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  1. With different poeple having different ideas about using different focus lights. I was wondering, which light divers use, and also what is your dream focus light (thats on the market)? Some divers use LED, old fashion torches, dedicated spot light, modeling light on strobe, red filted light.......ahhh.........too many choices! You input would greatly appreciated, as I am waiting to receive my new Ikelite housing and strobe. Thanks Jason
  2. My last night dive, I had to resort to right hand camera and left hand torch. It was so unconfortable driving both and checking gauges with two hands. I even tried shooting into the dark of night dive after glancing the dive light over the subject, it was tough. But then again that is one reason why I am about to purchase the ikelite DS-125 for my new 350D SLR camera housing. Jas
  3. Great shots of the Great Barrier Reef, ilanbt. Do you remember what part of the reef these was taken?
  4. WOW! Great detail on the pics'
  5. Hi Dhaas, The Rebel XT and the the 350D is the same camera. Are you happy with the controls and userablity of the ikelite setup? The S&S does have a leak sensor, but I do not know about the Ikelite housing? Dam firwall has blocked the ikelite site! The camera is new and at this stage I only have the 18-55mm lens and looking at getting a macro lens soon. What lens do you use and strobes?
  6. Hi guys, I have aquired a new Canon 350D digital camera, and want to start to use it underwater, but which housing should I use. The Ikelite 350D or the Sea & Sea 350D housings? Currently I am using a compact camera with the Sea &Sea YS-25 strobe with great results, and now with a new SLR camera in my hand, its time to use it. In my local dive shops ring, I have an Ikelite and Sea & Sea dealers or resellers. I can not find out enough info on the Ikelite housing in regards to lens, but the Ikelite set up is much cheaper and rated to 60m or 200ft, but is much heavier and larger compared to the Sea & Sea. The Sea & Sea can only use certain lens, and again rated to 60m or 200ft, but is smaller and lighter on land (good for travelling) and also I would only use to=he one type of o-ring grease. The new YS-110 strobe has also a built in focus light (1 less item to worry about). Like what are some of the cons and positives of the two which I have not seen. I don't want to buy one and wish that I got the other. Please tell me your opinion. Can someone with more experience than me help me out
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