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  1. Indeed. Pre-ordered through Amazon on the first day. Hopefully, the housing will be ready before my winter vacation.
  2. We're in the same boat, Simon. I've stubbornly held onto my 43 glass. An adapter from Nauticam would be great.
  3. Although I don't know who makes/sells it, I'm pretty sure there's a port adapter for 4/3rds to m4/3rds. Can anyone help me with this? Assuming it exists, would it be compatible with the Nauticam housing, so I could use my 4/3rds glass? Thx, David
  4. Speaking of which, I would love to hear from anyone who has shot the E-M5 with the standard 4/3rds 50mm (and 1.4 TC if possible). For better or for worse I'm heavily invested in 4/3rds lenses, and completely switching systems is not an affordable option. I'm not that concerned with focus speed, as I shoot 95% of my macro in manual focus. I'm primarily interested in the quality of the image compared to my aging E-410. Phil, any thoughts? -David
  5. For Sale: Canon G11 WP-DC-34 Housing Canon Soft Case Macro Port Attachment Extra Battery (not Canon) I've been using this setup as a backup to my DSLR. The underwater housing has been used for a total of 8 dives. All items are in NM condition. I still have all of the original boxes. US$500 for the whole package. Shipped from the USA. Email me with your questions or requests for additional photos. Thanks, David
  6. A second vote for Asia Divers in PG. Dave & Sam do the tech stuff down the beach at Tech Asia.
  7. I stayed at Lumba Lumba several years ago. The rooms were nice and spacious. It wasn't the most camera friendly place, but not problematic either. Basically, they just had a couple of rinse tanks, and I took my camera gear back to my room for cleaning/maintenance. I didn't rent any gear, but they seemed to have plenty of it. The management was friendly and competent. Sorry, I don't remember a thing about the DM's. At the time of my visit, there wasn't a restaurant at the resort. There were 3 or 4 decent places to eat along the beach, but don't expect too much. According to management, the best month for BIG stuff is July, so you should probably leave asap. My trip was in November, so I probably missed out on a lot of the mantas/sharks/etc. Anyway, there were a few nice sites for wide angle, but the rest of the dives were dominated by rocky terrain. If you like eels, you'll be in heaven. The best macro site was the house reef. It was worth repeating. Cheers, David
  8. This reply is probably coming a few weeks late for you, Aaron, but I'm in Taipei and have an extra Ikelite tray I could sell U. It's an older model with fixed arms. Just send me an email if you're interested. -David
  9. I was wondering why U hadn't mentioned Batavia, but that more than explains it. Can I withdraw my endorsement? As for my camera, I haven't bought anything yet, but there are many inexpensive replacements on Amazon/EBAY.
  10. As Simon can attest, I was recently able to get a ticket through Batavia Air from Jakarta to MDC. The Batavia website can be somewhat confusing, but I was ultimately able to purchase a ticket in advance using Paypal for around US$100.
  11. I'm somewhat of a fan of interesting wetsuit designs. In the past, I've posted links to superhero wetsuits, as well as whale shark, and shark attack designs. Well, here's the latest for all you trekkies on the forum: Star Trek Wetsuit. They're kinda nerdy cool, but a bit on the expensive side. Enjoy! -David
  12. Well, I'm certainly not gonna vouch for the credibility of a celebrity/gossip website. I agree that a more reliable source would be helpful.
  13. Once upon a time, Jessica Alba received a lot of attention from Wetpixelers for making the cover of Scuba Diving Magazine. I'm disappointed to report that Jessica lost a lot of that good karma with her latest escapade. While her intentions were obviously good (saving sharks), she showed really poor judgement. Read more HERE
  14. I can't believe I overlooked the whaleshark print. Really Cool! Marjo, have they quoted you a price?
  15. Here's are some fun/new wetsuit designs: http://bydiddo.com/?p=152#more-152
  16. I've been (not so) patiently waiting for the Zuiko 100mm macro lens for several years. If it were available, I think that would be your best bet. In the meantime, I would suggest using a 1.4x TC + port extension. It's also your cheapest option. I've been very happy with my results since I added it to my 50mm. Plus, when the 100mm eventually becomes available, you'll be able to use that in conjunction with the 1.4x. That will give you more flexibility with focal lengths of 50, 70, 100, & 140mm. --David
  17. I have nothing negative to say about the aforementioned devices. I have, however, been completely satisfied with my Vosonic. I've been using it for about two years and their prices are competitive.
