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  1. I'm planning a trip to Indonesia and was wondering the best spot for soft corals and pygmy sea horses? Any suggestions?
  2. I just ordered one. I thought it would be nice to put on top of my DSLR housing. Might get another year or two out of my D70s now. Paul
  3. I like the idea of a vacuum check for housings. We use a vacuum pump on the electronics pods on the ROV's I have worked with to ensure we have a seal. A small fitting with a small hand pump would be ideal for a camera housing. Paul
  4. I believe he was using the 8" dome. It is also the acrylic housing. I don't really know what happened but he was on the surface and a large wave crashed over him and the housing. Next time I looked over to him the housing was in two pieces and he was struggling to keep the half with the camera out of the water. The housing was for the Olympus E-410 which I think may be an older camera but the housing is fairly new. I believe the clips either broke or just released. I do find it odd that when the housing is together the dome spins freely on the housing but I'm told that's just how they are and it needs water pressure to really lock it on to the housing so swimming with it on the surface in bad conditions is less then ideal for this design. I have been working with manned subs and ROV's for 20 years and I have never seen a seal like that. Because it took some time to get back to the boat and get the battery out the camera is toast. The 8mm fisheye is still out for repair. I will dig through my emails looking for the brand of silicone but I do remember it was only available in Canada.
  5. I was thinking of doing it as you say Steve/Karel, saving my raw images somewhere else and adjusting them through Aperature and then just importing jpegs into iphoto. Paul
  6. At the moment I import my RAW files into iphoto but then I don't really want to adjust and save changes to the RAW file in iphoto. Should I save the RAW files in a folder and just import edited photos into iphoto or what? Just curious as to how people manage their photos on their computers? I'm sure there are many ways of doing this but is there a way of doing this that is "the" way? Paul
  7. Just a follow up. Although I wasn't able to find the correct silicone I managed to find something that worked. I took my camera to Aliwal Shoal and the conditions were pretty horrendous. The 2 to 3 meter swell was going against the current which made the swells stand up a bit and break out in blue water. On returning to the boat several waves crashed over me with no issues to the housing. Unfortunately I was with someone who had a ikelite housing and their dome popped off at the surface when one of the wave crashed over us since there was no water pressure to hold it on. The operator said he had seen this before with the ikelite housings. I think I will stick with the bayonet style housing. Thanks for all the help. Paul
  8. Well I wasn't able to get the silicone recommended by Jean Bruneau at Aquatica but I do appreciate his effort and would like to apologize for the customer service remark in my earlier post. I have cleaned up both parts of the dome and will attempt a temporary silicone job tomorrow for testing the re compression chamber on Friday. I found a Marine sealant meant for plastics and aluminum and will give that a whirl. Although I still don't quite understand what the duct tape is used for. I have always found the bayonet fitting to be very secure. Thanks for the input. Paul
  9. Last time I rinsed my camera the housing flooded and when I picked it up out of the bath the 8" dome separated from the bayonet fitting. Luckily I removed my camera earlier to download the photos. I don't know if the dome was the cause of the flooding or just fell off from the weight of the water. I am just looking for suggestions on what kind of silicone to use for the repair. I did email the manufacturer and had no response... so much for customer service at Aquatica. I am in Africa at the moment and have more dives planned later in the week so any help is appreciated. The bayonet fitting is anodized aluminum and the dome itself is acrylic or plastic. Thanks Paul
  10. Hello, I'm planning to go to Bonaire and was wondering if there was a preference between Buddy's or Captain Don's or something else? I keep reading about theft and unfortunately I will be disembarking from the ship I work on so I will have my computer with me. Any info is appreciated. Thanks Paul
  11. Im not a proffesional but wouldn't mind fooling around with some of my images and was wondering which one is best for ease of use. I am a Mac user.
  12. I just got a 60mm Nikor for my Nikon D70s and the appropriate lens for my Aquatica housing and I use a single SB105 strobe. Just looking for the basic setup for the equipment before I head out for the first time? Thanks in advance. Paul
  13. I just went through a very similar problem. It seemed like there was backscatter even though the water was very clear. I cleaned the port over and over with different glass cleaners but kept getting the same problem. Finally I used soapy distilled water and gave it a good cleaning and rinse and that seemed to take care of it.
  14. Bula Vinaka, If you want to see sharks then it would be Tahiti but I would consider a short flight to the Tuamotos and more specifically Rangiroa. I did not see too many soft corals in Tahiti but plenty in Fiji. Clear as mud? Paul
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