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  1. I checked the o-rings for hairs and minute particles, always do, didn't see anything.. I don't have a surveyor valve, just the v4, but it still depressurises the housing in the same way. in the Surveyor manual it says: "NOTE: Be careful not to over depressurise the housing, this will trigger the alarm and require the sensor to be reset." which is what I believe happened.. once I just used the V4 and left it switched on for 4 hours there was no pressure drop.. Cheers for the tips anyways! OK so no actual damage risked, just a decrease in max depth? I can deal with that, only diving to 40m anyways.. In any case, decided not to worry too much about the Surveyor module, since I can't switch it off and on with the housing closed, it's not particularly useful for setting up the night before, unlike the V4! Thanks to everyone for their insights...
  2. Exactly! I do prefer the V4, was only testing the surveyor module to see how it worked, to have as a backup.. the ability to be able to switch off the V4 after setting everything up is great as Im often getting on a boat first thing (think small boat with barely room to get your gear on) and heading an hour and a half out to the dive sites.. so being able to set everything up the night before and then just switch it on on the day, is invaluable! (Will see how the LED flash trigger copes with being left on all night... ) But yeah, is there a downside to depressuring 'too much'?
  3. No bleeding.. I basically did the following steps: 1. turned on the surveyor 2. closed housing 3. turned on the v4 4. started pumping 5. the Surveyor LED went ORANGE 6. the Surveyor LED went Solid GREEN 7. the Surveyor LED started flashing RED and beeping 8. V4 still in the RED at this point 9. Surveyor switched itself off
  4. If I keep pumping till the V4 is activated, the Surveyor module starts flashing red and beeping (too much underpressure) and then switches itself off..
  5. So... Im new to DSLR UW housings, just got my first one today, an Aquatica D500. It has the Vivid Leak Sentinel V4 on it, switched it on, got a vacuum, got a green light, awesome! Then I realised that the Aquatica Surveyor vacuum system is still active as its integrated with the moisture sensor, so I decided to test that out (for redundancy?). So I switched on BOTH, started pumping, Surveyor starts going orange, then solid green, which is a sign that its reached its pressure. But the V4 was still on red. Is this just that each one is set up for a different level of vacuum, the V4 expecting a much greater vacuum than the Surveyor? The Surveyor being Aquatica's own, is it protecting the housing of too much underpressure when it beeps and flashes red? If so, is the V4 expecting too much under pressure? Seems for now I can't have both systems active as they are expecting different pressures, but someone with some knowhow would be greatly appreciated!!
  6. Hi there! My name is Chris Darke, I live in Costa Rica, been taking photos for 20 years and diving for 6 years, and just moved up from a compact UW setup to DSLR, lots of new things to learn! Hope I can find lots of answers and even provide some here! Cheers!
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