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  1. Hi, Thanks for the encouragement. I'll try the strobe again during the weekend. Where did you get this answer from? Is it a knowledge base or FAQ on Sea & Sea strobes? I'd get "my" strobe without a manual and that's why I am interested in such info. Thomas
  2. Hi James, Yes, that is correct. I did the test. I believe it syncs - one can also hear the different "beep" when the strobe loads after firing. Have you an idea, why the pics were black? I don't think I was too far away from the object (1m and less). Thanks. Thomas
  3. Hi Folks, I am new to underwater photography and I just discovered this great web page and its forums tonight. Good place to learn! I am surely going to read more in the forum on u/w lighting, but I hope you can give a short answer or point me to an article... I had the chance to test-dive a YS 50 TTL connected to my CP 5000 in a SeaLux CX5000 housing. Until now I've been taking pictures without a strobe. Its quite dark here in Switzerland after work (well it's winter here), so it was a night dive. My buddy was lighting my victims with his torch. Flash was set to TTL and camera was on "P". Result: all pictures pitch black! I switched the strobe to "On" and had an overexposed picture... Played around a bit with aperture and shutter speed and things improved a bit... I know, I am still in the very steep part on my learning curve... Ok, here is my question: I have the chance to get the strobe for quite a reasonable price and wanted to ask you guys: Can I grow with the YS 50 or is the strobe simply not suited for my equipment? Cheers Thomas
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