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  1. There may be an obvious answer here, but are the EN-EL3 and EL3e interchangeable between cameras and chargers?? Thanks for your help.
  2. I finally got around to updating the firmware in my D70 but have encountered a problem. I have followed the instructions to the letter, have both the A and B .bin files but when I download them to the camera only the B firmware update is written. I still have version 1.01 for A. I have done this 3 times, but... Any suggestions?? Thanks, Denny
  3. The problem also existed out of the housing. I also thought a button may be stuck, but that was not the problem.
  4. Hello- I just returned from Roatan and while there had a very weird thing occur on my D70. When I would take a pic and press the review button the LCD would go into what I refer to as a loop- histogram, then text then pic then ... The pictures turned out great, but... Before sending back to Nikon I am going to try and flash the emprom and see if that fixes the problem. My thinking maybe the software is currupt. Any suggestions or comments?? Thanks, Denny
  5. Hello- I am having a real issue trying to get printed output to match what I see on my monitor. I have calibrated with the Spyder Pro and outputting to an Epson 2400. HELP ME Thanks
  6. Hello- My wife gave me a Epson 2400 printer as an early Christmas present(or should I say Holiday present) and it will need to be place some distance from the computer. How long can a USB cable be without degrading the signal or print quality?? I hope this is the correct forum for this question. Nobody else seems to know so I was hoping I can find the answer here. Enjoy the Season
  7. I just ordered a 8" dome from Ike. I am going to use the 18-70 lens initially and I need to know, do I need to use a +4 diopter?? Thanks for helping a newbie.
  8. Hello all- Purchased Elements 3.0 and have a question. I am a newbie when it comes to digital programs like elements. My strategy is to learn elements before I spend the $$ on CS. Is this really the best way to go?? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, when I do get CS, can anyone suggest a good place for the best price?? Thanks, Denny
  9. With the understanding the less is better, when you do clean your lenses what do you use and how. Looking for "secrets" if there is such a thing
  10. Hello- Can someone recommend a teleconverter for Nikor 105 micro with a D70? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the education. My search for a housing now takes on a whole new priority. I had an Ike with the 5000 and I liked it. Nothing fancy, but it did the job very well. I have been leaning however towards the Sea and Sea housing. I guess my question is, what housing will be easiest when using the viewfinder?? Subal would be great with there optional viewfinder, but out of my price range. Thanks again, Denny
  12. After over 2 years with a CP5000, I just received my D70 and have what may be a very silly question. I am so use to using the monitor for framing underwater with the 5000, but find that I cannot "frame" or preview images with the D70. Is this true, or is there a setting I am not changing?? Thanks for the help. Denny
  13. I have found that I must set the speedlight options first, then custom settings. If I do customs settings first and then try and change the speedlight options, I cannot. Hmmmm Denny
  14. Reset to default and everything is fine. Thanks for your help. Denny
  15. I feel quite ignorant. I am sitting here trying to get the settings to respond, but no luck. Anyone who could help with this, I would be really apreciative. Denny
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