  18. It had actually been several trips since I had seen the hairy frogfish in Lembeh. I was worried too. As you know better than I, some of it has to do with environmental conditions, some of it is your guide, and of course....much of it is just dumb luck. Overall, I didn't see nearly as much diversity on this trip. I missed the flamboyant cuttlefish, not so many nudis, there wasn't time to visit the resident rhynopias of Aer Perang, and our search for the harlequins at Police Pier was a failure. On the other hand, I saw more mimics on this visit than in all my other trips combined, I found ornate GPF on numerous sites, and froggies & cuttlefish were in ample supply. I enjoyed it immensely. Speaking of dumb luck, I also went to Bali on this trip. Seraya was incredible! Believe it or not, we saw a thresher shark in 15 meters of water, at 1 pm, from about 5 meters away in clear viz. Definitely the highlight of my trip.
  19. I hadn't originally considered going with a wing system, but the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. That said, I feel like I have a ton of research to do before I buy a new rig. There have been plenty of articles written on choosing a new (jacket-style) BCD. Are there any similar guides on how to get started with wings, harnesses, & backplates? On that note, there must be additional wetpixel threads on the subject. Drew mentioned "backplates with cushion backs". That sounds great. Is this a common feature from most brands? My #1 concern is with the weights. The last thing I want is to wear a weight belt. I realize there are different models, Chris, but what kind of weight system would you recommend? For that matter, where are the weights usually stored on this system? Another minor concern is the lack of pockets, but that's something I can deal with. As fellow photographers/gadget geeks, I trust your recommendations more than I would from a typical tech diver. Thanks again for your feedback. -David
  20. I was in Lembeh a few weeks before you, Jenny. It looks like we saw several of the exact same subjects, including the ornate GPF. You did a better job than I, as you were able to get both in the picture. Really lovely! I also like your tiger shrimp. I dare not post my attempt. I was, however, lucky enough to see several hairy frogfish Cheers, David
  21. I desperately need a BCD that will fit me, and not damage my already bad back. The problem is that I'm extremely tall & thin, and I don't fit into a standard size. Typically, if it's long enough, then it's way too bulky. And if it fits around my torso, then it's not nearly long enough for my back to comfortably support the weight. I'm not married to any particular brand or feature set, however, I would prefer something back inflated with integrated weights. Given my medical history, anything with extra lumbar support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. --David
  22. I guess you could call me a dedicated Slingbox user. I've got it hooked up to an isolated DVR (no TV) in the USA. This way it does not interfere with anyone who could potentially be watching on the other end. I transmit the signal to my apartment in Taiwan. On good days, it transmits at around 900 kbps, which is very clear on my 17 inch monitor. I don't think I'd want to stretch the picture out much further than that without considerably more bandwidth. Movies work great and American football is sharp. Basketball is a faster, more fluid sport, and therefore doesn't work quite as well. One BIG consideration before you buy: you need someone on the other end to handle bugs. Meaning, you cannot just leave the Slingbox unattended for six months and forget about it. Occasionally, you will need someone to hit the RESTART button, in order to un-freeze the player. Hope this helps
  23. I would like to do some solo diving this summer, and I think I should invest in a practical alternate air source. I'm at the instructor level, but not a technical diver. When I google pony bottles, this seems to be the most popular choice: Spare Air Package 3.0 Cubic Foot 1. Has anyone used this system with a large camera in-hand, and how was it? 2. Is there another system that's preferable? I'm open to suggestions. 3. Or, should I just stay shallow, and practice my emergency ascents? Thanks for your help. --David
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