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  1. I recently upgraded to a second Sea and Sea YS-D2 strobe I always shoot with the strobes in manual settings never TTL. What is the best way to sync the two strobes? Manually adjust both dials? I had hoped that the Slave functionality would mean I would only have to adjust one of the dials, but I am having issues with that. Is a Slave setup just a bad idea anyways? A description of my setup is below. But the issue I have is that when the Master strobe is on low settings, usually the bottom 3ish. The Slave fires much brighter that the master, sometimes it seems to fire at full power. This issue doesn't seem to happen when the master is from the forth setting, GN 2.8 I think, and above. I think the issue is that since on the master strobe the fiber from the camera and the fiber out to the slave strobe are close together, the slave strobe "sees" the camera's flash at low settings before it is overpowered by the master strobe at high settings. I somewhat confirmed this by disconnecting the slave fiber and holding it in front of the master strobe. When I did this the slave works fine. Does anyone have the Slave setup working on the YS-D2s? Is there some other fix for this? Should I not attempt this setup at all? My setup is a G16 to the master strobe using a Sea and Sea Fiber Optic cable plugged into the master input port. This master strobe is in full manual mode. A second Sea and Sea Fiber Optic cable runs from the output port on the master to the input port on the Slave strobe. I have changed the DS-TTL setting to Slave on the Slave strobe per the instructions and the indicator lights glow a dark blue on the back of the Slave. Any help would be appreciated, thanks, Kevin
  2. Hi, I'm Kevin from California. I am an avid dry land photographer and a long time diver. Only recently have I started shooting underwater.
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