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  1. I dive in RI regularly but don't bring my rig in the water that often. The folks above have commented correctly, the rig you have should be fine but make sure your comfortable diving in the cold, dark waters before dragging it down with you. I would suggest starting with macro first for obvious reasons. I have gotten some good results in the shallows as well during summer when the water warms a bit.
  2. Hi All, I don't post very often but I certainly enjoy the photos on this site and the collective knowledge found through the forums. I recenlty returned from Bonaire and I'm working through the many digital photos to find the keepers. Here's one I am partial to... Kind Regards, Gordon
  3. I'd be interested in this info as well. thanks!
  4. Good day all, I recently took a trip to the Bahamas on a liveaboard and wanted to post some of my favorote shots. I started diving a few years ago and recently took up UW photography. Each day I am impressed by all of your photos and wanted to share some of mine. I hope you enjoy. I waited forever for the Angels to pose for me...they finally agreed to. This was the most fun on the entire trip: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1407/941835553_d1e27ce6c3.jpg I just liked this one: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1246/942715092_2ac2b7a621.jpg My first Lion Fish: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1207/942721840_3e2b8c8773.jpg Regards!
  5. Thanks James. I had the same thoughts which is good news. I think I'm on the right track from a composition perspective just need to keep shooting...and convince the fish to participate. Cheers.
  6. This is my first real attempt at shooting a large wreck. Feedback is welcome. thanks!
  7. Here's more...the quality has degraded when I converted them...need to work on that.
  8. All, My first phots with a "real" DSLR, my new D70. I had a flooding issue later in the trip but was able to gather ~250 shots...gotta love digital. These were run through Nikon Editor quickly so that I could post them today but will process the RAW originals through PS soon for the best quality. Hope you enjoy, I enjoyed taking them . Be nice Kind Regards, G.
  9. WOW Bruce, picture #1 clearly shows the size of these beautiful creatures!! Wonderful, thanks for the shots.
  10. I could not agree more. I have my gear all packed up ready to go on a trip in 2 weeks...I keep pulling it out of the case and looking at it though, fun stuff!
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