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  1. The glass is in excellent condition. No nicks/scratches, etc. The WA-100-EP plugs directly into the housing. The adapter port is needed for a different housing. Depending on your lens, you may require a port extender. I have photos below to show the Zen wide angle port connected directly into the housing.
  2. Package consists of: Olympus OM-D M1 body with flash, 1 Olympus battery (no lens - this was my backup body) Aftermarket leak detector alarm installed in the housing Olympus PT-EP11 housing, with 3 sets of o-rings (1 set used, but still in excellent shape, the other 2 sets are unopened in the original package) Two ports: standard port that comes with PT-EP11, plus a glass Zen WA-PT100 wide angle dome (plus spare o-rings for the dome) Full leens cover (not shown), lens cover for wet-lens (shown) Focus rings for the standard kit lens and the Olympus macro lens (the macro lens is not for sale) This is well maintained kit with no scratches on the ports or lens. I switched to a Nauticam housing and this gear has remained idle since. No leaks/drops. Price: $450 + shipping (from Canada).
  3. This looks fantastic. That'll be my next project.
  4. I'll check back with you in about 1 month. I might upgrade to an M1, and if I do, I'll sell the housing for the TG-4 - less than 1 year old!
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