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  1. I would like to buy one of these DS125 strobes for $220. You may contact me at clayco@mindspring.com Thanks.
  2. Looking through some pics from last week's trip to Bonaire and found this photo of a cryptic teardrop crab recently molted. I thought it was two crabs when I shot it. Nice surprise. -Clay
  3. Hi Joe. It looks like money in the bank to me. -Clay
  4. Hi Cliff. I've used film equipment for a long time, and I'm also in the process of going digital. Like you, I planned to base a system around a D70s, and I bought that camera. I've since decided to get a D200 as soon as I can get one. Given the cost of the housing, new strobes, new wider angle lenses, new sync cords, etc., the additional money for the extra resolution makes sense to me. I like the D70s, but why base a whole new system on a camera at the end of its production life? Of course, I have the luxury of using the film stuff I already have--stuff that has served me well and still works as well as ever--until I'm ready to buy the whole digital shebang. I'll add my personal exprience regarding another comment made: I can't really check the quality of a shot by looking at the little screen on the D70s. If I'm outside or in bright light, I can't really see it at all. A buddy has a hood on his screen, and the result is looking through a little tunnel and still not being able to see anything except for the most basic composition and exposure. -Clay
  5. I have no opinion on whether you should charge. However, if you're giving that image away, I'll take it. -Clay
  6. I second the motion for Undercurrent. It's the only mag I get that I read cover-to-cover. I also enjoy Fathoms--Stan Waterman's contributions are worth the price of subscription alone. I don't know if the Golden Dolphin CD Rom magazine is still in production, but it's a great product that never seemed to take off. -Clay
  7. Hi all. I'm Clay from Baton Rouge, somtimes described as a writer with a photography problem. It's good to see so many names I recognize on this list, and I see from browsing that there's a wealth of talent here. While I've not yet taken a single photo underwater with a digital camera, I've recently been banging around with a D70s and I plan to house a D200 as soon as I can get my hands on one. Until then, I'll continue shooting with my old film cameras with my old analog strobes and my old full-frame lenses in order to save money to keep my young-looking wife happy. I'm looking forward to learning from you all during my transition to "the dark side".
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