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  1. Howdy folks, I picked up a Sea & Sea Motormarine III recently, and feel like I should install a new o-ring before using it underwater. The only problem is, everywhere I've checked does not have the o-rings, and they can't order them. What do y'all recommend in this situation? Determine the size of the o-ring and buy a generic one?
  2. Yeah, I checked eBay. There are 2 that are new, and the best offer from one of the sellers was $450 with shipping. There are a few differences between the III and the II. The III has a 20mm lens, and a few features that look like they would make it easier to use; the focus has two options - infinity or 2 feet, the aperture control knob is on the top (instead of the front on the II), a target light, and there is a flash control knob on the back panel. The III is also rated for 200 feet vs. 160 feet for the II. They're cool features on the III, but not worth spending that much more than the II, imo. Anyway, thanks, I'll wait and watch for one to hopefully appear for sale there. The YS-90DX looks cool. I think I'll look/wait for a III for a while, and may check to see if the YS-90DX is still available when I find a camera. Thanks
  3. I'm looking for a nice Sea & Sea MotorMarine III (3) 35mm film camera, and some of the accessories. If anyone has one or knows someone who has one for sale, please let me know. Thanks
  4. Hello, I've been getting into 35mm film photography the last few months, and I'm doing some research on getting started shooting film underwater. I've been free diving and SCUBA diving for about 20 years. I'm looking forward to reading some of the wealth of knowledge that has been shared here.
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