its way so I may or may not be interested in picking up both the camera and the housing. I guess it depends on what price you would be willing to sell both of them together and would you be willing to sell the housing separately? I am currently using DS-125 strobes so the IR sensor for a Inon strobe or Sea & Sea strobe isn't necessarily a selling point for me. Send me an e-mail with the details. Thanks.
  3. Any chance you still have the PT-015 housing?
  4. I am looking for an 2 Ikelite DS-125 stobes, controller, smart charger, dual synch cord, & arms. Please pm me with the details of your offer: - SN# (TTL able) - accessories (charger, difuser, arm...) - price - shipping to US (Houston, TX)
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