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  1. I have the Canon 500D, tested the video out at both settings, and the HD @ 20fps is useless(I exaggerate; If you are taking a video of a scene with nothing moving in it then the 20 fps is fine). There is a noticeable jerkiness in the play-back. The 720p @ 30 fps is good quality, and all that I now use. I can only hope that a future firmware upgrade can correct the issue, but I suspect the camera processor is not powerful enough to handle the HD @ any fps above the 20. I have not used the camera underwater yet.
  2. I just purchased the 500D/T1i, and I already have the 350D/XT and the Ikelite housing for it. Unfortunately the housing is currently stored in a locker in the Caribbean, so I can't test it. Does anyone know if the new camera will fit in the XT housing. I know they are not exactly the same size, but very close. It looks to me like the shutter release will work, and I can turn the camera off and on. These are the two critical functions I need. I am just looking to delay the purchase of a new housing for a bit. Ideally I would like to rig the housing so that I can start the movie mode, but that would just be a nice to have. Any advice/feedback will be appreciated, Thanks Gord
  3. I currently have an Ikelite housing for my Canon DSLR camera. When I purchased the kit a couple of years ago I decided to go with a Magic Filter and NO flash, with the saved money I purchased the Canon 10-20mm zoom lens. This is the lens I use the most, but am looking to expand into some macro work. The majority of my diving has and will be done on Bonaire, usually no deeper than 45 feet. The vast majority of my wide angel shots work fine at this depth, but I am finding that some could use some flash fill. I am also assuming that the macro work will also benefit from the flash. Now my dilemma: I am looking to spend around $1,000 and have narrowed the choices to one of the following two: Dual DS-51’s or a single DS-125 The Dual DS-51 package will run about $1,100 and the single DS-125 package will run around $850 With out considering cost which direction should I go in?
  4. Thanks, I will give them a look. I like the concept of a scrolling viewer that I can put on my web site. I hope the product is reasonably priced when it goes to market.
  5. Does anyone know what software is being used to create the Flash based slide show that is on each days page? I think this should have been posted in "Image Processing, Printing, and Storage" but I don't know how to move it.
  6. I have an Ikelite housing and both the small and big dome port. I understand that in order for a lens to work in either port it needs to be able to focus to a distance of less than 12 inches approximately. The question I have is; does the flat port have the same limitation?
  7. I recently purchased a 28-135mm IS lens for my camera and love the way the Image Stabilization works. I was wondering if it would also fit in the Ikelite 8" dome? Ikelite lists the other 28-135 as too long and does not have a recommended port listed. Anyone used this lens underwater?
  8. I purchased the same rig you are considering earlier this year. Canon Digital Rebel with the 8" dome port. I have only had one dive trip with the new rig back in April of this year. You can see some underwater photos form that trip at http://www.gordalder.com/Vacations/Florida...2006/index.html I didn't get a strobe, instead I purchased a Magic Filter http://www.magic-filters.com/ and I was very pleased with the results. With the money I saved on not purchasing the strobe, I purchased the Canon 10-22 zoom. I just love the lens, and that is the one I used on the all dives. The only other piece of advice I would give, is that the kit lens that comes with the camera should be replaced. This is based on web research, I got the kit lens and it is fine for my purposes.
  9. I attached one small key ring to each slot on the camera where the straps normally attach. I then attached the camera strap to a small mountaineering climbing type clip. Now I simply click the traps to the ring and I can use the camera with straps, and easy clip releases the straps from the camera for housing use. You just need to make sure that your housing has the clearance for anything you attach to the camera. I have attached a similar type of clip that I use, but its much smaller and cheaper. Gord
  10. Thanks all for the feedback. Looks like I will start to shoot in RAW--always. I still like the idea of taking the shot of the grey card, and white balancing in post processing. I do love the filter. Gord
  11. Maybe I should clarify: 1) I know that the manufacturer recommends that you custom white balance each shot, if you change depth by more than a few feet, or your lighting changes. 2) The use of the Grey card allows you to accomplish the same. You simply take a shot of the white card every time your depth changes, or the lighting changes. 3) You can then use this reference shot to accomplish the same as the custom white balance, but you do it post processing, before you convert to JPG. On the page I posted I followed the above process on the first two shots. Close to manufacturer recommended approach. For the next two shots I took the jpg images of the same shots directly from the camera, and simply "Auto Adjusted" in Photoshop Elements. The point I am making is that it does not appear to me to be necessary to perform the custom white balance each time you shoot. For the rest of my trip I simply shot Auto White balance, jpg format, and I "auto adjusted" the images. They looked good to me. http://www.gordalder.com/Vacations/Florida...2006/index.html The only complaint I have was some images were not quite in focus, and I over cropped some. All shots on the above page were shot JPG and autoadjusted in Photoshop Elements. Gord
  12. I just returned from my first dive trip with my new Camera, housing, and magic filter setup. I have created a short web page with some pictures and my question. I tried the White Balance method, and I also simply did the Auto-adjust on some jpg images, and I can't see any difference. Am I missing something? Please follow the link below to see the page in question: http://www.gordalder.com/Magic%20Filter/filter.htm Thanks Gord
  13. Thanks, Pics are OK for my first try with the new equipment. Some were over cropped, and some slightly out of focus. When I upgraded my camera and housing I decided to purchase the 10-20 zoom rather than the flash setup. I discovered the Magic filer and am now converted. Lighter to travel with, and easier to handle the rig underwater without the flash. Leave your flash at home! http://www.magic-filters.com I will be posting some questions about my methods of using the filter. I didn't exactly follow the instructions. I was lazy, just "Auto fixed" my JPG photos, with out setting the white balance as suggested by the manufacturer. All of my shots were in about 20 - 25ft of water, no flash. Gord
  14. I experienced exactly the same problem with my Canon 350. The tests in the pool were almost all out of focus. I have a similar outfit, with the Ikelie housing and 8" dome port. I don't use a flash, just the Magic filter. I was really concerned about my first trip on the Easter weekend to the Florida Keys. It actually worked out fine. I believe that my problem was low light and camera shake. The pool was a private indoor pool, and the lighting was not the best. Once in the open water, I set the shutter speed fairly fast, and the majority of the shots were fine. I was also careful to hold the camera steady. Hope you problem turns out to be similar, as the end result was easy to fix. you can check out some of my shots from the weekend at: http://www.gordalder.com/Vacations/Florida...2006/index.html Gord I was using the Canon 10-20mm zoom lens
  15. I have the 8" dome port and Ike housing for the Canon 350D. I was wondering if the either of the two sliding Port Locks should have any play in them once the port is sealed. I would have assumed that the locks should be snug, but one of mine has some play. I tried to tighten the screw that holds the lock in place, but it didn't make much of a difference. I have tested the house in the bath tub, and think I got a few drops inside. I am not sure if they were condensation, as the water was very cold. I am letting the tub water heat up to room temperature before further testing. Any thoughts on the on locks? Gordo
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